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Diagnose & fix circulator pumps that run only at intermittent intervals

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Intermittent on-off heating zone operation:

Heating zone circulator pump seems to run just intermittently - it starts and stops. What's wrong, how do I fix it? We start addressing this question by asking whether or not anything is wrong in the first place.

When should the heating zone circulator be running? Then if it seems to be acting oddly, why & how do we fix it?

This article series describes how to diagnose & fix circulator pump problems on hot water or hydronic heating systems.

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Question: circulator pump runs intermittently

My furnace's circulator pump has been running in short bursts only lately, as opposed to full length cycles. It's a gas-fired hydronic system, a high efficient one w/ a Peerless Pinacle furnace. never experienced this before.Do you have any ideas? - mark4man 12/5/2012

(Dec 29, 2011) Richard VanMetter said:

When my thermostat calls for heat the gas comes on and the internal temperature of the furnace increases (approaching 250 degrees) but the circulator pump only runs intermittently (5 seconds on 30 seconds or more off). Shouldn't it run constantly once the internal temperature of the furnace is adequate?

(Nov 11, 2012) Anonymous said:

Hi i have an open fire with back boiler the pump is beside the back boiler and the thermostat is on
the boiler. my problem is the pump only comes on for about 30 seconds and thats it and it does nothing for the rads the pipe that the stat is on goes cold so i reckon the stat is on the wrong pipe,
please help. cheers

Phil said:

My circulator pump turns on then shuts off in 3-4 sec. could this be a switch?


First I would check all of the electrical connections involved since a loose connector or a corroded connector such as a spade connector on a heater control can cause intermittent operation.

... the furnace draft fan began to pulse several times upon starting. After making sure the control module showed a steady green, ... I wiggled all the spade connectors to be sure there was good contact between the copper and aluminum. ... there only needs to be a little corrosion to cause problems. That seems to have done the trick. - M.F. 12/24/2014

Next I'd check for a bad circulator control relay or possibly a thermostat wire that is intermittently shorting together. Occasionally a bad thermostat can also cause intermittent on-off calls for heat that can lead to odd circulator behavior.

A second set of possibilities might be a circulator pump that is binding or failing.


and see THERMOSTATS, HEATING / COOLING for details.

A short on-off circulator cycle such as you describe sounds to me like a wiring (damaged wire), thermostat, or circulator relay problem.

Phil, I wonder if there is a bad relay in the circulator control, or an intermittent short of the thermostat wires. Try disconnecting the thermostat entirely to rule out that source. Then connect the red and white heat wires (or equivalent if yours are different) that calls for heat. Connected = heat on. Disconnected = heat off.

Watch out: other readers note: other reasons that a heating zone circulator may not run continuously include


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