Photograph of a swimming pool installed too close to a septic drainfield - in failure (C) Daniel FriedmanRecommended Distance Between Septic System & Swimming Pool

  • SEPTIC to POOL DISTANCE - CONTENTS: Setbacks and clearances between swimming pools and septic system tanks or drainfields. Setbacks and clearances for septic systems and Septic distances to other site features
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Septic tank or field clearance distances to swim pools:

This document, which discusses distances that should be observed between a swimming pool installation and septic fields or septic tanks is a supplement to our chapter SEPTIC CLEARANCES which provides typical septic tank and field clearances. In this file a detailed septic distances table describes distance requirements between septic components (septic tank, leach field, cesspools, drywells) and other site features such as wells, water supply piping, streams, trees, property boundaries, lakes, etc.

In general, septic effluent must be disposed of on the property from which it originates. However more strict clearances and distances than this are required between various onsite wastewater treatment system components and buildings, property boundaries, lakes, streams, wells, and so on, as detailed in the table below. Contact us with corrections or additions to this data.

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Advice on Locating a Swimming Pool Near Septic System Components

Sketch of common septic system component setbacks and clearances.Few septic authorities or codes specifically address the distance that should be maintained between a swimming pool and septic system components like septic tanks, drainfields, or septic mound systems. But we have observed some serious problems when swimming pools were installed near or on top of septic system components.

Problems caused by a swimming pool on top of or too close to a septic field include damage to the drainfield, reduced ability of the drainfield to absorb effluent, redirecting water onto and thus flooding the drainfield, and even causing drainfield effluent to leak out to the ground surface around the swimming pool. This article discusses some of things you should consider when installing a swimming pool near a septic system.

Other than a fifteen foot clearance specified between a swimming pool and septic components for the state of Missouri, and a 100 ft. clearance specified between a swimming pool and a septic lagoon (an entirely different situation), we don't have much guidance in locating swimming pools near septic components. I don-t know an official answer to this question, but here are some considerations when planning to add a swimming pool to a property with a septic system:

After also addressing the above considerations, locate a pool 25- or more from the nearest portion of the mound. That should give good working distance for installation and if surface drainage corrections are needed between pool and mound there should be ample room to install such.


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