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Plumbing drain noise diagnostic FAQs:

Frequently-asked questions & answers about the types, causes, & remedies for plumbing drain noises & sounds.

This article series explains how to determine the causes of plumbing drain noises, and we refer to key companion articles that assist in that diagnosis, and we include plumbing noise cures.

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How to Diagnose Sounds of Gurgling or Other Noises in a Building Drain Piping System

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On 2017-03-16 by (mod) - sink won't shut off - water keeps running

Heck I hate when that happens.

If you're lucky there's a separate shut-off valve on the hot and cold supply riser pipes below your sink. Close those.

If there are no shutoff valves there there may be other shut-off valves feeding that area of your home.

Otherwise your plumber will simply turn off all water to the building while fixing your sink faucet or control.

That's a good time to be sure that other shutoff valves are installed and working too, making repair easier next time.


On 2017-03-16 by Renee

My sink water won't stop running and my water is turned off,I also hear a noise like coming from the knob on the hot water only

On 2017-03-16 by (mod) - What would cause the main drain pipe from the second floor to vibrate after the toilet is flushed

Interesting question Jose. Perhaps a partial blockage in the drain line; water passing over such a block might cause vibration.

See CLOGGED DRAIN DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR - since partially clogged drains often gurgle, burp, and bubble

Also see PLUMBING VENT NOISE - since vent problems can cause gurgling at drain lines

On 2017-03-16 by JoseW

What would cause the main drain pipe from the second floor to vibrate after the toilet is flushed? This started about 2 months ago, and is getting a little louder. It doesn't happen after every flush, only after flushing that included toilet paper.

There is no gurgling in the sink or tub and all drains in the house drain as they should, so I'm assuming the vent is clear. Just to be clear, the main drain pipe is vertical and all the smaller drains feed into it. The bathroom on the second floor, then the kitchen sink and dishwasher on the first floor.

On 2017-03-11 by (mod) - at the end of flushing we have a very loud gurgling noise.

I would look for a partial blockage of the main drain

Or see CLOGGED DRAIN DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR - clogged drains may gurgle or burp

Or see PLUMBING VENT NOISE - since vent problems can cause gurgling at drain lines

On 2017-03-11 by Nancy fink

Three toilets all flush well but at the end of flushing we have a very loud gurgling noise.

On 2017-02-25 by (mod) - Gurgling noises usually mean that a drain is partly blocked or that the drain is not properly vented.

Gurgling noises usually mean that a drain is partly blocked or that the drain is not properly vented.

On 2017-02-23 by Tommy

Recently I’ve purchased my first home! Once I moved in, I noticed gurgling sounds in the pipes and slow draining (master bath, kid’s bath, and half bath).

I’m not sure what that indicates but I’m sure it’s not normal. Would you have any suggestions on what the issue may be?

On 2017-02-20 by (mod) - hearing water draining through the drain line for the washing machine

More likely, Dick, there is a toilet running somewhere, sending drainage down a common drain pipe.

About the odor problem, search InspectApedia for SEPTIC ODORS in COLD WEATHER to read the diagnosis and repair for that problem.

On 2017-02-20 by Dick L.

WE have been in or house for about 7 years and recently have been hearing water draining through the drain line for the washing machine. Is this an indication that the septic tank needs pumped?

Also on an unrelated problem: When the temperature goes below zero degrees we get sewage smell in our half bathroom. As soon as temps go up the smell disappears. Any thoughts. Thanks

On 2017-01-20 by Anonymous

have you made any headway with this? I too have the same problem and only with 1 of 3 toilets. 2 are on the first floor and only 1 is making a noise that sounds like a car door slamming in the distance seconds to 30 seconds after flushing. It's not water hammer.

Or see CLOGGED DRAIN DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR - clogged drains may gurgle or burp

Or see PLUMBING VENT NOISE - since vent problems can cause gurgling at drain lines

On 2017-01-19 y JoanSmith

We hear gurgling in our drain from the washing machine when our home heat is running.

