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Sewer piping: this article series describes how to diagnose problems with building drain, waste, and vent piping (DWV), main building drains, and sewer connection or private septic system piping.

We include information about the proper inspection, installation, diagnosis, and repair of building drains including clogged or slow drains, damaged or broken drains, and improperly-constructed DWV piping.

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How to Diagnose & Repair Problems in Building Drain Waste Piping & Sewer or Septic Connecting Pipes

Terra cotta drain piping (C) D FriedmanOur page top photo shows a sewer line cleanout under and building exit piping under construction at a New York Home, courtesy Galow Homes.

Definition of building drain

Plumbing codes define a building drain as "that part of the lowest piping of a building drainage system that receives the discharge from soil, waste, and other drainage pipes inside the walls [or upper floors] of the building and conveys it to the building sewer [or septic system] beginning two feet (0.6m) outside the building wall."

This piping and its horizontal branches are required to have cleanouts, however no cleanout is required for any pipe or piping above the first floor of the building.

Our photo (below-left) illustrates terra cotta sewer piping described in more detail at PIPING in BUILDINGS, CLOGS, LEAKS, TYPES.

In our list of plumbing piping articles below you will find description of inspection, installation, diagnosis, and repair articles concerning building drain waste vent (DWV) piping. Types of building supply piping and supply piping problems are described and listed at PIPING IN buildings, Clogs Leaks Types [Link given just below]

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