Photograph of  dump truck after it drove over and collapsed a seepage pitDrywell & Seepage Pit Safety

  • DRYWELL SAFETY CONCERNS - CONTENTS: Drywell, cesspool, soakaway pit fatality hazards: very serious safety warnings for drywells, seepage pits, cesspools. Seepage pit collapse hazards and risk of fatality. Drywell pit collapse hazards and risk of fatality, Capacity warnings for seepage pits, Capacity warnings for drywells. What care is needed for a drywell or seepage pit?
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Safety warnings about drywells and seepage pits:

This wastewater drywell article discusses special safety, collapse, and fatality hazards special to drywells (or seepage pits) and gives safety and maintenance advice.

Watch out: Safety Warning: do not walk over the top of or close to the edges of a drywell or any other onsite pit or excavation because of the danger of fatal collapse. Keep pets and children away from such systems.

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Drywell and Seepage Pit Safety and Septic System Capacity Warnings

Septic tee troubles (C) D Friedman J WatersDrywell & Seepage Pit Safety

Photo at left: view into a filled seepage pit.

Drywell & Seepage Pit Capacity and Testing Limitations

Watch out: Readers trying to diagnose and deal with sudden soil subsidence or yard collapses should see CESSPOOL SAFETY WARNINGS as those hazards can also apply to drywells and septic tanks


Important additional septic system safety warnings are at SEPTIC & CESSPOOL SAFETY.

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