The heating unit is in the attic and I assume that the condensation line must drain into the same pipe as the washer drain. Is there any way to fix this noise? Our home was a new build in 2015.

On 2017-01-11 by (mod) - thermal expansion noises

Sometimes we cure pipe noises associated with thermal expansion and contraction by a combination of increasing the clearance space where pipes penetrate walls floors ceilings Etc, combined with using an insulating foam. However the right foam to use would be a fire block foam in those locations.

On 2017-01-10 by edee_em

Thank you so much for your time and thoughts. Both are appreciated very much. There aren't any check valves in the system. I've been flushing the toilet on and off trying to come up with a descriptor of the "bang".

I like your description of creaks and squeaks produced under "unusual tension". I think I'll have to bring in a plumber to look at the installation of the stack. It seems to me, the way it is placed, that it is sitting hard up against the framing and that when we flush it is moving the stack such that it rubs/creaks/bangs. I don't understand why it only happens with one toilet but it is was it is.

I have an issue that is related to all this. How do you feel about using spray foam such as Great Stuff around abs stacks? I foamed the stack where it comes through the top plate of the interior wall thinking it would help steady the pipe but I think it may have done the opposite. I was also thinking about encasing the pipe for sound insulation.

On 2017-01-10 by (mod) - banging after the water has gone down the vertical stack.

OK that's helpful.

A common explanation offered for creaks, thumbs, squeaks, bangs in drain piping is thermal expansion or contraction.

But I'm doubtful that that would produce a loud BANG unless a pipe were under unusual tension or compression, and even then I'd think the bang would occur at the first toilet flush after a period of disuse but not on successive flushes.

Check to see if your drain system includes check valves - sometimes those are installed to prevent sewage backups in problem areas such as where the sewer mains are prone to backups.

On 2017-01-10 by edee_em

It's not banging when the toilet is flushed. It is banging after the water has gone down the vertical stack. It is not a water hammer type of sound.

On 2017-01-10 by (mod) - we can hear the water rushing through the ABS drain pipe


Let's see if there are two different noise concerns here:

Sound of rushing water in plastic drain pipes when a toilet is flushed is probably normal. The sound can be reduced if the drain lines are surrounded by noise-blocking insulation.

A "BANG" when the toilet is flushed may be in the water supply piping system - search for WATER HAMMER NOISE to read details.

If a toilet isn't securely mounted flush to the floor there may be a risk of leaks around the mounting flange. If you are dead sure that the toilet is well sealed to the flange, it may be that the flange was installed a bit high, off of the subfloor. In that case I'd probably try caulking around the toilet base to stabilize it.

On 2017-01-10 by edee_em

When we flush our upstairs ensuite toilet we can hear the water rushing through the abs drain pipe towards a vertical stack but then there is a bang. I don't know if it is the pipe making the noise or if it is noise from the framing/drywall.

I noticed that this toilet, the upstairs main bath toilet and the main floor powder room toilet are all draining into this same stack. However, when we flush the upstairs main toilet, there is the same rush of water but no bang. There isn't any noise from the powder room toilet as it is very close to the stack.

I also noticed that the powder room toilet is not seated properly, not level and a bit up from the floor. It's as if the toilet is sitting on the flange only.

I also noticed that the vertical part of this concoction is up against the framing where it turns vertical and as a consequence it is flush up against the drywall. I spray foamed the area cut out of the sill (interior wall) but I don't know if that helps or hurts. Does this stack need to be replaced/reconfigured?

On 2017-01-01 by (mod)

Susan I'm not sure what a step system is, but if you refer to a plumbing system that uses a sewage ejector pump you may be hearing the pump cycle. If that's happening more often than usual I suspect that a check valve may have failed and that at the end of a pump-on cycle waste is flowing back into the pump chamber. That reduces its free volume and would cause more frequent pumping cycles.

