Mobile home water heater (C) Daniel FriedmanHow to Inspect the Plumbing Systems of Mobile Homes, Double wides, Trailer homes

  • MOBILE HOME PLUMBING - CONTENTS: Mobile home plumbing system: fixtures, water supply, drainage, sewage system inspection guide. Common mobile home plumbing system defects at plumbing pipes, fixtures, water heaters, oil tanks, oil piping or gas piping. Safety and building codes for mobile homes. Mobile ome or doublewide septic tanks & systems.
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How to Inspect Mobile Homes or Manufactured Housing for Plumbing System Defects:

Detailed mobile home, trailer or doublewide plumbing inspection procedures, defect lists, references to plumbing standards for mobile homes, trailers, double-wide home plumbing water supply & drain piping and oil or gas fuel piping.

Mobile home septic systems are also addressed.

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Doublewide, Mobile Home (Caravan) or Trailer Plumbing System Defects & Hazards

Mobile home water heater (C) Daniel Friedman

Article Contents:

Ver.4.0 - 04/25/07, updated through December 2014 - Steve Vermilye, New Paltz NY and Daniel Friedman, Poughkeepsie NY, Hudson Valley ASHI Chapter Seminar, Newburgh NY, January 4, 2000, NY Metro ASHI Fall 99 Seminar, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, White Plains NY, October 2, 1999. Our page top photo shows our associated Steve Vermilye inspecting an on-ground, tipping, heating oil tank at a mobile home occupied by farm workers in Ulster County, N.Y.

GENERAL PLUMBING - Comments for Mobile Home Inspectors

SUPPLY PIPING - Mobile Home Supply Piping Defects and Plastic or polybutylene water supply piping failures, leaks, and litigation

Freeze Protection Suggestions for Mobile Homes, Double-Wides and Trailers:

Wiring for heat tape on oil tank (C) Daniel Friedman

Trailer water entry (C) Daniel Friedman Trailer water entry (C) Daniel Friedman Plumbing below a mobile home subject to freezing (C) Daniel Friedman

DRAIN WASTE VENT - Mobile Home & Trailer Drain Waste Vent Piping Defects

Mobile home drain onto ground surface (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home bathroom (C) Daniel Friedman Multiple repairs indicates freezing pipe history (C) Daniel Friedman

Our photo (below-left) illustrates an area of plumbing drain leaks below the sink in a doublewide home - rot destroyed the subfloor, invited carpenter ants into the structure, and soaked insulation.

Plumbing drains in mobile home, leaks, floor damage (C) Daniel Friedman Improper and non-functional tub controls and spout in a mobile home (C) Daniel Friedman

Leaky sink and mold in mobile home (C) Daniel Friedman Leaks at tub in mobile home (C) Daniel Friedman

MOBILE HOME & TRAILER or DOUBLE-Wide Heating FUEL SUPPLY Defects & Concerns, gas and oil piping

LP gank gas piping defects exposed to damage (C) Daniel Friedman

Warnings about using heat tapes on mobile home water or drain pipes or on heating oil lines

Mobile home oil tank (C) Daniel Friedman

Heat Tapes - use metal-braid shielded type connected to GFCI so if a short will trip. Heat tapes, especially the non-shielded types, short and start fires, especially if crossed over themselves or otherwise improperly installed.

Mobile home oil tank defects, problems, repairs

Oil tank fuel gage using a soft drink bottle (C) Daniel Friedman

WATER HEATER Defects & Safety Hazards in Mobile Homes, Trailers, Double-Wides

Multiple repairs indicates freezing pipe history (C) Daniel Friedman
Mobile home water heater (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home water heater (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home water heater (C) Daniel Friedman Mobile home water heater (C) Daniel Friedman



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