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Problems with water pumps, set #3

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Well water pump repair FAQs:

This article, third in a series of well and water pump troubleshooting & repair FAQs, provides frequently-asked questions and answers about how to diagnose problems with the water pump.

These questions will help sort out what's wrong.

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Questions & Answers about Repairing Water Pumps

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These questions & answers about diagnosing and fixing problems with well pumps or water pumps were posted originally at WATER PUMP REPAIR GUIDE

On 2017-01-09 by (mod) - no water after pipes froze and burst


I suspect that the pumps pressure control switch is not correctly sensing water pressure.

This can't happen from debris clogging the small diameter pipe or tube that conducts water pressure to the switch. You might find that replacing the switch will fix the problem. Keep me posted

On 2017-01-08 by Justinsayne

so we had a freeze and I had a piece of pipe that burst. After I replaced the piece of pipe my well pump is now acting weird. once I run the water to where there is no pressure, the well pump does not kick back on automatically as it always has.

I now have to go outside and switch it on manually, then once the pressure is full again, it shuts on and off about 10 times quickly before it turns off for good. the man who replaced the piece of pipe said it was because my filter was dirty but I put a cleaner filter in there and it is still acting weird.. HopingFor Help...

On 2017-01-08 by (mod) - signs of frozen water pipe


What about a frozen pipe somewhere between the point where the two pipes spit off and the home not receiving water.

On 2017-01-08 by JJ

Our well pump supplies 2 houses. One is getting water the other is not. It's cold but under house is not freezing temps. So not frozen pipes.

On 2017-01-06 by (mod) - possible artesian well problem

David I'm not sure what sort of well and equipment we're working with here. If your well is an artesian one, there should be a well spool or similar stopper down in the well casing to keep water below the casing top.

On 2017-01-06 by David Fernandez

My well is over flowing, I've changed pressure switches, solenoid, and pump inside tank. Once it's full up to float it kicks on but softly. I open release valve to release pressure and drain water and I think it might be flow valve attached to solenoid. Please help

On 2017-01-03 by (mod) -

Search this website for WATER PUMP WONT STOP RUNNING


For steps in how to diagnose and fix this problem with your bad well pump

On 2017-01-03 by Johnson - bad pump impeller or venturi


Typical faults food or water in the world, I wore an impeller in the pump motor, a defective Ventura at the bottom of the well piping. A clogged oil screen. Or a leak in well piping.. Search inspect

use a petrol driven water pump of 6.5HP, It has a sanction pipe of 2" and an outlet pipe of 1.5".its running under pprevious conditions but now not pumping water or sometimes takes too long to pump. What is the fault.

On 2017-01-01 by (mod) - water tank bladder stuck to itself


If your tank uses an internal bladder it may be stuck on itself and not admitting water. Sometimes briefly increasing system pressure to say 70 psi - or a pressure well below the safe pressure limits of the tank itself, can free up the bladder.


On 2017-01-01 by Danny

My well pump seems to be pulling water from the well but my pressure tank is not filling.I can hear the water running through the lines but my pump does not stop running nor does the tank fill. What could this be. Please help!

On 2016-12-31 by (mod) - new pump does not turn on at all

If the new pump does not turn on at all this sounds like a wiring or control problem. Unless you ran the new pump "dry" and burned-up the motor.

Your electrician will check the wiring to the pump for an open or short as well as checking the current draw for signs of a seized or defective motor. Those tests can be done without pulling the pump out of the well.

See the diagnostics at WATER PUMP WON'T START

On 2016-12-31 by JImmy

I need help please! I just replaced my well pump because I thought it was bad. After replacing the water started working again. I left for about an hour and when i returned no water again. Right now there is no pressure showing on the tank guage and it appears the pump is not kicking on.

Same issue as with old pump basically. After i installed the new pump the tank filled and it was reading about 45psi on the guage but now no pressure reading at all except i can take a manual reading by using a manual guage at the air valve on top of the tank. It reads 45psi. I have checked voltage and i have a full 240 volts going into and leaving the pressure switch and at the well where it's spliced at. I am lost with what is going on with it. I did try and bypass the pressure switch with the old pump to see if that might be the problem.

What i did is after pulling the pump out of the well i disconnected the supply line to the house and dropped the pump in the creek and put power to it. I could hear the pump run but it was loud and sounded like it had bad bearings or something like that going on so that's what made me think it was the pump.

I'm hoping the new pump didn't die on me in less than an hour. Id hate to have to pull the pump back out but if i have to I have to. Any help, advice etc.. that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!