On 2017-01-01 by Susan

The last comment was "pump" not pum We have a step system and lately every time a toilet gets flushed we hear what sounds like a motorized pum sound that's lasts for a bit. Does it with every toilet. It just started doing this several weeks ago. What could it be?

On 2016-11-26 by (mod) - gurgling this summer and the main floor toilet overflowed

Indeed I suspect a clogged drain when the gurgling is occurring - or sometimes a clogged vent.

Enclosing a waste pipe would not explain a blockage - the pipes are not flexible. But if he shot a drywall screw into a drain line that might be snagging waste and causing blockage even if there's no apparent leak.

Or see CLOGGED DRAIN DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR - clogged drains may gurgle or burp

Or see PLUMBING VENT NOISE - since vent problems can cause gurgling at drain lines

On 2016-11-26 by Anonymous

We have a 10 year o,d House with a septic system. We began having gurgling this summer and the main floor toilet overflowed in July. We had the septic pumped and it was fine for 24 hours and overflowed again.

We snaked from the outside clean out valve to the wall bend and broke up some clogs. In October the toilet overflowed again when the bathtub drained. Snake and repeat. Now we are at this happening once a week - the first gurgle and its gloves, boots, and snake. We have snakedand inspected the roof stack and see/feel no clogs.

This all started when my husband began finishing our basement and enclosed the waste pipe in the ceiling. He suspects this may have removed just enough flexibility to keep the waste flowing. Is this possible and if so, how do we fix it?

On 2016-11-24 by (mod) - gurgling sound, glug glug, bubbly noises

I'd be looking for a party crowd drain line or sewer pipe.

On 2016-11-24 by Mindy

I have a 2 storey house, one of the toilets on the second floor (ensuite bathroom) always make a gurgling sound, glug glug, bubbly noises after I've flused it, there is no backup, no smell, and it does flush ok, but always has this gurgling noise afterwards, I'm concerned that it might be a problem and may backup sometime when I'm not at home

another toilet in the basement made this gurgling noise one time and then eventually backed up and also into the I'm afraid the toilet on the second floor may have the same problem, but a plumber told me that backups will never happen on the second floor of a house, it will always backup to the lowest point (basement) this true?

On 2016-11-11 by Linda

My toilet throughout the day will sound like it is going to flush but doesn't flush. When I flush it, it works perfect. The tank seems to fill with no problem. Any clues what is causing the noise?

On 2016-10-08 by Nathan

I fixed a copper line with pex, now the line makes a rattling sound when the water flows. It's not hammer due to pressure. I did make a small loop to tie the lines together. Any ideas

On 2016-09-09 by (mod) - glug glug sounds from drains


I agree that it usually makes sense to investigate the most-recent and most-suspect culprit first when debugging house drain noises and odors. Clogged drains can certainly mean odors in the building, including a sewer backup, spill, or seepage under the structure.

On 2016-09-09 by Tim

Hello, Our cast iron line from the house to the street has broken up so we are aware that there is an issue and it needs corrected. We haven't had any noticeable blockages since the spring. The past couple weeks our drains have been noisier than normal (glug glug) which seems like there could be a partial blockage.

Now in the past couple of days, there is a smell in certain parts of the house. I think it is a dead animal rotting. However, I can't stop thinking that it could be due to the sewer line. It doesn't smell like sewage like I've smelled before when we had issues.

It also doesn't smell in the basement which is were I would expect it to smell if there was a issue under the house. Am I correct in this logic? Dead animal or sewer smell?

Thank you!

On 2016-09-08 by Anonymous

Ugh! I was afraid you were going to suggest that. Thanks so much!

On 2016-09-07 by (mod) - I hear water draining in the same shower when my upstairs neighbor is taking a shower.

Kristy I'd want to open the wall to see what's going on. Changing the fixture valves ought not need to touch drain piping but someone waving a reciprocating saw about may have cut a drain line.

On 2016-09-07 by Kristy

Hello! I had new shower fixtures installed in my downstairs condo. It involved cutting through the sheet rock behind the shower faucet to access the valves.

