Venmar heat recovery ventilatorVenmar Heat Recovery Ventilator System Product Recall Notice

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Venmar HRV recall: this document describes safety hazards on certain models of heat recovery ventilators manufactured by Venmar Ventilationand sold under many other brands (listed below) and reports on safety recalls.

Warning: not all heating equipment safety or other recalls issued by various agencies and countries are included in this article.

This document includes information from public safety notices from the US Consumer Product Safety Commision, from the Canadian Electrical Safety Authority, the Ontarion Fire Marshal's Office, or other sources. Information Accuracy & Bias Pledge is at below-left.

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Product Safety Alert: Heat Recovery Systems Present Potential Fire Hazards

Flair heat recovery ventilator model recalledFlair 3055 heat recovery ventilator

19 January 2007 Product Safety Alert: this safety alert is an expansion to a previous safety alert issued by US and Canadian safety authorities in December 2006.

Consumers are urged to determine if their building has a heat recovery system installed under one of the product brands and model numbers listed below, because these products have the potential to overheat and catch fire.

There are 232,753 affected heat recovery ventilator units in Canada and another 74,933 affected heat recovery units inthe U.S.

These products were manufactured by Venmar Ventilation.

The company has implemented a Safety Upgrade Program for certain models of heat recovery ventilators produced between 1991 and 2001.

Heat recovery ventilators manufactured before 1991 or after 2001 are not affected by this safety notice.

Fire Safety Notes from Venmar Ventilation

Recalled heat recovery ventilatorWatch out: If you have one of the Venmar Heat Recovery Ventilator models listed below, turn off the equipment and unplug it.

Venmar asks owners of the heat recovery ventilators listed in the table above to immediately turn off and unplug the unit and to contacat Venmar as soon as possible at 1-866-441-4645, or at or by postal mail to SUP, 550 Lemire Blvd., Drummondville, QC, Canada J2C 7W9.

In Canada, for additional information contact Tatjana Dinic, Electrical Safety Authority, 905-712-5364.

If you do not know when your heat recovery ventilator was installed, check for it in the table of brand names and model numbers in the table above.

Odors or smells: if you detect strange odors or smells or observe smoke or smell burning in your home, call your fire department immediately

(dial 911 in most areas),

if possible, turn off electrical power to the equipment

(or in an emergency simply turn off all electrical power if you can safely do so) and have the fire department determine the cause.

Recalled Heat Recovery Ventilator Brands

Heat Recovery Ventilator Model Numbers

Venmar AEXX, EARC, 1XX, 30X, 40X, 40XXXX
Venmar AVS 1.X, 2.X, 30XX, 55XX
vanEE 10, 1XX, 100X, 20, 20XX, 90
Conformax 300, 350, 400
NuTone NUTR130
Carrier, Bryant - Payne Day & Night VXXXXXXXXX
Bryant Carrier - Standard ERVXXXXXXX, HRVXXXXXXX
York 5263554XXXX
Broan - Guardian 100X, 200X
Rheem 84-ERV100, 84-ERV200
Rudd Protech - Weatherking 84-ERV100, 84-ERV200
NOTE: the X digit used in model numbers can be either a letter or a number.

Where to find the Heat Recovery Ventilator Model Number

The heat recovery ventilator (HRV) model number is located on a silver or black label which is positioned on the outside panel of the heat recovery ventilator unit.

Venmar's Recall Hotline: (866) 441-4645

Venmar HRVs and ERVs Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery Ventilators


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