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Economical toilets, old & new: This article describes economical toilet brands, manufacturers,and sources.

We also include photographs of New Zealand's own McSkimming toilet that used a ceramic bowl and plastic cistern, and we include a description of the toilet components and how the toilet fill and flush and overflow controls work.

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Ceramic + Plastic Toilets & Low-Cost Toilets

McSkimming Ceramic + Plastic Toilets, still in use in New Zealand

Below we illustrate and explain the operation and connections for a 1981 McSkimming plastic toilet that remains perfectly functional in a home in Christchurch, New Zealand. This toilet is contructed of a ceramic bowl (the toilet lower portion or body) and a colour-matched cistern (tank) that is made of plastic.

McSkimming plastic toilet, Christchurch, New Zealand (C) Daniel Friedman McSkimming toilet water supply (C) Daniel Friedman McSkimming plastic toilet drain & vent piping (C) Daniel Friedman

At above center is the water supply hook-up for this toilet while at above right you can see that the toilet's drain connection is vented above the floo r(orange arrow) and through the partition wall (to and through the roof above).

New Zealand plumbing practice commonly includes a provision for directing toilet tank overflow, caused perhaps by a sticking fill valve, outside through a separate drain (blue arrow above right). This feature prevents sending volumes of water into the sewer system unnecessarily.

McSkimming top flush push button toilet (C) Daniel Friedman McSkimming plastic tolet flush controls in the toilet cistern (C) Daniel Friedman

At above left we illustrate the simple push-button flush control for this McSkimming toilet. This toilet was installed in a home constructed in the early 1980's in Christchurch, New Zealand and is still in use. At above right we detail the flush control componects for this top flush toilet:

McSkimming toilet brand mark (C) Daniel Friedman

Peter McSkimming, initially employed at Benhar pottery in 1882, begain operating the company in 1894. The factory and kilns were located Benhar, South Otago, the site of the McSkimming brick & ceramics works where the company produced among other things, clay toilets.

McSkimming toilet production

The Benhar works closed in the early 1980's (by some accounts) and in any event the factory was destroyed by fire in February 1990. - Above image excerpted / adapted from TEARA, Video retrieved 9/18/14, original source:

Low-Cost Toilet Designs & Sources

Blue Diversion low cost toilet design from EAWG,

Single pit pour flush latrine design, Gramalaya, India


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