Paint failure example (C) Daniel Friedman Table of Life Expectancy of Exterior Wood Finishes, Paints, Stains

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Life expectancy of paint on building surfaces:

How long should a building paint job last? What affects the life of paint on exterior or interior surfaces of buidlings.

Here we provide a table of the typical life expectancy of paints and stains on various types of exterior wood surfaces.

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Table of Life of Exterior Wood Finishes (Paints & Stains) on Various Types of Wood Surfaces

Our page top photo of a painted sign (The Big Tomato luncheonette in Poughkeepsie, NY) shows variation in two paints differing by color and chemistry, applied at the same time to the same surface. Also see PAINT FALURE, DIAGNOSIS, CURE, PREVENTION for details of paint failure cause, diagnosis, cure and prevention.

The table provided below is courtesy of Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction by Steven Bliss, and supports our detailed article on the diagnosis and correction of building paint failures at PAINT & STAIN GUIDE, EXTERIOR.

The USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) has done extensive research on how to keep paints and stains on wood sidings and trim. In general, they recommend paint for the longest lasting finish and best protection of the underlying wood, followed by solid or semi-transparent stains. Clear finishes need the most frequent recoating and offer the least protection from water damage and UV radiation.

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Table of paint or stain life on different surfaces (C) J Wiley, Steven Bliss

How long a finish will last depends on many variables, including the quality of the finish, type and texture of wood, application conditions, and exposure. South- and west-facing walls get the most sun and are, therefore, often the first to need recoating.

-- Adapted with permission from Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction.

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