Copper snow guards Vassar Campus (C) Daniel FriedmanA Photo Library of Slate Roof Hardware Snow Guards, slate hooks, slate tools

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Hardware used on slate roofs: slate spaces, slate repair hooks, snow guards.

Here are photos and notes about hardware commonly found on slate roofs, such as snow guards and snow hooks. We show traditional steel, galvanized, and modern copper snow guards installed on slate roofs in several style . Slate hooks and other special slating tools used to repair slate are discussed at slate repairs in our main article

This slate roofing photo library shows various kinds of roofing slate, slate roof colors, slate roof patterns, and roofing slate defects. This photographic dictionary of roofing slates is a supplement to our detailed article (links at the "More Reading" links at the bottom of this article ) describing procedures for evaluating the condition of slate roofing. The main article reviews types of slate, common defects, inspection topics, and some repair tips.

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Photographs of & Sources for Slate Roof Hardware, Snow Guards, Snow Hooks

Snow guardsSnow guards and a bit of their history are discussed in NPS "From Asbestos to Zinc" from which we quote:

Snow guards or snow brakes, as they are sometimes called, began appearing on slate and metal roofs of New England in the late 1800s.

The tremendous quantities of snow and ice that accumulated on these roofs made the wood or metal diverter, typically attached above the front entry, an ineffective tool in preventing the snow from sliding down the roof.

With snow guards in place, the snow would eventually blow away or remain until it melted.

Not only was the risk of damage to objects and persons below avoided, but the banking of snow and ice at the eaves was prevented, thus eliminating the chances of backwater and consequent leaks, as well as a straining of the gutter structure.

Below we include our own photographs of snow brakes, snow guards, snow hooks, and other on-roof devices to control against snow damage and hazards, including snow guard examples and materials from the 1800's up to 2010.

Snow guard on a slate roof

Snow Guard Hooks, and heat tapes - suspect ice dam leaks or ice falling at building entry

Snow guards or hooks on slate roof

Snow Hooks (shown above in wire style) use on a roof with generally good slates, note bleed out from a few slates with mineral inclusions

Copper snow guards Vassar Campus (C) Daniel Friedman

Above we show new copper snow guards being installed on a slate roof that was also being replaced/repaired on the Wimpfheimer Nursery building on the Vassar College Campus, Poughkeepsie, NY - March 2010.

Copper snow guards Vassar Campus (C) Daniel Friedman

This photo of snow brakes on a standing seam metal roof demonstrates that snow guards or snow hooks were widely used on metal roofs too, not just on slate roofs.

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