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Waste disposal when money is short

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Low cost septic or waste or sewage disposal systems

Modern outhouse interior, Applachian Trail, Sharon CT (C) Daniel FriedmanQuestion: we have no septic tank, are suffering mosquitos & health problems, and want to connect to neighbor's septic tank

2017/03/25 Surender kumar gupta said:

I dont have septic [safety sic] tank at my home due to which we are suffering as we have many kids at our home and all our drainage water has been collected in our home only due to which all mosquito n other insects are coming.

We can connect d pipe to our neighbours pipe line as we have request him many times but he is not allowing us.

So I request u to help ys in getting a safety tanks at our home. Hope u will help us. Thanking you.

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It's understandable and probably entirely correct that your neighbor doesn't want to connect your home to his septic system (tank and absorption field). That's because a septic system has a limited capacity to handle the wastewater that enters it. If a septic system is capable of treating the waste from a home with five people we cannot just double that by connecting another home and another five people.

IF we did that, the septic system would fail and it would begin to discharge sewage to the surface - creating a health hazard for everyone, just as your present home does now - connected to nothing and discharging wastewater and sewage to the ground surface.

At SEPTIC TANK SIZE we explain how big a septic tank is needed for a given number of occupants.

You didn't mention the country and city where you live. In some countries and cities there are government agencies who, in the interest of public health, will help individual home owners with the cost of installing a septic system. That's where you should inquire. Or if you tell me the country and city where you are located I'll see if I can find the name of such agencies - with the warning that not every city has such assistance available from the government.

When there is no government assistance for sanitary systems such as you need, there are sometimes both international aid and or local private agencies who can still help you.

In a separate InspectApedia article at SEPTIC SYSTEM TYPES we describe a number of septic designs for tanks and absorption systems (the absorption system disposes of liquid waste that exits the septic tank) - that may be helpful to you and you're welcome to read it and post further questions.

For your immediate situation, if you can improve the slope and drainage of even surface wastewater so that there is no pooling or ponding or accumulation of wastewater then you will reduce the mosquito hazard. You should understand that mosquitoes are not the only hazard. There are bacteria in sewage that make people sick and that can contaminate local wells.

In the types of septic systems article you can read about simple OUTHOUSES & LATRINES that are basically a toilet built over a hole dug into the soil to dispose of sewage. You might consider those as a low-cost way to improve your local sanitation.

You might also want to read SEPTIC TANKS HOME MADE SITE BUILT where we discuss inspection of and types of home made or site built, do-it-yourself septic tanks

Watch out: leaning over or falling into a septic tank often causes death

I am sorry that we, as an information publisher, have no way to offer you direct help with installing your own septic system.


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