Fire blocking at stairwell (C) D Friedman Eric Galow Guide to Fire Stopping Requirements for Interior Stairs

  • FIRE STOPPING for STAIRWAYS - CONTENTS: Stair, railing, guardrail, landing, tread, and step fire spread prevention specifications & codes. Stair &stair construction fire blocking safety hazards, photos. Sketches of stair fire blocking and fire safety design requirements
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Fire blocking or fire stopping at stairwells:

Codes / specification requirements for fire blocking at stairs and stairways: this document provides building code specifications, sketches, photographs, and examples of fire stopping or fire spread control for stairs and stairways.

We also include references to key documents on building codes and stair and railing safety.

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Fire Stopping or Fire Blocking Requirements at Steps & Stairways.

Stairway Lighting requirements (C) Carson Dunlop Associates

Fire stopping for stairs is required to slow the spread of building fires between floors and to assist in emergency exit.

Sketch at left courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates, illustrates where fireblocking must be installed.

For an interior stairway, 1/2" drywall is fastened to the stair underside or sidewalls above (if present) or (below) the stairs.

These improvements are not expected to make the building fire-proof. But especially because stairs form a natural building fire spread pathway fire stopping is required by building codes to slow the spread of fire that might follow the under-side of a stairway from a lower floor to an upper one.

Also see our page top photo. There you will notice that the under-side and sidewall of stairs passing through a garage were covered with fire-rated drywall on both the stair side and underside. Photo courtesy Galow Homes.

Model & Example California Building Code Specifications for Fire Blocking & Fire Stopping at Stairways

Example: California Building Code Stairways & Landings Specifications - stairway fire blocking / fire stopping

Enclosed useable space under stairs must be protected on the enclosed side by 5/8" type X gypsum wallboard. [37]


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