Paint failure investigation onsite (C) Daniel FriedmanDetailed Fee Schedule for Building Paint Failure Onsite Investigations & Laboratory Analysis Services

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This page outlines typical fees for on-site & laboratory paint failure investigations/testing.

With offices in New York and Guanajuato, Mexico, we have provide specialized forensic building diagnostic on-site and laboratory services throughout North America.

Please do not send us paint samples nor other forensic samples without prior agreement.

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Paint Test Lab Forensic Analysis Fees

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Paint Failure Investigations on-site

See our Paint Diagnosis Guide

$2750. + travel & lodging

Paint Laboratory Services

Extra or Mail-in Paint Chip Microscopic Analysis - See our Paint Lab Photos

Paint chip surface characterization: causes of failure including moisture
push, vs improper surface preparation (chalking, dirty, loose paint)
$50. per sample
Paint chip high magnification analysis: causes of failure including solvent blistering, thermal blistering - requires cross section analysis
$125. per sample
Paint layers: count, measure layer thickness, identify problems between
layers: causes of failure including surfactant leaching
$150. per sample

Chemical tests to attempt differentiation between oil/alkyd paints and
latex vs acrylic paints (some conditions produce uncertain results)

$200. per sample

Complete microscopic analysis of paint chip sample for all of the above
$250. per sample

Immediate Consulting by telephone:

Use this link: Immediate Consulting

Pro-bono professional assistance may be provided to elderly, disabled, limited-income individuals or for religious institutions.

Contact us & explain your pro-bono request.

Free Information: Find our free, researched, un-biased and in-depth building and environmental diagnosis & repair advice


$85./hour + air fees if required

Paint Sample Chip Mailing Instructions:

ONSITE INSPECTION / & FORENSIC INVESTIGATION AVAILABILITY NOTICE: Except for special cases including our pro-bono services we no longer provide onsite building investigations.

For on-site building & home inspections the extensive list of building inspectors and specialists at >
Directory of Professionals to Inspect or Test a Building

After having corresponded with us by email to confirm just what analysis and services are needed, package individual paint chips in small hard containers or if in plastic bags, pack so as to protect further breakage of the paint chips into smaller fragments.

Payment Methods: We accept payment for services by check, credit card / PayPal, or cash, and we provide invoices for our services. Payment instructions and options, including how to make payments online are described at PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS


Daniel Friedman
Vassar College Box 419
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie NY 12604

UPS / FEDEX / US Post Office EXPRESS MAIL Deliveries are accepted but -

PLEASE DO NOT REQUIRE A SIGNATURE on packages sent to the lab -- If using Express Mail sign the box used for Waiver of Signature. Failure to follow this suggestion will delay processing of your sample and may result in the sample being returned to you without processing. If you are using the U.S. Post Office's Express Mail be sure to check and sign the signature waiver box on the mailing label. Otherwise the postal carrier will not leave your sample at our lab drop box.

Future Consulting, No Fee. We do not bill for future consulting regarding services we have provided.

No Hidden Costs: Inspection fees and fees for other services will be reviewed with you and committed before any work is performed.
The fees in this table are subject to change without notice.

Are you paying too much or too little for a professional service? Is it possible to pay too little for a Building inspection? see John Ruskin's advice for a thoughtful answer to this question.

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