Sketch of an aerobic septic system design Disinfection of Septic Effluent Discharged from Aerobic Septic Systems - use of Swimming Pool Chemicals

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Aerobic septic system disinfection using swimming pool tablets:

This septic system effluent treatment article explains why we should not use swimming pool chemicals as a substitute for proper aerobic system disinfectants. What are the proper disinfectants to use in aerobic septic systems? There are fines levied for use of swimming pool chemicals in septic systems. Septic system and sewage discharge causing coliform hazards to oyster beds.

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Disinfection of Septic Effluent Discharged from Aerobic Septic Systems

Use of proper and approved septic effluent disinfectants is required for aerobic septic systems. This article, contributed by a company which produces aerobic septic system disinfectants, explains that while some aerobic septic system operators may have used ordinary swimming pool chlorine tablets for this purpose, such use is improper and illegal according to the U.S. EPA.

It is a violation of federal law to use swimming pool products for the "treatment" of septic effluent in aerobic septic systems. Environmental Protection Agency personnel are targeting the misapplication of chlorine products for more stringent enforcement.

According to the EPA. spokesman, use of swimming pool chlorine products in the treatment of wastewater effluent is a violation of Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act Sections 136a-2g and 136j(a)2g. The FIFRA regulations essentially state anyone who is using a chlorine product for applications other than those stated on the product's labeling is potentially subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.

Individual users can be fined $500 or first offenses and $2000 for subsequent violations. Suppliers, dealers, distributors and manufacturers are subject to much more severe penalties - up to $25,000 in fines. Prison sentences can vary from 30 days to a maximum of one year.

EPA Regional branch managers have stated their offices intend to coordinate efforts of both federal and state inspection and enforcement organizations. On the federal level, these include the local EPA offices and the U.S. Coast Guard and Minerals Management Service. In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia state agencies involved in the crackdown are the Departments of Agriculture and the Departments of Environmental Quality.

Coliform bacteria has become a major threat to oyster beds and other vital seafood resources in Louisiana and to public health in general throughout the country.

The technology exists to combat the problem but implementation of its use has been slow in developing DEQ and Department of Agriculture personnel are working to see that permitted treatment facilities are working properly and utilizing approved chemicals and equipment to process their organic waste.

Industrial waste water treatment suppliers can easily protect their customers and themselves from exposure to enforcement of the EPA regulations by providing them with chlorine products that are properly registered and labeled for specific wastewater applications. Equipment manufacturers can avoid similar headaches by providing their clients with hardware that conforms to standards established by the state and federal regulatory agencies.

By careful attention to the laws currently in place, all involved in correcting the deficiencies of the past can do so safely and legally.

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Reader Question: the chlorine tablets in our aerobic septic system haven't dissolved - is that OK?

The last 2 tablets we put in haven't dissolved. Is that a problem? Thanks! - Spike 2/14/12


Spike, if you have an aerobic system that requires disinfectant tablets, and they are not dissolving, that might be normal - they don't dissolve entirely immediately. Check back each day for a few days and let me know what you see. Also see AEROBIC SEPTIC DISINFECTANTS - Calcium Hypochlorite - make sure you are using the right kind of disinfectant tablets. Do not use swimming pool chlorine.


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