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Slate roofing reference sources:

This is the slate roof reference list and slate roof product source list supporting our detailed series of articles describing procedures for evaluating the condition of slate roofing.

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How to inspect, identify defects, and estimate remaining life of slate roofs are addressed. The article also references slate repair procedures, repair slate sources, and slate quarries.

Slate Roof References & Books

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Slate Replacement & Repair Sources

If less than 25% of the slates on a roof are damaged or sliding down from worn out nails, slate repairs are in order. Luckily replacement slates are available from a variety of slate quarries, slate suppliers, and slate roofing companies. Slate "look alike" products are also available using cementious materials

. If the building owner cannot afford to repair a slate roof where most slates are intact, holding action slate roof repairs should be followed, such as simply sliding metal flashing up under broken or missing slates on the roof.

In addition to these slate sources there are several slate look-alike substitutes. While the application techniques, flashing and nailing concerns are similar, the wear characteristics of these materials may be quite different and were not evaluated for this paper. This paper is not an endorsement, nor a critique of any of these materials.


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