On 2016-11-28 by dan

my well pump runs for five seconds and shuts off for a few minutes then runs again for five seconds etc. and eventually the water tank gets to the right pressure and it's good. I had just noticed this and found a blown capacitor and replaced it, but the pump still runs and shuts off, eventually building pressure.

I took the well pump cover off and it sounds like the pump isn't moving any water, and my pressure switch still has contact, any ideas

On 2016-11-25 by Jennifer

Ive been living here for 10 yrs never had a problem with my well except for having to change pressure switch and the past couple weeks my water pressure has been surging I thought it was just from the drought we are in right now.

But I was washing my hands tonite and the water was fine and then just stopped completely..I checked the breaker to see if it was off but it was still on and I never heard nothing at at the pump...what could this be??

On 2016-11-16 by Crysti

We are having an issue with low water pressure and complete water loss. When we turn the breaker off to the water pump and then turn the breaker back on the water will work again for a short time. Is our water pump bad?

Moderator replies - Every hour or so we hear the well pump turn on for a few seconds

Bill H. See the diagnostics and repair advice at WATER PUMP INTERMITTENT CYCLING

On 2016-11-14 by Bill H

Every hour or so we hear the well pump turn on for a few seconds when in fact there are no faucets or values turned on. What might be the cause(s) of this?

On 2016-11-11 by Brady

I looked at a house to buy today. It has a shallow well. The inlet for the jet pump is in the basement floor. It has a 1/2 hp pump. The psi for the holding tank is at 50psi when full. If i turn on the bathtub it drops to 30psi and holds there. No gain on pressure while in use. If i turn off bathtub and turn on sink after 5 mins it still only gets to 40psi unless i turn everything off. IS that normal or is something wrong?

Moderator reply


I suspect a failing control relay in the pump switch control box.

On 2016-11-03 by Linda intermittent buzzing noise at pump control

Our submersible pump control box just started making an intermittent buzzing noise that is directly correlated to the pressure ticking up in the tank....example: tank hits 30 psi, cut in happens and with each upward pressure increment, the control box buzzes for a couple of seconds.

Then cut out happens at 50 psi, no more buzzing. We have water and water pressure still. Any thoughts on what is causing the buzzing?

On 2016-10-24 22:59:48.705646 by (mod) -


Sometimes when there is a power loss a pre-existing problem becomes evident: a leaky foot valve causes loss of prime.

On 2016-10-24 by (mod) - Pump runs continuously but never gets over 30 psi

Kelly, please use the search box just above to find at WATER PUMP WONT STOP RUNNING to read how to diagnose and fix the problem you describe.

On 2016-10-24 by Kelly

Pump runs continuously but never gets over 30 psi, when turned off doesn't loose pressure

Modreator reply: - no water after power loss

Audrey, I suspect a bad check valve or foot valve in the well and lost pump prime.


On 2016-10-15 by Audrey wilson

Our power went out for about 4 hours.when it. Came back on our water didn't. normally if the power goes out we don't have to do anything.any guesses?

On 2016-09-30 by (mod) - water pump won't turn back on

Sounds as if the wiring is incorrect - if so an unsafe condition;


On 2016-09-30 by John

My pressure tank died on me about 2 days ago got the new one installed with a new gauge and a new pressure switch since the old ones were worn out but now my water pump won't turn back on any ideas what it could be?

On 2016-09-29 by (mod) - hose popped off, now no water

It sounds as if the hose popping off was perhaps downstream or between the pump and the rest of your well piping; if the pump was relying on a check valve at the pump then when the hose popped off you may have lost prime in the well. Search InspectApedia for WATER PUMP PRIMING PROCEDUREto see solutions.

On 2016-09-29 by DI

well pump was working fine then last night a hose popped off so i shut the pump off....reconnected it this morning and pump runs but won't prime...

On 2016-09-03 by (mod) - water is constantly shutting off during showers

Kelly please search InspectApedia for WATER PRESSURE COMES AND GOES to find WATER PRESSURE INTERMITTENT LOSSand then read details of how to diagnose and fix this trouble; I suspect your well is about out of water but the problem could be something else.

On 2016-08-31 y Kelly

My water is coming constantly shutting off during showers, laundry, dishes, etc. it will come back on. Usually you can use water for about three minutes then it shuts off and comes back on within five minutes. Any idea what could be wrong?

On 2016-08-25 by Scotty hart

My water runs good if I got two different faucets running at the same time but if I turn one of them off i lose all water for a min then it starts again

On 2016-08-24 by (mod) - will the water pump break if it is constantly turned on and off

Short on-off cycling ultimately is likely to damage the pressure control switch or the pump itself.

