SKETCH of a typical aerobic treatment unit tank, aerator, chamberAerobic (ATU) Septic System Maintenance & Repair Costs

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Aerobic septic system maintenance and cleaning costs:

This article provides annual or monthly costs for typical on-site inspection and maintenance of aerobic septic system units or onsite septic system facilities (OSSFs) in the U.S. based on informal surveys of septic system maintenance companies in several U.S. states including Florida, Texas, Montana.

This ATU system article series provides designs and products for aerobic septic treatment units (ATUs) for onsite waste disposal, also called fine bubble aeration systems. We address aerobic septic system design, features, inspection, repair, and maintenance. Product sources are also listed.

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Aerobic Septic System Maintenance & Repair Costs

Most aerobic septic system owners purchase an aerobic septic system or on-site sewage facility maitnenance contract that covers routine maintenance, routine repairs, and replacement of mechanical parts such as a failed pump or control. When you talk to septic maintenance companies you should try to obtain at least three bids and you'll want to know the company's service record and experience.

Be sure that you ask for a complete list of both regular aerobic system maintenance costs and supplies as well as service charges, repair parts charges, and septic tank pumping and cleaning costs.

Reader Question: cost for aerobic septic system maintenance & repairs

(Apr 19, 2015) Gregg Edelmann said:
We are thinking of purchasing a 5-acre property with an aerobic septic system. About how much should we expect to pay for regular maintenance services? I am just looking for a ballpark to gain perspective. Thanks!


In fact in some U.S. states such as Texas, a septic system maintenance contract is rquired by the Texas Health and Safety Code 366.0515. That state also requires that the septic system manufacturer assures that their system is being properly maintained. The code requires that the on site septic facility expert (OSSF) be trained and certified, and that she/he make (at least) three site visits per year to inspect the septic system condition.

Why such a heavy hand? Expert studies that I've reviewed [DF] show that the most common reason for septic system failures and thus environmental contamination as well as perhaps in-home sewage backups is the failure to perform proper system maintenance.

Here are some typical septic system maintenance costs using several eptic system maintenance companys data as well as data from septic authorities in U.S. states [1][2]. Costs in other locations will vary. Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Contract Costs: $175 - $600 per year depending on the level of service for which you contract.

Schedule of Aerobic Septic System Maintenance & Repair Costs per Year

Level of Aerobic Maintenance Plan Services Annual Cost Included & Not Included Costs
Level 1 $175-$200 3 On-site inspections, minor maintenance, repairs & parts extra. Typical minimum extra cost for repairs: $75. + parts.
Level 2 $500 Three onsite inspections, chlorine disinfectant maintenance & supplies, enzyme treatments if a garbage disposer is in use, plus an additional charge for repairs and parts.
Septic system disinfectant costs $200-$300 If not part of your aerobic septic maintenance contract
Electricity costs for pump $10-$25 Aerating pump; possibly second pump for effluent discharge or spraying; electrical costs vary by area. Cost shown is for Montana.
Level 3 $600-$700 Three site visits, disinfectant supplies and maintenance, enzyme treatment for garbage disposer waste, parts and repairs as needed.
May or may not include the cost of septic tank pumping.


At AEROBIC ATU SEPTIC MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES we provide a table of typical maintenance costs for a Clearstream aerobic treatment unit.

At AEROBIC ATU SEPTIC FAILURE RATES, COSTS we provide aerobic septic failure rates and aerobic septic system repair costs.

  • A failed aerobic septic system aerator pump motor will cost about $500-$600. USD. to replace while a bad timer (for systems that do not run continuously) costs up to $100.
  • Note: these aerobic septic maintenance plan costs do not include the additional cost of septic tank pumping and cleaning which will also be required.
  • Septic tank treatment chemicals, restorers, de-cloggers, bacterial cultures etc. are not required and not recommended.

Reader Question: how to re-start an aerobic septic system that has been out of use

(July 31, 2015) Kenneth Nott said:
What has to be done to restart an aerobic septic system that has not been in use for five years or more? does it need to be professionally serviced ?

Reply: 6 basic steps to inspect & turn on an Aerobic Septic System that's been shut down

Kenneth in my opinion it would be smart to ask a local septic service company, one who knows aerobic systems, to inspect the one you describe, making sure that all of its components are operating properly and if necessary that the tank be pumped and cleaned.

  1. Inspect the level of settled sludge in the tank to determine if a tank pump-out is needed, or better, simply have the tank pumped and cleaned so that it can be inspected for damage.
  2. Inspect the electrical wiring of the aerator system for safety and proper operation
  3. Inspect the electrical controls for proper operation
  4. Inspect the aerator pump to see that it operates and that any filters, tubes, piping are in place, sound, and properly located
  5. Inspect the effluent treatment/disinfection system to locate its components and buy and apply the disinfectant required by your system
  6. Inspect the effluent disposal system if a spray system is used. Chances are spray heads will be overgrown or clogged or piping may have become disconnected

The risk is that you turn on the system but not all components work and that such conditions cause more costly damage to the system. Consider it a maintenance step

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