Fire damaged vinyl siding (C) Daniel FriedmanFire & Heating Flue Damaged Vinyl Siding

  • VINYL SIDING FIRE DAMAGED - CONTENTS: while burned, melted vinyl siding caused by a building fire is pretty obvious, there may be heat-damaged siding from a nearby fire or from a hot chimney or vent through a wall whose condition is less obvious.
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    Fire or hot chimney flue damage to vinyl siding:

    Obvious & less-obvious fire damage to vinyl on buildings. Aside from actually burned siding (shown in this article) vinyl siding more distant from an actual fire or from an improperly-installed chimney or flue may be buckled, rippled, bent, deformed, loose, or un-clipped. This article joins others in this series to help sort out different types and causes of buckled, rippled, bent or loose vinyl siding on buildings.

    This article series discusses all of the known causes of buckled, loose, cracked or otherwise damaged vinyl siding. Rippled or loose vinyl siding may be more than just a cosmetic worry, and may indicate structural defects, building movement, leaks, or even heat or fire hazards.

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    Fire-Damaged Vinyl Siding Photos

    Further Investigation of Rippled or Deformed Vinyl Siding Points to Reflected Heat vs Actual Fire Damage

    Siding at ground (C) Carson Dunlop Associates

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    As a contrasting example to vinyl siding damaged by reflected or transmitted heat alone, our photograph at left illustrates vinyl siding that was damaged in a Poughkeepsie NY house fire.

    Watch out: for heating equipment installers who may run a metal vent through a vinyl-clad wall such as the installation shown at left Vent materials that get hot may risk a fire, or at least risk damaging the siding. (Photo courtesy Carson Dunlop Associates.)

    To understand with confidence why the siding at above right shows that rippled, bending effect, we recommended investigation

    See How to Repair Loose Vinyl Siding or Remove and Reinstall Part of a Vinyl-Clad Wall for suggestions and special vinyl siding tools that are used to remove and replace vinyl siding in the middle of a wall.

    Example of Severe Fire Damage to Vinyl Siding

    Fire damaged vinyl siding (C) Daniel Friedman

    The photographs above illustrate the more extreme vinyl siding damage observed as characteristic of a building fire.

    Fire damaged vinyl siding (C) Daniel Friedman

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