See WATER PUMP SHORT CYCLING - home to diagnose and fix this trouble.

On 2016-08-22 by Anonymous

will the water pump broke? if it is constantly turned on and off

On 2016-08-15 by (mod) - having to bang on the pump to restart it

Thanks for the note, Bob. In addition to debris clogs right at the bottom of the pressure switch (that's a rather tiny opening easily blocked), the small-diameter tube or mounting pipe that conducts water pressure to the switch bottom can also clog. If your switch misbehaves again I'd check that second component.


On 2016-08-15 by Bob F

Many thanks for the information provided here. I had asked a question about having to bang on the pump to restart it periodically. Although tapping on the pressure switch itself didn't have any effect, (I had to tap the pump body), I replaced the switch anyway.

That did the trick so I assume something in the switch was clogged somehow.
Thanks again.

On 2016-08-09 by (mod) - well water just stopped running.

MIsty from just your brief note I don't know if the problem is no power to a pump, lost water in the well, pipe leak, bad pump control switch or what.

Search for NO WATER PRESSUREto see a couple of articles giving step-by-step diagnostic suggestions of what you should look for.

On 2016-08-09 by Misty

My well water just stopped running. I went to the well and everything was covered up with dirt and limbs and other stuff I turned on the spout at the well and nothing.

On 2016-08-04 by (mod) -


Usually the foot valve at the end of well piping will be kept well clear of sediment or mud at the well bottom - 1-3 feet or even a bit more; YOu might check with your well contractor to see if they provide well cleaning service to remove accumulated mud at the bottom of the well bore. Unlike your "him" person, I think you do know what you're talking about.

On 2016-08-04 by (mod) -


Your well could be running out of water and a pump protection switch is shutting off the pump; or the pump is overheating and shutting off on thermal overload.

On 2016-08-04 by Janice

putting in new well pump had to pull pipe to put on a new foot. the pipe is about 35 feet long and it looks like the last 10 ten feet is in the mud, real dark in color. I told him that the pipe is to long and he say I don't no what Im talking about.

On 2016-08-02 1 by Carl

I take a shower for about ten minutes and then water shuts off five minutes later it comes back seem to have plenty of pressure in holding take what would cause this?

On 2016-08-01 (mod) - water pump was submerged by area flooding

If flooding submerged a water pump or any electrical motor chances are it was damaged and is failing now. It or its controls may also be unsafe.

Typically an above-ground jet pump and its controls that were under water during flooding like the flooding of Houston in 2017 will need to be replaced. The cost of disassembling, cleaning, and re-building those parts is usually prohibitive and is an alternative I'd try only if there were no replacement parts available.

Watch out: the water in an area well that has been submerged by flooding such as the Houston 2017 floods is almost certainly unsanitary and should not be used.


On 2016-08-01 by Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback. It hasn't stuck again since but I will take your advice next time it happens. I had replaced the pressure gauge about a year ago after it had rusted from being submersed flood waters but the switch didn't seem visibly damaged.
Will let you know.

On 2016-07-31 by (mod) - well pump frequently stops working

Could be a failing bearing or sticking impeller, but it could also be a debris-clogged pressure switch; more likely the switch; try tapping the switch itself and let me know what happens.

On 2016-07-31 by Bob F

My (above ground) well pump frequently stops working. I don't hear a hum that would indicate that the motor is straining to turn the impeller. However, I can "fix" it by tapping on the pump body with a hammer and making it "unstuck".
This used to happen a few times per year but now it's every 1 or 2 days.
Our water has very high iron content, btw, so wondering if this is a sediment or lubrication issue.

On 2016-07-28 by (mod) - left hose on, now no water


You may have exhausted the well. Turn off all water, turn off the pump (never run a pump dry as it may be damaged)

Wait an hour - try again; sometimes depending on well recovery rate you may need to wait more hours.

On 2016-07-28 by Jessica Ramirez

I left the hose outside running to water a tree. When I went to turn it off 15 minutes later there was no water coming out and there was no water anywhere.

My husband replaced the pressure gauge on the tank but it is still not working. There are no obvious leaks and the electricity to the well seems like it is working. I don't know what to try next.

On 2016-07-24 by (mod) - pump won't keep running

I'd check for low voltage to the pump or an overheating pump motor first.

Next, if the water flow slows or stops before the pump shuts off then the well is running dry.

On 2016-07-24 by Shawn

Just moved into a cabin the well hasn't been running for quite some time. I hooked it up to the generator and it runs for about 10 gallons and shuts off for about 3 minutes and starts back up again why does it shut off?

