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Photo Gallery of 1980's Era Flooring ID Requests

  • ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE ID REQUESTS 1980's or LATER - CONTENTS: photographs of 1980's floor tiles or sheet flooring for identification & decision on possible asbestos content. Readers are welcome to submit photographs of their 1980's era (or unknown-age) floor tiles for help in identification but we ask that you first check the online flooring ID guides that we have provided in this article series.
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Photo ID guide to reader-submitted 1980's Asbestos-Containing floor tiles:

This article provides photographs of 1980's floor tiles & flooring identification requests to help identify flooring that contains asbestos.

This article series includes a photo-gallery of pictures of floor coverings submitted for identification along with comments on findings, recommendations, & asbestos content. Readers can use the page top or bottom CONTACT link to ubmit photos of flooring to get help in identifying floor tiles or sheet flooring that might contain asbestos.

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1980's Floor Tile or Sheet Flooring Identification Requests

This article contains flooring identification requests for floor tiles or sheet flooring believed to date from the 1980's. For a 1980's vintage asbestos-containing floor tile photo guide and for a guide to non-asbestos flooring from the later 1980's, please also see these articles:

or see our complete list of flooring identification photo guides

Question: does this early 1980's Peel-and-Stick Floor Tile have an Asbestos Risk?

Peel and stick floor beneath sheet flooring from early 1980's (C) InspectApedia.comWe are renovating our basement when we ran into these peel and stick tiles. The home was built in the early 70's, but the basement looks like was finished in the 80s.

[Click to enlarge any image]

We tried to peel up a tile to see if we could get a manufacturer, but we're unsuccessful as the tile kept breaking up. There are no spare tiles either. The floor tiles were glued to the cement floor in the basement with a clear glue. In some areas, water had decayed the tile and it has turned to a white chalk and crumbles. I searched thru the library but did not find anything close to what we have.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. - R.R. 1/14/2014


While asbestos-containing flooring production in the U.S. pretty much ended in the early 1980's, I have indeed had reports of asbestos-containing floor tiles or sheet flooring installed a few years after that time, probably by installers using new old-stock flooring materials. Therefore for the flooring in your photo above, and even assuming it was installed in the 1980's, it is not safe to assume the floor is asbestos free.

Given the appearance of the flooring you describe, it would be prudent to treat it as presumed to contain asbestos. The article ASBESTOS FLOORING REMOVAL GUIDE should help.

If you are unable to leave the material in place and just install flooring over it - that is if it must be removed, you'll want to follow the expert suggestions for avoiding creating a dusty mess. If that means hiring someone and facing a big cost, it might be worth the cost of sending a sample to a certified asbestos test lab. (Typically that costs about $50. U.S.)

Watch out: depending on its age, the sheet flooring installed atop the peel-and-stick floor tiles in your photo could also contain asbestos in its backer/liner. Also I see a black surface beneath the peel-and-stick floor. What's that? Some older felt papers contained asbestos as did some black floor tile mastics.

Question: does this floor tile installed sometime between 1965 and 1988 contain asbestos?

Asbestos suspect floor tile (C) InspectApedia R.R.27 June 2015 RR wrote:
Hello, I was on your website for sometime trying to match a picture of tile I found under my basement carpet with any picture provided on your site. I was unable to find a matching picture in any of the guides from 1965 to 1988.

Would you please take a look at the enclosed photo and let me know if this tile may have asbestos. We are deciding if we should rip out the tiles before new carpet or just cover them.

[Click to enlarge any image]

Thank you, R.R. 27 June 2015

I have not seen this specific tile pattern either. If you like I'll post it for comment - you'd remain anonymous unless you ask to have contact information included.

If you know the year of installation that'd be helpful.

Reader follow-up:
... it is of no surprise that this is an unknown pattern. We have no idea when this was put down or from where.

Yes, please post it for comment. I need it gone & need to know which method I need to use.


It would be prudent to treat the tile as PACM - presumed asbestos containing material. If you face significant demolition costs - for example if you cannot remove the tile without creating dust and mess, then it would be worth having a sample tested for asbestos. The cost is typically about $50. U.S.


If you test the tile let us know the result as that will assist other readers who may have this same pattern installed.

Also see this similar Armstrong Polished Marble vinyl asbestos tile photo found at 1960-1969 ARMSTRONG EXCELON FLOOR TILE GUIDE: VINYL PLASTIC ASBESTOS

Question: do these self-stick Emerald Brand vinyl floor tiles contain asbestos?

Possible asbestos containing self adhesive Emerald Vinyl Floor Tiles (C)

Can you tell if this tile has Asbestos - I also have photos of the box.

Reply: Trademark Supplies floor tiles - modern version should not contain asbestos

Emerald vinyl floor tile box markings (C)

Possibly yes; some self-adhesive floor tiles contained asbestos in the tile backer.

But without matching the floor tile to a known-asbestos-containing photo index one cannot say for sure without performing a lab test for asbestos content.

