Apartment buildings may look crisp outside but individual rental apartments may be discovered by their tenants to have suffered leak damage and extensive hidden mold - here we give some basic advice Common Causes of Toxic or Allergenic Mold in Rental Homes, Apartments, Offices

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Causes of mold or other contaminants in rental units:

This document describes common sources of toxic or allergenic mold growth in rental apartments and homes - a simple guide for renters and landlords who need to know the common sources of mold, the risk of significant hidden mold and just how extensive a hidden mold problem may be in a rental apartment or home.

I have been made aware of a leaking roof in the 2nd floor apartments so severe that requires buckets to contain.

The water, I have been told runs down the walls into the ground floor apartments where we are a tenant in one. The apartments are known to be old and from the road I can see large blackish streaks across the light brown roofing.

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Possible causes of apartment mold, possible extent of mold

Apartment mold study photos include signs of leak history (C) InspectApedia DC

What steps the tenant has already taken to deal with suspected mold contamination

I've just bought two HEPA filters for the bedroom and living room which has seemed to make a significant difference in the severity of the congestion.

Also, I have been told that the air conditioning and heat is run on a water coil system (the air is circulated through all of the apartments) which happens to be in our bedroom closet. when I removed the vent to put a filter in I found mold covering the back of the metal slats in vent cover. I cleaned it with bleach.

Tenant Wants to Move out of Moldy Apartment - Lease Breaking Issues

I need to move because I cannot live with this building-related sickness. It is important to know what I'm dealing with before I go to management, because it seems to be such a severe structural issue, they may try to do something underhanded and cover it up.

I have a year lease and need to handle the situation in a way that will allow me get out from under this situation without our being taken advantage of and we are no expert in these matters.

Apartment mold study photos include signs of leak history (C) InspectApedia DC

Compromised autoimmune system increases health risks for tenant in moldy apartment

Also I have some sort of autoimmune condition(Lupus, MS they haven't pinned it down) we are no longer able to do what I went to school for. Our fine motor skills are compromised (and I have slight tremor).


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