On 2016-07-11 by (mod) - can't get water into the tank

Possibly the bladder is stuck on itself?

On 2016-07-11 by Lou paffel

I can't get water into new pressure tank only.through hose connection

On 2016-06-23 by (mod) - pump slow to send water into tank

Anon it sounds as if the water usage rate is close to the pump's output rate, so it can't get "ahead" to get water into the tank, or perhaps also your pressure tank is waterlogged or the bladder is stuck to itself and not opening.

On 2016-06-23 by Anonymous

sorry I should have added more info. the whole system is new, there are no leaks when it finally settles down it pumps up and cuts off ok and holds the water pressure, its as if its pumping the pressure up in the lines faster than its putting it in the tank

I have a 1 1/2 hp submersible pump, it is 150' deep, it is set on 30-50 psi. the problem is when the pump cycles on it go to 50lbs as soon as it comes on cuts off then drops to cut in pressure comes back on and does the same thing, my tank is a 17 gal tank, my pump line is 1 1/4 reduced to 3/4 at the tank, my pump is rated at 33 gpm what can I do

On 2016-06-22 (mod) - tube to pressure control switch has green fluid in it?

Sounds iffy Wayne. Typically there is a tube connecting the sensor port on the bottom of the pressure control switch to a connection on the water pump through which water pressure can be conveyed to the switch. Should normally be water in the tube. Unless it's some sort of pressure switch I've never seen. After all you don't want oil in your drinking water.

Use the page bottom or top CONTACT link to send me some sharp photos if you like.

On 2016-06-22 by Wayne

Sorry to say me again (LOL) ... There is a clear tube that hooks from the pressure switch and the top of the pump tube that has some kind of light greenish fluid in it, feels like some kind of oil would you by chance know what I can use?

Thank You Yet Again ... Maybe I will get my head together and ask the questions all together, I do believe this will be the last question unless something happens during the reinstalling of new pump.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is truly the best helper site second to none and I have tried many, if ever someone ever asks where to go for great information concerning wells YOU will get all my referrals which could be many seeing we live in the country and well all try to do our own work due to the cost constraints. Once again THANKS !

On 2016-06-22 by (mod) -

Thanks so much for the nice note, Wayne. Indeed we work hard to produce accurate useful information so I'm especially thrilled when you find our website helpful. Your questions also help me see where we need to do more work.

About the piping change, Sure that's a fine idea to replace glued-up white PVC with black ABS; you'll have fewer joints and you'll be using a less fragile material. Don't forget to shock the well when you've finished doing other work. That pipe is not exactly kept in sanitary shrink-wrap enroute into the well.

Search InspectApedia for WELL SHOCKING PROCEDURE to see details about how to do it right.

On 2016-06-21 by Wayne

I just wish to Thank You one more time for all your help, its nice to know that there are still individuals out there that like helping others. I have one more question, once I got my pump up the water line that was attached to it was white PVC pipe (10 foot sections glued together).

I was wondering if its okay to swap that to the black water pipe (HEAVY DUTY=THICK) that comes it a one piece spool. Looks like I will be going with the 220 volt pump. THANK YOU !!!

On 2016-06-21 by (mod) - efficiency of a 220V well pump

The 220V pump is often a more efficient installation (though not all EE's agree with that point).


On 2016-06-21 4 by Wayne

Thank You for your getting back to me so quickly!!! I got the pump out and am going to replace it, was just wondering what difference there would be between using a 110V VS 220V Pump. This is now being used strictly for yard upkeep got the house hooked to city water . Approx. 80 deep, had a 220V installed right now and was wondering if there is an advantage or disadvantage converting to a 110V. THANK YOU AGAIN !!!

On 2016-06-21 by (mod) - pump not sending up water

Check for:
- a leak in well piping
- debris-clogging at the pump inlet
- a damaged pump impeller
- a jammed check valve anywhere in the system

Keep me posted

On 2016-06-21 by Wayne

We have a submersible well and when I opened it for spring it ran great, several days ago I let it run for about 5 hours to water lawn. Was pumping water just fine with great pressure, I shut it off for the day and came back out next morning and it would not pump any water

. It sounds like the pump is running just not pumping any water. I am in the process of pulling the pump up and was just wondering if you have any suggestions for what I should be looking for as a problem. Thank You In Advance!!!

On 2016-06-21 by (mod) - leaks at junction of pump motor shaft and pump impeller

Sounds like a worn out pump shaft bushing or bearing. Typically you'd replace the pump or have it re-built.

