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Hip & ridge details for wood shake & shingle roofs:

This article discusses best roofing practices for hip and ridge installations using wood roof shingles and shakes. This article series discusses best practices in the selection and installation of residential roofing.

Our page top photo shows hip details on a new but questionable (poor shingle offset) wood shingle roof.

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Hip and Ridge Specification Details for Wood Shingle / Shake Roofs

The traditional treatment at hips and ridges is a labor intensive “woven” cap, consisting of alternating sets of two beveled shingles. Many installers now use factory assembled cap pieces that speed up the process.

Wood Shingle/Shake Roof Hips

  1. Lap the underlayment over the hip before installing the shingles.
  2. Then install a strip of roofing felt or metal flashing up the hip on top of the shingles before nailing the caps in place.
  3. Use nails or staples long enough to penetrate the sheathing by 3/4 inch.

Ridge Details for Wood Shingle / Shake Roofs

  1. For a vented ridge, use a plastic, matrix-type ridge vent.
  2. Cover the ridge vent with a strip of roofing felt and install factory-assembled ridge cap pieces.
  3. To prevent splitting of ridge-cap shingles, it is best to install them with a pneumatic nailer or stapler.

-- Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction.


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