The guy replaced new valves. Now, two weeks later, I hear water draining in the same shower when my upstairs neighbor is taking a shower. I see no water damage.

On 2016-08-30 by (mod) - gurgling sound coming from the floor drain in the laundry room

Ron as you might guess from the article above, the sound you describes suggests a partial drain blockage.

Or see CLOGGED DRAIN DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR - clogged drains may gurgle or burp

Or see PLUMBING VENT NOISE - since vent problems can cause gurgling at drain lines

On 2016-08-30 by Ron

When taking a shower we are getting a gurgling sound coming from the floor drain in the laundry room next to the shower

On 2016-08-08 by (mod) - gurgling sound which can last for a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

I'd either hire a plumber to clear the drain line from house to sewer, or to use a camera to scope the entire line to look for damage or partial obstruction.

On 2016-08-08 by Howard Pearson

Under my kitchen sink once water has gone away there is a gurgling sound which can last for a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

No access to drains nearest manhole cover is over 150 yards away. There is NO septic tank. It's been happening for over 6 months. Any ideas how to correct it? In anticipation.

On 2016-07-29 by (mod) - Venting sewer piping to indoors is unsafe

Venting sewer piping to indoors is unsafe and risks explosion (methane gas) as well as possible exposure of the occupants to pathogens.

There are one-way vent valves that might be permitted on some indoor vent systems in some locations.

On 2016-07-29 by ben

I live in a house that the vents all pluming were never put threw the roof.the sewer vent is in our bedroom with the washer.the vent for the drain is 4 foot over the top of washer.i no this is tied into the sewer because you can hear it .the question is I have leukemia and is this does have a valve on it.but should that pipe be put threw the roof.insteadyour bedroom

On 2016-07-21 by (mod) - aroma from the waste pipe wafting out through the drain

Good going NHF. Skipping is popular among high-volume inspectors working to the minimum standards permitted, loved by realtors, and carrying both a nice insurance policy and a big disclaimer page in their report.

On 2016-07-21 by NHFirebear

I recently discovered that a "professional home renovator" had failed to install any sort of trap in a 2-inch shower drain, which tied directly to a larger waste pipe shared with a toilet and the rest of the house.

The aroma from the waste pipe wafting out through the drain varied according to usage and humidity, but was universally characterized by the current occupants as "pretty yucky". There was even a conveniently placed "inspection" access (in the ceiling below that shower) that the buyer's inspector had apparently skipped.

On 2016-07-10 by (mod)

Look for a clogged drain and clear it. If there is no clogged drain your septic system may be in failure and blocked - that can be confirmed by having a trained plumber or septic contractor open and inspect the septic tank to see if it is flooded.

On 2016-07-09 by Zach

My pipes started making a blub blub sound occasionally, letting air bubbles come up out of the toilet, the shower, or both sinks after my landlord started the pool filtration system.

The pool it right outside of my apartment. In addition, I am getting slow draining part of the time in the toilet and sewage backed into the shower this morning when I tried plunging the toilet because it was draining slowly. This is attached to the bathroom sink, toilet shower and kitchen sink.

Additionally, they drive a large tractor and occasionally a jeep around the yard. (I don't know if there has been any lines exiting the house that may have been driven over). I'm just not sure if this would be something that I could have caused or if it's more of a systemic issue.

On 2016-06-28 by (mod)

Yes, downstream from the point at which the dishwasher drain line connects to the sink drain.

Or see CLOGGED DRAIN DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR - clogged drains may gurgle or burp

Or see PLUMBING VENT NOISE - since vent problems can cause gurgling at drain lines

On 2016-06-28 by Emerald

Lately when our dishwasher runs the sink gurgles. It gurgled once during the cycle a couple weeks ago and now many uses later its gotten worse, gurgles multiple times during a cycle and is more loud. Should I suspect a clog somewhere?

this hasn't happened before. Also (related or not)for years we periodically have a gurgling sink upstairs when we flush the toilet. Concerned things are going to start overflowing. suggestions?

