Oil tank taking water (C) Daniel FriedmanHow Water Gets Into Above-Ground Oil Tanks

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This article explains how water gets into above-ground oil tanks. This article series explains the problems caused by water accumulation in oil tanks, how water gets into the oil tank, how to measure water in the oil tank, how to remove water from oil storage tanks regardless of whether the oil tank is indoors, outdoors above ground, or buried, and how to prevent water from getting into an oil storage tank.

We explain how to test for or visually check for water in a buried or above-ground oil storage tank, and how to get water out of an oil tank. Extensive free un-biased oil storage tank inspection and testing advice for property buyers and owners is provided at this website.

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How Does Water Enter an Above-Ground Oil Storage Tank

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Sources of water entry into above ground oil storage tanks are similar to the underground oil tank water leak sources listed at BURIED OIL TANK WATER ENTRY. Here we list additional ways that water may leak into an above-ground oil storage tank besides the ones in that earlier list for buried tanks. [Paraphrased, edited, and expanded from R.W. Beckett]:

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Water may enter an above-ground oil storage tank from a vent pipe that is not capped, shielded from water entry, and located away from roof edges. Note that water spilling on to the top of an outdoor oil storage tank can splash-up and enter the oil tank through the vent pipe even if the pipe has a rain cap installed.

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