Samsung SmartThings door position sensor can be used to control Air conditioner operation when doors are left open (at) available at Amazon and other vendorsRemote Air Conditioning & Heating Controls
Turn on or off HVAC based on open windows/doors or on temperature

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This article describes the use of sensors, smartphone apps, and control devices to give both on-site and remote control over air conditioning & heating systems.

Page top illustration: the Samsung door position sensor available at Amazon and from other vendors. Combined with A/C or heat remote controlled thermostats these door or window sensors can be shut off air conditioners if building occupants leave windows or doors open.

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Sensor-based control to turn off Air Conditioning or Heat if Windows / Doors Left Open

Question: my renters are notorious run the air conditioning with doors wide open

Founten wireless door position switch sensor at InspectApedia.comI have a summer vacation condo that I rent regularly throughout the year.

Renters are notorious for running the air conditioning at low temps with one or more doors wide open with both the utility bills and repair costs high.

I see a possible solution by:

Do you have any leads or suggestions? - Anonymous by private email 2018/01/17

Illustration above: the Founten wireless door switch that can be used in a remote control system to manage A/C or heat when doors are left open. Cited in detail in this article below.

Reply: controls & systems for A/C or heat when windows or doors are left open

What sort of person runs the AC with windows and doors open? Part of the answer lies in observations I've made for decades of wide-open windows in tall apartment buildings in large cities during the heating season in the depths of winter: individual tenants are unable to regulate their own heat so they just open windows and pour their own money (through rent and utilities) out the window.

There a solution lies in installing thermostatically-controlled valves on each radiator. For details see AUTOMATIC RADIATOR VALVES.

Nest thermostat

There are some in-between solutions you might find useful. The first are systems that let you simply monitor what's going on in your building and perhaps take control of thermostats.

Although a local electrical engineer familiar with HVAC controls could certainly put together from existing OEM controls and parts a system that can turn off air conditioning if windows are left open, there are also already a few solutions that I'll provide below:

Kadtronix remote A/C control can turn off A/C if windows or doors are left open - at InspectApedia.comIllustration: a general layout of how a Kadtronix HSRS is installed. [Click to enlarge any image]

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