Often such testing is unnecessary or even inappropriate, depending on the age, location, and condition of the flooring.

Trademark Supplies self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles in 2013 The Emerald vinyl "stick-on" floor tiles in your photograph are produced by Trademark Supplies - a company that seems to exist only on and at

These tiles (see the red marked tile center row left end) are currently available from and are identified as 12X12 Vinyl Stick-On Tiles With Four Emerald Diamonds Self Adhesive Flooring RT4022

At least in that version it would be a surprise if a current for-sale floor product contained asbestos.

Can you

Details about identifying older installations of sheet flooring or sheet-forms of resilient flooring that may contain asbestos are now found

Reader Question: do these inset pattern floor tiles contain asbestos?

Asbestos suspect floor tiles being broken up (C) InspectApedia JS

We were hoping you could take a look at this image fo determine if it contains asbestos? The house was built around 1970, but we arent sure if this is the original tile. Thank you, J.S. 2/11/2014


H.S., no one can say for sure what a material contains from just a photo, but the image indeed looks like a 1960's vintage asphalt or vinyl asbestos floor installation, possibly a Kentile floor as those used many pattern inserts.

Watch out: It looks as if the breakup is making a dusty mess - something to be avoided in any case. Stirring up dust from an aggressive asbestos-suspect floor removal creates a health hazard for workers and for building occupants. I would stop working in the manner shown in the photo. I cut off the worker's head in this photo, not as a punishment but for privacy. But in addition to breaking up this flooring in a dusty manner we see no dust containment methods, and no personal protection gear.

Identify this Bahamas-installed flooring as asbestos-containing?

Vinyl asbestos floorin in the Bahamas (C) InspectAPedia RH

I am disabled and living in the Bahamas. The house I am renting has old Vinyl floor tiles. If I may have just a few questions about the tile floor and asbestos.

Please can you advise me -

(i) whether the tiles in the attached photos are Armstrong Asbestos tiles?
(ii) where can I get the tiles tested this week to see if they have asbestos?
(iii) can they be properly sealed with ceramic tile over the top as I understand safe asbestos removal will be very expensive and my landlord will likely not pay for that. (this is the Bahamas...!)
(iv) Lastly, how much do you charge low income individuals for a house inspection...?

I would be extremely grateful if you can get back to me quickly as I need to decide if I am staying or leaving.

with warm regards and thanks, R.H. 11/4/13


Some of the photos look like some of my Armstrong tile photos - the latter ones, darker and blurry are more uncertain - they look a bit like Kentiles.

ASBESTOS TESTING LAB LIST (in the More Reading linnks below) has help in finding a certified lab.

Reader follow-up:

We are getting the samples sent to the lab by courier for testing today.

If they are the Armstrong or Kentiles are those ASBESTOS tiles?

And lastly as they are cracking and curling up at the edges in several places on the floor does that mean I must address this? Sometimes I smell a chlorine type smell and have a very dry throat. My friend who is visiting has been coughing too.


Sorry I was not more clear;

If these floor tiles date from before the early 1980's (or older) they probably contain asbestos.

Reader Question: is this flooring 51202 Caliqua by Armstrong® ?

Asbestos containing flooring in Caligula / Tragan Armstrong-Like pattern (C) InspectApedia DF JS Asbestos containing flooring in Caligula / Tragan Armstrong-Like pattern (C) InspectApedia DF JS

Hello, is the attached vinyl tile the 51202 Caliqua (embossed or embossed veining) or the 51203 Trajan embossed? Thanks. - J.S. 10/22/2014

[Photo at above left]

Reply: Probably Excelon Polished Marble floor tiles - see Peruvian Beige #54192

I don't think so, J.S., though your flooring is very similar and is a pattern I've seen before. I'm posting it here pending a certain name identification. For comparison of three similar flooring patterns see

At the right of your photo above I include a very similar photo of this flooring provided by another reader.

The three example floors I cite are described across a wide number of years of Armstrong flooring products and are cited here from

1973 - ARMSTRONG EXCELON VINYL ASBESTOS FLOOR TILES Complete Pattern & Color Guide, 9x9 & 12x12-inch

What to Do About Unidentified Flooring that May Contain Asbestos

If you are facing a costly demolition then it would make sense to confirm asbestos content using a certified asbesto test lab - ASBESTOS TESTING LAB LIST

Else it makes sense to treat the material as "Presumed Asbestos Containing Material" or "PACM" flooring based on its age and appearance.

Reader Question: How can I Submit a Floor Tile Photo for Identification

(Apr 3, 2014) Anonymous said:

How can I submit a photo of a tile to see if it might contain asbestos?


Sure, Anon, just use the email found at our CONTACT link seen at the top or bottom of any page - but it may not be necessary.

If you've got vinyl or asphalt floor tiles installed before the early 1980's it would make sense to treat them as presumed to contain asbestos (PACM or "Presumed Asbestos Containing Material") - and to avoid making a dusty demolition, sawing, grinding mess.


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