On 2016-06-23 by (mod)

I'm baffled by this one - nice going, Sam. Perhaps you're hearing dripping into the vent stack in the lower bath or into the drain piping?

On 2016-06-23 by Sam

My toilet in first floor powder is quiet no sounds then I use the kitchen sink or upstairs bathroom and I hear dripping water in the toilet. Then sometimes by running water in the sink in the powder room the noise stops. Sometimes the toilet also sounds like it is wheezing

On 2016-06-03 by (mod)

Look for a clogged drain downstream of both washing machine and tub.

On 2016-06-03 by Anonymous

when i use my washing machine water comes up in my bathtub drain , what problem should i be looking for

On 2016-05-30 by (mod) washer drain line gurgles periodically.


Perhaps there is a slow drain or one that's partially blocked. If so, particularly if the blockage is some distance down the waste line, water may back up, filling the waste line without immediately backing up into a sink or toilet, but then as it drains slowly past the blockage you may hear the gurgling;

Check to see if your washer is connected to a separate drain line or drywell, not part of the septic. Also consider that it may not be properly vented.

On 2016-05-30 by Anonymous

We bought a small home with a septic system. We don't have a washing machine yet but the washer drain line gurgles periodically. It happens at night also so I don't think it is related to any other water use.

On 2016-05-21 by Toilet doesn't flush

When the toilet is flashed sometimes it has a air bubble and throws water on floot if you hold lever down until flush is done problem goes awaw

On 2016-03-07 by (mod) When we flush our loo, we sometimes get a gurgle noise,


Based just on what you describe, I'd look first for a partial drain blockage that's a bit remote from the toilet itself.

Even though you had the lines "jet washed" I'm not sure really what was done, how thoroughly, to what length, nor if the lines were scoped. A camera inspection might show up, for example, root infestation or a partial line collapse that jet washing won't fix.

On 2016-03-07 by David mulrooney

When we flush our loo, we sometimes get a gurgle noise, a few times a day but not every time coming from the nearby bath. We live in a first floor flat. Recently had the stack/waste pipe which serves all the flats jet washed thinking it could be blocked.

Have also used numerous unblocking chemicals on all our sinks. The waste water is flushing away ok. Yet still get noises, any ideas!

On 2017-01-15 by (mod) - mysterious self-flushing toilet

Even changing a toilet flapper valve does not necessarily guarantee that you have fixed a slow, subtle leak out of the tank into the toilet bowl - that will ultimately lead to a minor self-flush.

That's because the seal of the flapper to the valve base may still be poor unless the entire assembly is replaced. You're just replacing the flapper itself, not the seat to which it must seal.

Two things to try: dark food coloring (or septic dye) in the toilet tank may show up a leak in colour after a time.

Or buy a new toilet fill valve from Fluidmaster - the model that includes a new feature: the valve will not drop and re-fill the tank if the tank is leaking. It only re-fills the tank in response to movement of the flush lever. With that valve in place, if the tank is leaking it will indeed slowly leak out, but when you next check the toilet you'll find the tank low or empty.

Look for the Fluidmaster 400LSR Universal Fill Valve with Leak Guard.

InspectAPedia is an independent publisher of building, environmental, and forensic inspection, diagnosis, and repair information provided free to the public - we have no business nor financial connection with any manufacturer or service provider discussed at our website.

On 2017-01-15 by Help please ! Mysterious self-flushing toilet

House is 8 yrs old. On septic. We have two bathrooms. The one adjoining our bedroom (used the least) which is at the end of the house occasionally sounds like it tries to do a minor flush. I was thinking possible ball cock assembly or flapper. The flapper has been changed a few times. Not the assembly.

Nor has the septic been emptied as just my husband and I. What's weird is that sometimes...days on end.... when ever water is run at any point in the house even if that particular drain where the water is run is "closed off" at the time, when the water is turned off, it sounds in this one toilet like water is sloshing against the side.

