Jennair glass gas cooktop to be replaced in this procedure (C) Daniel Friedman Gas Cooktop Measurements
Cooktop dimension & countertop opening measurements for buying or installing a cooktop

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Gas cooktop measurements:

This article shows how to measure for a cooktop installation into a kitchen countertop opening & lists the specific measurements you should make before buying any cooktop & measurements to make again before attempting to install a gas cooktop into a countertop.

By making all of the necessary measurements you can avoid buying a cooktop unit that doesn't fit. In addition to the countertop opening length and width there are depth and obstruction concerns to address.

This article series explains the steps in installing & testing gas appliances and includes a detailed procedure for converting from LP gas or "bottled gas" to natural gas or "piped in gas" at a building.

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Measure Twice & Cut Once Before Ordering & Installing a Gas Cooktop

Tools for gas cooktop fuel conversion & installation into a countertop (C) Daniel FriedmanYou will need a measuring tape and should have already used it to make triple sure that the new gas cook top will fit into the countertop opening. Measure the countertop opening length and width and the depth between the countertop surface and any obstructions below such as a built-in ovenb or other piping or cabinet components.

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Preliminary or Old Cook Top Measurements for Ordering the New Cooktop

You may have made preliminary measurements of the exterior dimensions of an existing or already-installed cook top if you are replacing an old unit like the one shown here.

We measured the countertop opening width and depth and the depth of the insert portion of the existing cooktop (photo above left).

Watch out: when measuring for any countertop cooktop installation, you want to be sure not only that the new cooktop will fit into the countertop opening (and clear any obstructions) but also that its supporting lip that rests on the countertop surface will be adequate for support and to permit sealing against spills that might otherwise leak into the space below.

You may have made preliminary measurements of the countertop cutout opening by carefully lifting the existing cook-top up a bit without having fully disconnected it. This procedure is likely to be followed if you are making measurements to permit ordering a new gas cook top and thus want to keep using the old one until the new cook top arrives.

At above left we have lifted the old gas cooktop, a Jennair unit, partly out of its countertop to measure its depth. A question was whether the new countertop would be deeper and whether it might or might not have adequate vertical clearance space above a built-in oven installed below this countertop.

Watch out: you may find as I did that the preliminary measurements may have been good for ordering the new gas cooktop, but on removing the old one there may be some surprises such as intrusions into the below-counter space that make installation of the new cook top or its piping difficult.

At the left side of our photo of the existing Jennair gas cooktop above take a close look at that bit of plywood cabinetry extending into the cooktop cutout space. I didn't notice that little intrusion until - ick - making a test-fit of the new cooktop.

Despite all of our earlier measurements, it did not fit! Some adjustments were needed as are illustrated at GAS COOKTOP INSTALLATION DETAILS.

Pre-Installation Cooktop Installation Measurements

Bosch gas cook top installation measurements (C) Daniel Friedman Bosch gas cook top installation measurements (C) Daniel Friedman

To be sure that the new cook top will fit into the existing countertop opening and space measure at least the following:

Bosch gas cook top installation measurements (C) Daniel Friedman

Question: cut out dimensions for Samsung 30" gas cook top

Samsung gas cooktop counter cutout dimensions at InspectApedia.com2017/11/20 Terry said:

Find cut out dimensions for Samsung 30" gas cook top


Terry, the cutout dimensions for the Samsung 30" gas cooktop might vary among specific sub-models but in general you will need
to cut

a rectangular opening 28" x 19 5/8"

and the back of the cutout needs at least 2 7/8" clearance from the rear wall or splashboard.

The cooktop also needs at least 12" free clearance on either side of the opening,

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and you need at least 30" above the cooktop to any overhead cabinet over the cooktop and 18" vertical clearance from those left and right 12" free clearance side areas too.

Watch out to be sure you have adequate clearance space under the countertop too - you need at least 3 9/16" total clearance under the counter
or put another way, you need at least 7/16" clearance to combustible surfaces below .

That rear clearance is important - without it you won't be able to connect the gas piping to the cooktop.

You'll also need access to an electrical receptacle below the countertop and plumbing space for the gas piping.

See this SAMSUNG 30" Gas Range INSTALLATION GUIDE [PDF] provided by Lowes


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