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Septic alarms / septic or sewage pump alarm systems:

This article describes alarm systems used on septic pumps, grinder pumps, and septic tank pumping stations and pumping systems.

This article series explains the differences between Sump Pumps, Sewage Ejector Pumps, Septic Grinder Pumps, Sewage Pumping Stations, & Septic Pump Alarms.

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Septic Pump Alarm Systems

Duplex septic pump alarm installationWhat to Do if the Sewage Grinder Pump or Ejector Pump Alarm Sounds

Septic Tank Pump Alarm Video

Our video at right demonstrates the operation of a septic tank pump system alarm.

Septic alarms indicate when the septic tank pump is not operating. Repair is needed promptly.

Advice is given for septic tank effluent or sewage pump selection and use.

Septic pumps used for pumping air in aeration systems and septic pumps used to move effluent in a drip dispersion system are discussed under the appropriate septic system type which are outlined at SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN ALTERNATIVES.

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Use & Operation of Single septic pump alarm system details

Photo of a common sewage ejector pump alarm installed in a basementAny sewage pump setup should include an alarm that tells you when a pump has stopped working.

It is important to be able to distinguish between blocked building drains, failing septic systems, and lost function of a septic pump.

Otherwise you will soon be unable to run plumbing fixtures and you may not know why.

In a single-pump septic system (shown in the photograph at left and at page top) if you hear the septic alarm buzzer or bell it means that you have very little septic capacity before repairs are made, since there is no working pump.


Use & Operation of Duplex septic pump alarm system details

Duplex septic pump alarm installation

In a duplex septic tank pump system, (shown in photo at left) sounding of the septic alarm indicates that you're running on the backup pump.

You need to repair the failed septic pump but you can continue to use the building's plumbing fixtures as the backup pump should be working.

There are two different philosophies for designing duplex backup systems - alternating septic pump cycles and reserve septic pump installations.

We discuss simplex and duplex septic pump installations and the different methods of designing a duplex septic pump system in more detail at SEWAGE EJECTOR / GRINDER PUMPS

See the septic alarm test demonstration video at the top of this page for an example of testing the septic tank pump alarm system.



Alarm panel for Environment One sewage grinder pump system (C) - Environment One Corp.Our illustration at left shows a sewage grinder pump alarm system mounted outdoors on the building exterior wall.

The control panel for a sewage grinder pump system includes pump power switches, alarm, and alarm reset switch or button. The Environment One Corporation grinder pump control panel shown here should be part of any sewage grinder pump system.

Reader Question: what are the common causes for a pump alarm to go off

What are the most common causes a pump tank alarm would go off? My grinder pump is only 4 yrs old and we are still building, so it does not get that much use. C.S. 8/5/12


A competent onsite inspection by an expert usually finds additional clues that help accurately diagnose a problem with a sewage pump such as a defective check valve or a running toilet that keeps filling the reservoir tank. That said, the alarm sounds when the level in the reservoir reaches a level that means that the primary pump is not working, or in a single pump system, that no pump is working.

So in addition to checking for a running toilet and bad check valve, check that the float switch is properly installed and that its movement is not obstructed.


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