Electric Water Heater Heating Element Terminals (C) Daniel FriedmanHow to Replace a Bad Electric Water Heater Heating Element

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Electric water heater heating element replacement guide:

How to remove and replace a bad electric hot water heater heating element or electrode - details. Having completed testing electric water heater components in the previous article, This article explains how to replace a bad electric water heater heating element. This series of articles describes how to inspect, operate, diagnose, and repair electric hot water heaters.

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How to Replace a Burned Out Electric Water Heating Element

Electric Water Heater Heating Element Terminals (C) Daniel FriedmanThe sketch at left of the parts surrounding an electric water heater heating element is modified from illustrations provided by American Water Heater Co. [1] These parts are identified (click to see an enlarged sketch)in order as shown in the sketch as

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1. Access door covering the heating element, typically held in place by two sheet metal screws (blue)

18. insulation (gray)

2. plastic cover over the thermostat assembly (green)

3. Thermostat assembly (upper)

5. Electric heating element (red arrow - this is what you are replacing)

6. Electric heating element gasket (purple arrow)

No number: yellow arrow points to the heating element mounting location. Clean this area and its threads during heater element replacement.

Watch out: as manufacturers of water heaters point out, you can be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow instructions provided by the water heater manufacturer and described in the water heater's installation, usage, and maintenance manual. Below we describe the general procedure for replacing and wiring electric water heater heating elements. Be sure you consult your individual water heater's installation guide for details.

Electric Water Heater Heating Element Terminals (C) Daniel Friedman

Electric water heater element insulation (C) Daniel Friedman

Water heating element sketch

Other electric water heater elements may be secured with a bracket, shown in our sketch at left.

Remove the sealing gasket that prevented leaks between the heating element face and the water heater tank face.



Water heater element replacement - American Water Heater Co.

Electric water heater thermostat and heating element wiring diagram

Wiring diagram for electric water heater - American Water Heater Co EXAMPLE Wiring diagram for electric water heater - American Water Heater Co EXAMPLE

Be sure that any electrical wiring that you disturb or disconnect is reconnected as it was originally. We label parts or make a sketch to avoid confusion later on. Check for proper water heater thermostat and heating element wiring connections by reviewing the installation manual that pertains to your water heater.

At far left we show a typical wiring diagram for a two-element electric water heater at which both heating elements operate simultaneously.

At left we show the water heater thermostat and element wiring details from a Plumber's Pack Water Heater Repair Kit using Thermo-o-Disc thermostats.

This electric water heater repair kit includes two electrodes and the upper and lower thermostats as well as replacement plastic covers for those devices.

The kit fits most models of electric water heaters made by American Water Heaters, A O Smith, Bradford White, Craftsmaster, General Electric or GE water heaters, GS Wood (some models), Kenmore, Lochinvar, Maytag, Mor-Flo, Reliance, Rheem, Richmond, Ruud, Sears and State - in other words many major water heater brands.

[Click for an enlarged view of either water heater element wiring illustration.]

But your electric water heater wiring may differ in that it may have only one heating element, or the two-element heater may operate the heaters individually (non-simultaneous), or your unit could be a 120V heater (less common at residential buildings) or even a three-phase installation (more likely at larger heaters and commercial installations). [1]

Continuing with the steps in replacing the heating element for a typical electric water heater:

Reader Question: replacement water heater element not working

(Mar 13, 2013) Amiti said:

My hot water heater only has one element in it, we replaced that element today and hooked everything back up the way it was before.
now we still have no hot water and i tried to push the reset button on the thermostat butit was already pushed in. I dont know what to do now please help me!!


Amity, I'm guessing either a wiring error or a bad thermostat. Start by checking thT the unit has electrical power. Be sure the person testing knows how to do so safely as live voltage could kill someone. Then one of thesediagnostic articles should help you find the trouble:


Continue reading at ELECTRIC WATER HEATER HIGH TEMP CUTOFF TEST or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.



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