Unidentified chemical drums discovered during a home inspection might indicate an environmental site contamination hazard. Indoor Environment Test, Diagnosis, Improvement

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Building environmental hazards: this website provides consumer advice on indoor and building related environmental hazard inspection, detection, remediation. These articles explain building indoor environmental hazard inspection, detection, and remediation procedures giving advice from un-biased experts.

Example topics include explanation, testing and remedy procedures for building hazrds from: asbestos, mold, IAQ, toxic gases, fiberglass, sewage backups, bacterial hazards, lead, radon, UFFI, noise pollution, oil spills, odors & smells, ozone, other potential building indoor contaminants.

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Environmental Hazard Testing, Effects, Remedies, Prevention Articles

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The photo at page top shows steel chemical drums that we discovered on a residential property during a home inspection.

Not only did these steel drums raise a question of possible environmental contamination of this site, even worse, they were uphill and close to a stream, raising a still more broad question of area contamination.

At left is a microscope photograph of particles in a dust sample collected in a pottery studio.

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Asbestos in floor tiles (C) D Friedman Air conditioner duct contamination (C) D Friedman Fiberglass (C) D Friedman

In these articles we give inspection, testing, and cleanup as well as prevention advice for: Allergens indoor, Animal dander, Asbestos, Carpet dust, Cell Phones, Carbon Monoxide, Disinfectants, Drinking Water, EMF, Electromagnetic Fields, Electrical Hazards, Exteriors of buildings, Fragrances, Fiberglass particles and Fiberglass Insulation, Fiberglass mold contamination, Formaldehyde, Toxic Gases, Hazmat maps, Indoor Air Quality Testing & Improvement, Lead paint, lead in water, MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity, Mold inspection, testing, cleanup, prevention, MVOCs, Odors, Oil Tanks buried/above ground, Pet illness, Rodents mice urine fecals dust, Septic Systems, Sewage spills sewage contamination, Smells & Odors, odor source detection, sewage and septic odors, UFFI or Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation, Water contamination testing and correction.


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