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Where to buy a toilet or toilet parts: toilet manufacturers list:

This article provides a list of toilet brands, manufacturers,and sources useful for identifying toilets or buying toilets or toilet parts.

This data may be helpful in purchasing a toilet, finding repair parts for toilets, obtaining toilet installation or repair instructions for specific toilet models, and for identifying toilets.

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Toilet Brands List, Manufacturers, Contact Information for all Toilet Brands

Toilet seat with 10-inch bolt spread (C) CAWith more than 1000 brands of toilets manufactured and distributed around the world, this list would be endless.

Here we list common or popular toilet manufacturers or brands. CONTACT US to suggest changes or additions to this toilet brand list.

Photo above-left: Aside from differences in shape (round, elongated), and features (slow closing), and materials (wood, plasatic), an older toilet seat using a 10-inch (255mm) bolt-spread can be difficult to replace.

Most modern toilet seats use a standard 5 1/2" spacing (North America) or standard 155mm (U.K.) between the seat mounting bolts.

This isn't a new problem: Campbell (cited at REFERENCES) patented a toilet seat with adjustable bolt spacing in the U.S. in 1935.

Before buying a toilet seat, measure the space, center-to-center of the toilet seat bolt openings in the toilet base to check that your toilet uses a standard spacing.

Brands of Toilets & Toilet Part Manufacturers

Research on Replacement Toilets & Toilet Seats or Loo Parts & Toilet Seat Bolt Spread & Bowl Shape

Adjustable toilet seat bolt spacing design, Campbell 1935 (C)@ When replacing a toilet seat, in addition to check for standard hinge bolt spacing on the toilet base (5 1/2" or 155mm). If your toilet seat bolt spread is other than 5 1/2" (155mm) you can still find a seat whose bolts will fit, either from a toilet supplier or from plumbing suppliers.

Before buying a new toilet seat you'll want to determine if you need to buy a "round" or an "elongated" toilet seat to fit the toilet bowl shape.

For a round toilet the distance from a center line drawn between the two seat bolt openings to the front edge of the toilet bowl will be about 16 1/2" (420mm) while an elongated toilet bowl distance will be about 18 1/2" (200 mm)

Photos of wooden toilet seat hinge and a universal spacing toilet seat hinge are given below.

Wooden toilet seat hinge may accomodate various toilet seat hing bolt spacing distances (C) InspectApedia courtesy of Plumbers Mate U.K. - contact information given above Universal toilet seat hinge from  Homebase in the UK @ contact

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