LARGER IMAGE: having a general idea of what septic components are helps you find where they may be locatedSeptic Tank Location Video Guide
How to Walk the Site to Find the Septic Tank or Drainfield

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How to find the septic tank:

A video guide to locating buried septic tanks in order to inspect, test, clean, or repair the septic system. How to locate the septic tank at a property, as step by step procedure to find any septic tank;

Where to look for the septic tanks, septic tank covers, or septic tank cleanout lids

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VISUAL CLUES LOCATE TANK - Visual Outdoor Clues Can Tell The Septic Tank Location

Septic tank location guide: here we provide suggestions and procedures for finding a septic tank.

When the septic tank needs to be pumped, a regular maintenance task, the cost of that service will be less if the property owner found the septic tank location and perhaps even uncovered the septic tank pumping access cover.

Other reasons to find the septic tank include inspecting and testing septic systems when buying a home or for safety, to assure that the septic tank cover is in good condition.

The septic video shown here describes how we walk a homesite to find the septic tank and drainfield location. More videos on septic system location & maintenance are at SEPTIC VIDEOS.

LARGER IMAGE: melted snow may mark septic tank location

Look for clues that often mark the location of a septic tank, starting outside the area where the main waste line leaves the house. In this winter example, the depression near the house marks the septic tank cleanout which in this case was close to the surface.

Here is a closer look at snow melt indicating the tank location.

And here is a similar clue at melted depressions in snow cover which locate the septic leach field lines at the same property.

If you want to be really clever, click on this photo of the yard and end of the house to enlarge it and notice the window to the left of the chimney, and the round silver perforated "thing" to the left of and below that window? That's the plumbing waste line vent. We knew where the main waste line exited the house without needing to go inside to look! The tank was likely to be in line with that vent which itself is likely to be just above the main waste line exit pipe.

Here are Visual Clues at that can Locate Septic System Components at a Homesite

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Also see FIND the SEPTIC TANK, HOW TO for an article showing excavation and other methods to find the septic tank at a property. This article tells us how to locate a septic tank when it's placement is not already known or when the location of the septic tank is not visually obvious.

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