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Guide to types of modern flush toilets:

This article describes the types of flush toilets currently sold & installed world wide. We distinguish among back flush toilets, basement toilets, dual flush toilets, electric flush toilets, flushmate toilets, flushometer toilets (tankless), low profile toilets, low water-usage or water conserving toilets, top flush and up-flush toilet brands, designs, models.

Photographs are provided of each toilet type. We include descriptions of bidets, waterless toilets and waterless urinals.

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Contemporary Toilet designs - photos, examples

Japanese bidet toilet - Wikipedia creative commons

Bidet toilets & add-on heated, personal-cleaning toilet seats

At left we include an illustration of the Japanese bidet toilet ([4]. photo - Wikipedia[5]). photographed in the Asahikawa grand hotel in Asahikawa, Japan. Bidet toilets deliver a warm water washing oscillating stream from beneath the seat (shown) that is adjustable in temperature and water spray volume.

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The toilets generally include a heated seat with a temperature control, warm air drying, and in some models massage and deodorizing features.

In normal operation the toilet won't send its oscillating spray into the air as the Wikipedia photographer achieved for this photo; the Toto bidet toilet seat includes a pressure sensor to prevent such accidents.

The Toto Washlet® toilet or similar bidet toilets are reported to be installed in 72% of Japanese households - a figure which we question considering the cost. Contact information for Toto is below in this article. This is a dual flush water-saving toilet.[4][5]

The Toto B100 Washlet™® toilet seat [Image] is a retrofit heated and bidet-type washing mechanism that can be retrofitted to Toto (and possibly other) elongated bowl toilets. Particularly for the disabled, models of Toto's bidet toilets or toilet seats can be a significant benefit, as was the model installed by the author's sister.

Also as an aid to the elderly or disabled are electric raised-seat toilets [Image] that provide a lift mechanism to assist the user in getting on and off of the toilet.

Toto's Washlet® ($1,350. USD) is an add-on toilet seat that is plugged into a nearby electrical outlet and connected to a water supply to provide heated water, a built-in deodorizing system, a heated toilet seat, a warm air dryer and other features.

Toto Washlet add-on toilet seat (C) PHG

Above: a Toto Washlet® toilet seat that sports a remote control (below) and water temperature control features.

Remote control for Toto Washlet toilet seat self cleaning spray toilet seat (C) InspectApedia PHG

A self-cleaning spray wand washes the user's bottom.

The seat pre-mists the toilet bowl prior to use to improve clean flushing and 25 seconds after the user flushes the toilet the Washlet® sprays the toilet bowl with electrolyzed water that the company brands as eWater+ using a process that temporarily changes the property of water to include properties similar to household bleach NaOCL or sodium hypochlorite to improve tilet bowl cleaning.

Water temperature control for the Toto Washlet toilet seat (C) InspectApedia PHG

Prices for Toto's back flush or bottom flush toilets range from about $1,700 to $4,000 for the company's Neorest700H#01 dual flush toilet with an integrated Washlet seat and ewater+ while prices for Toto add-on toilet seats that can be mounted on an existing toilet range from about $250. to $1,700. USD.

Three photographs of the Toto Washlet toilet seat system shown above were provided courtesy of Paul Galow, Galow Consulting, Poughkeepsie NY.

Brondell® also produces add-on toilet seats in both electric and non-electric models offering cleansing, heated water, deodorizing, heated seat, and bidet features. at prices between $180. and $600. USD.

Add-on Bidet & Personal Cleaning Toilets & Toilet Seats

Toilet + Bidet Combinations

Manufacturers of combined toilet and bidet into a single unit include several companies:

Contemporary Toilet Shapes, Sizes, Types, Designs

Contemporary gravity-flush toilets use a tank attached to the toilet bowl itself, relying on improved flush valve controls to provide the water flow rate into the bowl to empty it and clean the bowl sides. We illustrate several types below.

Below we illustrate a 1970's low profile toilet, a recent Canterbury™ one-piece toilet produced by Eljer (below center)that molds the toilet bowl and tank out of a single piece of material, and at below right we illustrate a contemporary Crane two piece 1.6 gallon flush toilet.

\ Canterbury one piece toilet from Eljer (C) Daniel Friedman

Among many modern designs for water saving toilets are shown below are the Glacier Bay top flush control dual flush two piece toilet (below-left) installed by the authors, a 1990's water saving toilet that uses a plastic reservoir baffle inside the toilet tank (below center) also installed by the author, and at below right is an Eljer Titan™ 1.6 gpf one piece toilet.

Top flush Glacier Bay water saving toilet (C) D Friedman Canterbury one piece toilet from Eljer (C) Daniel Friedman

Below is the Toto Aquia® wall-hung dual-flush toilet ($400. USD). The toilet uses 1.6 or 0.9 gallons per flush. As illustrated at below left, this toilet uses an in-wall tank or cistern to produce flush water. Contact information for Toto is above on this page. Also see BACK FLUSH TOILETS.

Toto Aquia back flush wall hung dual flush toilet - Toto Aquia back flush wall hung dual flush toilet -


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