Marble countertop in a contemporary kitchen (C) Daniel Friedman] Marble Cleaning Procedures
How to clean a marble countertop, floor, or other marble items in or on buildings

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Marble cleaning & restoration methods:

This article describes procedures for cleaning marble surfaces typically found in, on or around buildings such as floors, walks, steps, exteriors, and countertops or fireplace mantles. We point out when to leave marble alone, when to consult an expert, and which marble cleaning products or home-made cleaners are safe and which should be avoided.

The article includes reference & research citations for expert sources on art and artifact restoration, marble cleaning, and preservation.

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Cleaning Procedures for Marble Surfaces

Sink mount under countertop (C) D Friedman Queretaro MexicoChoosing a Cleaning Approach for Marble Surfaces or Artifacts

The choice of most appropriate method for cleaning a marble surface depends on several factors including:

  1. The type of marble surface: open versus polished and/or sealed
  2. The type of marble item: interior flooring, exterior walls, monuments, or valuable art or historic artifacts. The latter should not be treated in any way before you consult with an art conservation professional.
  3. The location of the marble material that is soiled or stained
  4. The causes of the marble material staining

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A variety of marble cleaning materials are used depending on the factors listed above and perhaps others that should be added to that list by conservationists. Historic artifacts, even building exteriors are sometimes cleaned using enzymes or by using a laser treatment method.

Conversely, cleaning a hard finished polished marble floor may simply involve damp mopping or use of a non-abrasive cleaner sold for that purpose.

General Marble Surface Cleaning & Scratch & Stain Prevention Advice

Bath sink, cultured marble countertop (C) D Friedman

Research on cleaning methods for marble surfaces


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