I am so at a loss and quite worried as the inspector told our Government builders that if they ever used that Plummer again, he'd never inspect another of their houses. Though he let ours through. Ohhh the troubles we've had. Shiver, shiver. I mean Who puts overhead plumbing in the walls and then runs outer wall insulation beneath the pipes instead of outside of them.

That give you an idea of why I'm soooo worried ?
Though I will try to find your site again, is there anyway please that you could copy your answer to my email ??? PLEASE !! Thank you.

Am disabled so monies are snug. Maybe a pro can help us pinpoint the issue and still keep an arm if not a leg. Thanks again. :). Steff

On 2017-01-14 by (mod) - intermittent flushing sounds coming from below my master bedroom toilet

I suspect the toilet is running - as the tank leaks into the bowl, when the bowl gets full enough, it flushes itself.

Sometimes the flush valve leaks intermittently, that's why it may not happen for days.

Change the flush valve flapper for a new one and let me know how that works for you.

On 2017-01-12 00:34:23.880250 by Joann

I live in a single-story home which is now 18 years old. This year I've started hearing intermittent flushing sounds coming from below my master bedroom toilet.

It happens about once a week (to my knowledge) and may occur three or four times in a row over a period of about an hour, sometimes in the middle of the night and then it doesn't happen for days.

I've been in the bathroom when it's happened, and it isn't my toilet flushing and there seems to be no problem anywhere in the house so I don't know what's causing these mystery flushing sounds. Any clues?

On 2016-11-07 by (mod) - backup was preceded by gurgling and bubbling in the toilets and the shower


Yes a blockage in a sewer line can be temporary. If the problem happens again you'll want your plumber to either attempt to clear the lines or to inspect the drain system with a camera.

On 2016-11-06 20:22:17.368952 by Patrick

Entire house backed up without warning. I had overly full toilets (did not overflow), several inches of water backing up into the bathtub, and a couple inches of water in the shower.

The backup was preceded by gurgling and bubbling in the toilets and the shower. I also noted a small amount of wet marks just running down from my main clean out at the front of the house.

After about 20 minutes, as I was looking at the shower drain, there was a large bubbling, and suddenly it "broke loose" and everything drained very quickly, as if normal.

The tub and shower emptied, and the toilets drained to a lower than normal level. No backups since, everything seems back to normal. I've been on the roof since then and haven't noticed any signs of vents being clogged.

Is a "temporary" blockage of that sort possible? Because of the wet on the clean out, it seemingly is between my house and the county system if it's still there. thank you!

On 2016-11-09 by (mod) - constant runoff or draining noises coming from my basement floor drain


I'm a little worried too about a drain backup in to your Seattle basement. Your basement floor drain might but certainly should NOT be connected to your septic tank. If it is, a backup occurring will be from a clogged, or flooded septic tank.

There are one-way check valves that can be inserted into a floor drain to block such backups. If the floor drain is not actually actively draining anything in the basement, I might duct-tape down a plastic cover over the drain as an emergency measure. Then you'll see if water is backing up there before there's a real flood.

On 2016-11-06 17:40:14.229783 by Jeammarie

Since or heavy Seattle rains have started, I hear constant runoff or draining noises coming from my basement floor drain.

List moved into house 4 months ago. Should I be preparing for a basement flood? Septic tank was drained right before we moved in. Thanks

On 2016-11-06 by Angela

While taking a bath it sounded like a rain storm outside but I soon discovered it was coming from under the bathtub.

The water was slowly draining out of the tub even though the stopper was closed as well. What could be the issue? We just had a new tub and walls installed. 1st bath in new tub brings this strange issue! Please help! It's not a gurgling or glub glub soind, it sounds like a rain storm.

On 2016-10-25 by (mod) - thumping sound coming from my tub drain?

Perhaps wind blowing down the vent stack. You might try a wind cap on the plumbing vent stack above the roof.

