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Where to buy aerobic septic system ATU parts and supplies:

This article lists suppliers and supply sources for aerobic septic systems, aerobic treatment units, and fine bubble septic aerator systems. This website provides designs and products for aerobic septic treatment units (ATUs) for onsite waste disposal, also called fine bubble aeration systems. We address aerobic septic system design, features, inspection, repair, and maintenance. Product sources are also listed.

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Manufacturers of Aerobic or Aeration Septic System Treatment Unit Equipment

The list below provides companies making aerobic septic system treatment units and related equipment. Following this table, at ATU Sources we list additional contact information for aerobic treatment systems and other septic system and septic equipment suppliers


CompanyLocationNumber of
Flow Range (gpd) daily wastewater flow rate in gallons
Advanced Septic Treatment Systems Sedro Woolley, WA    
Alternative Wastewater Systems, Inc. Batavia, IL 5 500-1500
American Wastewater Systems, Inc. Duson, LA 1 500
Aquarobic International Front Royal, VA 24 500-1500
Bio-Microbics Shawnee, KS 4 500-1500
Clearstream Wastewater Systems, Inc. Beumont, TX 10 500-1500
Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. Franklin, OH 10 500-1500
Delta Environmental Products Denham Springs, LA 9 400-1500
H.E. McGrew, Inc. Bossier City, LA 4 500-750
Hoot Aerobic Systems Lake Charles, LA 5 Residential
Commercial at 2000 - multiples of 300,000
Hydro-Action, Inc. Beaumont, TX 7 500-1500
Jet, Inc. Cleveland, OH 6 500-1500
Microseptec, Inc. Laguna Hills, CA 2 600-1500
National Wastewater Systems, Inc. Lake Charles, LA 1 500
Nordbeton North America, Inc. Lake Monroe, FL 1 600
Norweco, Inc.

Norwalk, OH

Norweco , 220 Republic Street, Norwalk, Ohio, Usa 44857-1156 Tel: 419) 668-4471 Website:

10 500-1500
Pro Flo Aerobic Systems Waller, TX   500 - 1500
South Texas Environmental TX   Parts for Aerobic Septic Systems
Advanced Septic Treatment Systems, Inc
(ATS was Previously Thomas, Inc.)
Sedro Woolley, WA 6 500-1000
Source: US EPA, June 19, 2000. Last update: 07/09/2010-DF. EPA's Source: National Sanitation Foundation, 2000
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ATU Aerobic Treatment Unit and related Wastewater Treatment Supply Sources with Website Links

Reader Question: Nyadic aerobic septic system

I just moved to 4 acre horse farm with horses and well. I have a nayadic system. The effluent pipe runs about 100 ft to a depression 30x30 ft. into the pasture. Is there a recommendation for an alternate "drainfield" or pit? There is room outside the pasture. I also have a shallow well(35ft deep with 15 ft of water). It is about 50 ft from effluent line. no codes out here Bill I. 12/11/11

Reply: contact information for Nyadic Aerobic Septic Systems


Nayadic aerobic septic systems are produced by Nayadic, a division of Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. These systems are NSF tested and certified using a single tank for both the aeration of sewage wastewater and for solids separation.

While I could envision disposing of effluent in a more conventional drainfield than an above-ground depression (and I wonder who approved that), I would contact the company to ask for details about the intended means of disposal or dispersal of treated effluent from their system. Give Consolidated a call at 800-503-0163. The company's contact information is in the references above in this article.[8]

While you're at it, ask them for an owner's manual for your system.

Nayadic also produces and sells rotary vane air pumps for aerobic septic systems that support Nayadic 500, 600, 800, and 1000 gallon per day aerobic septic designs.

Reader Question: trying to find a person or firm in Michigan (northern part of the southern peninsula) who knows about Aerobic Septic Systems

(Nov 29, 2014) John Kyle said:
I am trying to find a person or firm in Michigan (northern part of the southern peninsula) who knows about these systems and we could hire. Any suggestions?


Try Williams & Bay who serve Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Benzie, Wexford, Antrim, Kalkaska and Manistee County: 231-228-7499 or 231-947-3535

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