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How to Inspect, Install, Troubleshoot & Repair Problems in Building Interiors

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Building interiors: inspect, troubleshoot, & repair:

These building interior troubleshooting articles explain how to inspect, diagnose problems in, and repair all components of building interiors: interior ceilings, floors & floor coverings, walls, trim, doors, windows, interior lighting, interior stairs and railings, hazardous materials, smells, stains on indoor surfaces, mold in buildings, building safety, noise and sound control, odors, building insulation & ventilation, building leaks, water entry and moisture control.

Information is provided about visual clues of building condition, such as evidence of a history of leaks, as well as evidence of hazardous materials and conditions such as the probable presence of animal allergens, asbestos, or mold.

We discuss how to identify and correct various building leaks, moisture, and venting problems such as ice dams, blocked attic ventilation, excessive indoor humidity, how to prevent indoor mold, and how to respond to building floods and similar emergencies. Stair and railing inspection and trip hazards are discussed.

Special types of building inspection are discussed including the inspection of mobile homes and Sears & Roebuck Kit Houses.

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Building Interiors: Defect Recognition, Repair, Prevention for Building Interiors, Insulation & Ventilation

This list of articles addresses building interior inspection and defects such as how to determine how old a building is, how to look for evidence of animal or other allergens, how to find visual clues of the presence of asbestos in buildings or of amateur and improper asbestos removal, steps to prevent basement water entry or how to correct building leaks, chimney inspections, dealing with flooded buildings, building rot, and other topics that affect the building interior.

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