On 2016-10-25 18:10:57.431647 by Rita D

Why is there a thumping sound coming from my tub drain? It has something to do with being rather windy outside. I have only noticed it today, house is quiet but it's windy outside. This is an old home, built 1904, plumbing was new in 2000, has septic tank, just never noticed the sound of wind thumping through the tub drain before. Any ideas? Thank you.

On 2016-09-27 18:41:40.354180 by audie

Every once in awhile i hear what sounds like an alarm going off in my sunkin tub
What can it be?

On 2016-09-20 by Lee

Just had new shower installed. When showering, the sound of the water going down the drain is VERY loud.

If I cover some of the holes on drain face plate, the sound lessens. What can I do to have a nice quiet shower?

On 2016-09-19 by (mod) - P-trap drains if I loosen it

Hmmm. Unfortunately from the safe spot in our lab at my desk I can but guess.

Is there a chance that frost is blocking your vent (don't know your location) or that insects or a mouse built a nest?

I'd pull the trap and examine it to be sure it's not partly clogged.

On 2016-09-19 by Gary,

Sorry, the last comment was mine.
Thanks, but this was a recent development, it had worked fine for 10-15 years. What could have have caused it to change?

On 2016-09-19 by (mod) - P-trap drains if I loosen it

Inadequate drain venting.

On 2016-09-19 by Gary

My bathroom sinks drain slowly but when I loosened the nut on the p-trap to look into it the water in the basin siphoned out very quickly. When I tighten the nut it drains slowly again. What could be causing this?

On 2016-08-30 by (mod) - jetted tub problems


It sounds as if water is entering the jet plumbing but I am surprised that that would affect the tub drainage.

I'd open the access panel to look over the piping inside the tub enclosure.

An alternative we've used that's inelegant but effective is to use a flat disc type tub drain cover. IF you try that and the tub still drains when water reaches the jets, there may be a jet control valve that needs to be closed.

A side issue is the presence of left-over sludge in the jet piping that makes the tub unsanitary. Search InspectApedia for SPA HOT TUB WHIRLPOOL REPAIRS and you'll find a series of articles on this fixture.

On 2016-08-30 by Katrina

We have an American Standard whirlpool tub. We never use the jets though. I just want to take a bath and the tub hold water without making an annoying slow drain sound.

I've taken the Gerber lever out and adjusted the length of the stopper at the bottom (I guess that's what you call it). It is a weird looking stopper. It is a cylinder at the bottom and when I adjust how low or high's just a guess.

I can get it to work, put it in place with a small amount of water but it always fails once the water level reaches the lowest jet. Please help.

On 2016-07-15 by (mod) - flushing toilet leaks into basement

Sounds like a partly-blocked main drain.

On 2016-07-15 by Gail

When my upstairs toilet is flushed and the tub emptiedalso upstairs, I get a leak in my basement.

On 2016-07-15 by (mod) - drain makes a loud dripping sound

I'd first want to track down more precisely what is dripping; yes there is of course a solution but the risk here is spending money before knowing what we should spend on.

On 2016-07-14 by Shannon

We just bought a house (about 45 years old) and noticed that after we use the one shower that the drain makes a loud dripping sound for several minutes after we use it. It's in a nice stand-up ceramic tile shower stall.

It doesn't happen when we use the toilet or the sink, and it is only that one shower stall in the house. Is there is a solution?

On 2016-07-13 by (mod) - rushing water sound on our second level bathroom sink.

How odd, Kate. In debugging this I'd ask

- what has changed in the building's plumbing drain, waste, vent system?
- are there new fixtures installed in the building?
- are there signs of drain clogs?
- are there new drain odors?

On 2016-07-13 08:10:34.288438 by Kate

Suddenly there is a rushing water sound on our second level bathroom sink. No matter how much water we run into the sink, as soon as the water is turned off we can hear it rushing down the drain.Thus is a new sound and have not down any work on the house or plumbing.

