Inspecting Slate Roofs - Class on how to inspect slate roofing for condition, damage, leaks

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Slate roof inspection class, free, online: this is a classroom presentation on the inspection, diagnosis, and estimate of remaining life of slate roofs. It was made to home inspectors in New York and has been used in other states in the U.S.

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ASHI home inspection education class notes on how to inspect slate roofs

by Daniel Friedman
Hudson Valley ASHI - HVASHI Seminar - Kingston, New York
9 September 2003 class for home inspectors

This course outline reviews key considerations in evaluating slate roofing on historic or other buildings. Its presentation is intended to be accompanied by a collection of photographs and drawings. As time permits the author will place in this document links to representative samples of those illustrations.

Readers of this page should see Slate Roofs by Alan Carson and Daniel Friedman, for a detailed description of slate roof inspection procedures, slate roof materials, slate roof defects, slate and slate replacement sources.

Key Questions to ask about slate roofs

Identifying Slate Roofs

Inspecting Slate

Slate Roof Life

Quality of Slate

Slate is stone, unique to quarry where mined

Color and appearance are clues but not sure

Slate Colors (continued)

Quality of Slate

Slate Maintenance

Material Failures


Fastener Failures

Flashing Failures

Installation Patterns

Sketches of Slate Patterns

Slate Inspection Mistakes

Don't "Pass" a Worn Out Slate Roof: Criteria

Don't "Fail" or Replace a Good Slate Roof

Slate Roofing Articles


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