1930's Electrical Panel in a Huntingdon PA factory building  (C) LM Building Electrical Component Age
Determine the age of building electrical panel, wiring, components

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How to find the age of a building's electrical system:

Visual clues, date stamps, serials numbers, and other information can give us the approximate and sometimes exact age of a building's electrical panel, electrical wiring, and other electrical compnents.

This article series provides a photo guide to determining the age of a building by examination of the architectural style of construction or the building materials and components that were used in the structure.

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Age of Electrical Components Also Indicate Building Age

PHOTO of an obsolete 30-Amp electrical meter and fuse panel ca 1935

Here is a photograph of an obsolete 30-Amp electrical meter and fuse panel, ca 1935.

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While varying somewhat by area of the country in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, and other areas, there are recognizable generations of electrical wiring ( KNOB & TUBE, greenfield, armored cable or " BX" wiring, plastic or " NM/NMC" wiring), wiring materials (copper, tinned copper, aluminum, copper-plated aluminum), and also, easily recognized generations of electrical meters and electrical service panels.

In this list of articles describing the age of and properties of older electrical system components in buildings we illustrate various of these materials and products and we provide information about their safety or about the need to inspect or perhaps replace or upgrade certain problematic electrical equipment such as obsolete or sometimes unsafe electrical panels, wiring, devices.


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