Mr Steam MS90EC1 steam geneartor installed in San Miguel de Allende (C) Daniel Friedman Gas Powered Steambath
Residential steam box heated by propane gas

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ILP gas residential steam shower or steam box system:

We describe an elegantly-simple LP gas powered steam box system installed and used successfully in a home in Mexico. We also discuss this steam treatment system's user controls and safety features - or their omission.

This article series also describes detail the installation of an electrically-operated residential steam generator in the shower of an existing home.

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LP Gas Powered Steam Generator / "The Box" - a different approach to steam bathing

Steam box for steam baths (C) Daniel Friedman

Above: this steam box or "steam closet" is installed in a home in central Mexico. The user sits on the white cushion (shown below), then closes the entry door and the steam closet top, leaving their head free in outdoor air.

LP gas powered steam closet (C) Daniel Friedman LP gas powered steam closet (C) Daniel Friedman

The stainless steel tank in the right side of the second photo above is the water reservoir used to produce steam.

Steam box or steam closet gas control (C) Daniel Friedman

To heat water to make steam using this constructed-steam-box the user turns on the LP gas supply shown above and ignites (by igniter or match) the gas burner located below the water tank.

Shown below is the LP gas supply for this steam generator.

LP gas tank for steam generator (C) Daniel Friedman

Below is a photo of the triplex-gas burner located below the stainless steel water reservoir.

Gas burner for LP gas powered steam box / steam closet / steam bath (C) Daniel Friedman

The user has a gas valve (shown below) that can adjust burner intensity.

Watch out: there are no independent temperature limit controls, no low water cutoff, and no gas flame sensor / thermocouple control on this appliance.

Protection against BLEVE EXPLOSIONS is afforded by a very simple design: water in the reservoir tank is boiled by a gas burner.

Steam pipe delivers steam below a wooden foot rest inside the steam cabinet (C) Daniel Friedman

Steam flows by natural convection through an open pipe into the steam cabinet (shown above). To avoid scalding the steamee, the steamer outlet is placed below a wooden footrest, shown tipped up and to the side in my photo.

As is required for safety with any steam system, there are no shutoff valves nor closures between the water/steam reservoir and the steam outlet.

The user, sitting in the steam box, opens a valve (shown below) to adjust the size of the gas flame or to turn it off entirely.

Steam bather's control valve on this LPG steam box system (C) Daniel Friedman

This steam bathing appliance is hand-made by its inventor in central Mexico. It is not an export product and is probably not able to comply with plumbing and safety codes that would impose additional controls and features for use in other North American countries.

Elegant in its simplicity this steam bathing box expects a modicum of common sense and safety attention from its user.

Watch out: check with your doctor about any health limitations that would affect your individual case before spending time in any steam box or steam shower or steam room. (Press 1991)

Saunas, steam baths, and whirlpools—popular fixtures at health clubs—are safe means of relaxation, if used prudently. But ignoring the recommendations for moderate, commonsense enjoyment of these baths may expose users to health risks.

Watch out: for safe installation of this or any other heating equipment, follow the manufacturer's instructions for both installation and use of the steambath, and make sure that your equipment and its installation comply with local plumbing and building safety codes.


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