Ventilation problems under this snow covered roof (C) Daniel Friedman Tips for Roof Eave Venting on Roofs with no Overhang or Soffit

  • ROOF VENT if NO SOFFIT - CONTENTS: Adding intake venting at the lower edge of roofs that have no overhang or soffit for the usual intake vent openings. How to Correct Inadequate Attic Venting to Stop Attic Condensation, Ice Dam Leaks, Attic Mold, & Roof Structure Damage
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This article describes alternatives for venting attics and cathedral ceilings by providing air intake openings at the lower edge or eaves of roofs that have no building overhang or soffit or eaves. Our page top photo shows a cape Cod home in Poughkeepsie New York.

This building was constructed with no roof overhang, making roof intake venting tricky to obtain, and risking extra damage from ice dams or gutter overflow leaks.

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Our photo at page top shows a modern synthetic mesh type ridge vent (with modest airflow capacity) and our photo at left shows a typical installation of continuous soffit or eaves intake venting at the lower roof edges of a building.

Problems With Roofs Lacking Any Overhang - No Soffit?

Don't give up on providing roof intake ventilation openings just because your building was constructed with no roof overhangs. In fact, providing exit venting (at a roof ridge or at gable end vents) on a building with no intake venting at the building eaves will increase the building heating costs and can also add to attic or under-roof condensation, moisture, and mold problems.

buildings such as the cape Cod shown at page top may be constructed with no roof overhang whatsoever. While this design offers the advantage of more light entry at the building windows (not shaded by a soffit), owners of buildings built with this design need to watch out for several problems:

Venting Solutions for Roofs with No Overhang or Soffit

Photo of a home with no roof eaves
Roof fascia vent or eaves vent (C) Daniel Friedman Soffit vent construction detail (C)Daniel Friedman


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