Bosch gas cooktop installed (C) Daniel Friedman How to Install a Gas Cooktop Into a Countertop

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Gas cooktop installation guide:

How to install a gas cooktop into a kitchen countertop. This article describes the steps in cooktop installation and includes warnings from the real world of "what can go wrong" and what to do about it. Page top photo: a Bosch gas cooktop with installation nearly complete; a temporary wood block wedged between cooktop and the wall backsplash is holding the cooktop in precisely-aligned position for final securing and sealing.

This article series explains the steps in installing & testing gas appliances and includes a detailed procedure for converting from LP gas or "bottled gas" to natural gas or "piped in gas" at a building.

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How to Install a Gas Cooktop into the Countertop & Connect Gas Piping & Electrical Power

Bosch gas cooktop ready for installation into a countertop (C) Daniel FriedmanArticle Series Contents

Watch out: Most manufacturers require that installation and fuel conversions shall be performed by a trained and qualified service technician and local building regulations may require gas appliance installation by a licensed professional.

The appliance installation technician should be sure to correctly identify the model number of your gas appliance so that s/he can follow the correct details of the manufacturer's instructions.

Shown above: our converted (to LP) Bosch gas cooktop ready for installation into the countertop.

Steps in the Installation of a Gas Cooktop or Stove-Top into a Kitchen Counter

Bosch gas cooktop ready for installation into a countertop (C) Daniel FriedmanWatch out: If your gas cooktop came from the factory set-up for natural gas and your fuel source is propane (or vice versa) you should complete all of the gas conversion steps before proceeding to install the cooktop into the countertop.

See GAS APPLIANCE CONVERT LP-NATURAL GAS if you need to make this changeover.

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But before going through the natural gas to LP gas conversion procedure you might want to perform a quick test fit and make necessary measurements to be sure that your cooktop will indeed fit since if you bought a cooktop that cannot fit into your installation location, trying to return it after you've fooled around with converting its components between fuels may make exchange difficult.

Once a gas cooktop has been converted to the proper fuel, the remaining installation steps will involve at least the following steps that we list immediately below and that we illustrate in detail

  1. Collect the tools, supplies, parts, instructions you will need and check the new gas appliance and its packaging to be sure that you have all of the necessary components.
    Double check that the new gas appliance has been properly set-up for the type of gas fuel to be used. Our photo above shows the red sticker indicating that this gas cooktop has been converted for use with propane or LP gas.

    Watch out: never connect an appliance set up for natural gas to an LP gas supply or vice versa. The appliance will not work properly and it will be unsafe.
  2. Turn off the gas supply to the appliance.
  3. Remove old appliance: If an old gas cooktop is installed, remove it.
  4. Measure the countertop opening & clearance space to be sure that the new gas cooktop will fit.
  5. Clean and prepare the countertop surface & the appliance enclosure
  6. Test that the new cooktop fits into the countertop - if you don't do this, including checking for gas piping and electrical wiring clearances before hooking things up you'll be sorry.
  7. Adjust or remove any gas cooktop clearance obstructions in the countertop opening if needed
  8. Connect the cooktop's electrical power supply
  9. Connect gas regulator & gas supply piping to the cooktop
  10. Check for gas leaks then turn gas supply back off (so if you break something during the rest of installation you may live to tell about it)
  11. Gaskets: Install any manufacturer-specified (and usually provided) gaskets or seals between cooktop and countertop surface
  12. Turn gas supply back on.
  13. Test again for gas leaks
  14. Install the gas cooktop burner caps and grille
  15. Turn on burners and check gas flame quality and also gas burner igniter function.
  16. Set final cooktop exact final position and seal or secure of the cooktop in place on the countertop
  17. Read the manufacturer's care instructions for your cooktop and store the installation instructions, care instructions, and warranty where you might find them someday.
  18. Cook something to celebrate - OK so we don't actually illustrate this step.

Tools Needed for Installation of a Gas Cooktop & for Gas Orifice Spud Conversion Between Natural Gas & LP / Propane

Tools & supplies needed for converting a gas appliance fuel from natural gas to propane or propane to natural gas (C) Daniel Friedman

Tools listed by the manufacturer for converting between natural gas and LP gas or propane and for installing a gas cooktop or range will typically include a small-bladed screwdriver, a nut driver, and wrenches.

It's a rare installation job that goes like clockwork without encountering a surprise, as we will illustrate.

For example you may need a hammer and chisel if minor adjustments to wood obstructions intrude into the appliance opening, and you will certainly need both thread sealant designed for gas piping installation and a gas leak detector solution.

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Tools for gas cooktop fuel conversion & installation into a countertop (C) Daniel Friedman Tools for gas cooktop fuel conversion & installation into a countertop (C) Daniel Friedman

Above left are the manufacturer's instructions, slip joint pliers, a marker, a metric hex key set (more on this later), a small bladed screwdriver that fits the burner control knob air adjustment screws (more on this later), and a magnifying glass that let blind old guys read the stampings on the spuds or gas orifices.

Above right is the measuring tape you should have been using to check all measurements before ever ordering your gas cooktop, lest the cook top you ordered not fit into the countertop where it's to reside.

Tools for gas cooktop fuel conversion & installation into a countertop (C) Daniel Friedman Tools for gas cooktop fuel conversion & installation into a countertop (C) Daniel Friedman

Watch out: when measuring for a cooktop installation into an existing countertop or you may find surprises. Above left are the hammer and chisel we needed to trim a bit of plywood that was a surprise intrusion into the opening into which the cooktop had to fit (more on this later).

Above in our second photo are two adjustable wrenches needed to remove old or install new gas piping connections. Why two wrenches? One has to hold one member of a pair of fittings being screwed together while the second turns the second member tight.

Watch out: if you do not use two wrenches you may twist and damage the short nipple that extends from the bottom of the gas cooktop. You'll be sorry.

And you'll need a nut driver sized to match the spuds or orifices to be removed or installed along with a gas leak detector and thread sealant formulated for use on gas piping. As the manufacturers all insist that gas appliances should be installed only by a qualified technician (or by a licensed installer as is required by building regulations in some jurisdictions) we know you'll have all of these tools and supplies, but it's nice to have them at hand.

For example, the nut driver for modern gas appliance spuds may be a size that you didn't have, or you may have nut drivers only in inch-dimensions and you may need to buy one in metric dimensions to avoid damaging the brass orifice spud.

Tools for gas cooktop fuel conversion & installation into a countertop (C) Daniel Friedman

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