On 2016-02-22 by (mod) - The water from bathtub backup into shower which then caused a flood in the floor

Investigate the path of flooding, look for mold friendly materials such as insulation or drywall, make test cuts in the most-suspect area to check for damage.

On 2016-02-22 by Pat

recently bought home that has be vacant for several months. It has well and septic The water from bathtub backup into shower which then caused a flood in the floor

I noticed water marks on the outside wall where tub, shower and toilet are. DO you have nay sugestions

On 2016-02-11 by (mod) - There is a hissing sound whenever I stand in a certain part of my downstairs bathroom

I admit I'm baffled - too little information, but it sounds as if your home may be settling or heaving; it's time for some on-site help.

Try this first: turn off all water to the building. In the bathroom open a tap to remove water pressure from the system. If the hissing stops then I suspect a leak in supply piping

On 2016-02-10 by Noise in bathroom

There is a hissing sound whenever I stand in a certain part of my downstairs bathroom
It is by window right where the outside drain is
My door doesn't shut as well as it seems flooring has risen
I have had toilet leaks recently

On 2016-02-09 by (mod) - diagnose a running water sound

I am guessing that with a wet trap in place the sound you hear should be less. But I'd review the drain layout, vent piping, and distances from vents to be sure that the drain system is properly vented.

On 2016-02-09 by Tom W

I'm in the middle of having my tub replaced by a shower. The drain was moved from one end of the tub to the middle of the shower. The tile is in but not yet grouted. When the sink or dishwasher both upstream from the shower discharge I hear running water that had never heard before.

Will this running Water sound disappear when the shower's P-trap (now dry) is full? Or do I have another problem, like no P-trap installed?

On 2015-11-05 by (mod) It sounds a bit irrational to me that a buyer would bail out of a home purchase because of a noisy plumbing drain


It sounds a bit irrational to me that a buyer would bail out of a home purchase because of a noisy plumbing drain or for that matter other plumbing repairs that may be needed but that surely don't amount to a fraction of a percent of the value of the home. Sometimes a buyer is nervous, has buyers' remorse, or wants to bail and a small thing becomes the focus of talk.

I doubt that "excessive" is defined as more than subjective but that's just me. Maybe I'd have said: abnormal, indicating drain problems and a potential sewer gas hazard, along with an explanation of what was observed, where and why it's a concern.

Missing sewer vents are not just a source of noise (gurgling drains) but also they mean inadequate or poor drainage and a risk of dangerous sewer gas leaks up into a building when water moving down an un-vented drain causes siphonage of water out of nearby sink or tub traps.

In sum: fix the plumbing and invite your buyer back for a look and listen. Document what you did, including plumbing inspections and approvals.

On 2015-11-05 by

We installed a bathroom on a top floor that previously had not water/plumbing source.

We just lost a sale on the property because the inspector wrote "Excessive sewer noise in garage sewer pipes when MBR toilet is flushed".

He also found a missing drain plug in the garage sewer pipes that service the plumbing for the entire house. It is obvious the plumber just forgot to put in a plug during the remodel.

We are not living in the state where this house is currently for sale. Question: Could the missing plug on the sewer pipes in the garage cause excessive noise?

On 2015-09-01 by (mod) - during a heavy rain I hear (but can't see) water flowing rapidly under a shower drain in bathroom

Look for a roof drainage downspout or area drain connected to your main sewer drain piping - a bad idea by the way.

On 2015-08-30 by chris

Only during a heavy rain I hear (but can't see) water flowing rapidly under a shower drain in bathroom #1 when no water is turned on anywhere in house.

I can hear the same sound at this drain when someone is taking a shower in adjacent bathroom # 2. Vent pipe for shower in bathroom #1 is 3" PVC to the roof with std vented cap. Someone would have to put a garden hose full blast into vent to cause the same sound of rapidly flowing water in shower drain, so I don't think rain into the vent pipe could cause the sound. Ideas?


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