On 2016-06-21 by Ericswa

1/2HP 60Mz well pump leaking at junction of motor shaft and pump assembly. What could cause this? Can I make repairs or call an expert?

On 2016-06-10 by (mod) - 7000 GPH water pump

Thanks J for the follow-up; that'll help other readers.

When you can do so, let the pump pump up to it's cut-off pressure, then close your valve between the pump outlet and tank inlet, and watch the system pressure (if you have a pressure gauge on the incoming line).

If you can't do that, cut off water leaving the tank (at a time when your customers won't kill you and me both) and watch the system pressure. if it drops there's likely to be a leak in the tank or in the piping or on occasion at the pump itself.

On 2016-06-10 by J

Thanks. The numbers are correct, although the lift pump only runs for a few hours a day to refill the reservoir. We are a (small) water supplier. We dug out our old data logs from years past and graphed it and we can now clearly see that the same trend happens every year during the warm months so it must be the static level of the well fluctuating.

Out of curiosity, what other signs might you see in the case of a leak in the well casing? Thanks again. J

On 2016-06-09 by (mod) -

Really, 7000 GPH on a water well? That's a huge amount of water usage - as in an industrial application or commercial irrigation.

Typically there are two causes, both of which you have already guessed. A third would be a leak in well piping that you've not noticed, either in the well or anywhere in the piping's route.

On 2016-06-09 by J

Hi, Our well lift pump has historically pumped over 7000 gallons per hour of work. Over the last several months it has been slowly trending downwards to where it is now pumping 6500 gallons of water per hour of work.

Everything else about our water supply seems to be in good working order and we haven't spotted any other weird trends in our data. Our theories are

(1) the static level in the well is lower (it's hot...more water being used) and the pump is having to work harder to lift water from a lower point, or

(2) the pump is gonna need replacing soon (it's been in use for many years now). Anything else it could be that we're not thinking of?

On 2016-05-30 by (mod) - well flow rate falls off


It's possible that the well in-flow rate is falling behind the pump and the pump runs dry, overheats, and trips the breaker; or the pump motor or bearings may be failing; a well plumbing or pump expert will probably check the current draw in amps as a step in diagnosing the pump (presuming it's in the well - a submersible).

On 2016-05-28 by Benji

On hot days like today (90s), when using the hose or sprinkler, the pumps trips the circuit. I have to hit the reset a few times, but it eventually takes. I assume either the circuit has gone bad or the pump is overheating., The pump is only a few years old, though. I don't know if the problem corresponds to the installation of the new pump or not. It only seems to happen in the summer. What can I do to fix it?

On 2016-05-08 by (mod) - turn off pump that is humming and hot

Fred Murray:

If you have not already done so, turn the pump off right away and Leave the pump OFF lest you burn up the motor and start a fire.

The humming suggests a seized pump impeller or motor that needs repair or replacement. There may be an underlying problem too such as lack of water in the well or a waterlogged pressure tank.

On 2016-05-08 by (mod) - check pump current draw

Bob, if you can do so without being killed by electric shock, check the current draw of the pump. If power is being delivered to the pump motor and it's not spinning, the impeller or motor could be seized; or the wires to the pump could be broken or shorted; if the pump is in the well you can't necessarily tell if it's running or not without electrical testing.

On 2016-05-08 by Bob

I just posted a question if any body has an idea as to why my water pump just quit and I replaced the pressure switch and guage and still nothing it is getting power and the pressure tank is empty so if anybody has any idea as to what the problem is I would really appreciate any ideas as to the problem thanks

On 2016-05-08 by Anonymous

my water well stopped pumping it was running fine then just quit so I replaced the pressure switch and guage and it seems something else is wrong

On 2016-05-07 by Fred Murray

My pump makes a humming sound but won't come on

On 2016-05-05 by Anonymous

Look fir air in the water system or a failing pump bearing or impeller

On 2016-05-04 by Jen

We have a private well, the pump was replaced outside at least 8 years ago, recently it is very loud oustide at the pump when it is pulling water. Should I be concerned. Just never noticed the noise that much before.

On 2016-05-03 by Gina

I just had my 20 year old well pump replaced ( a week ago) There was a hole in the connection and instead of fixing parts and putting the old pump back down ( 360 ft well) I chose to have the pump replaced with a new one. The old one was a 12 gpm and the new one is 10 as it was what he had in stock.

The pressure has been less since the new pump was installed and then yesterday after doing my usual watering routine and filling my pond, which has never been an issue, we ran out of water.

Before if I ever noticed the well getting low I would just stop what I was doing and in half hour things were good to go again. Not this time, all night the pressure was low and if you tried to use any water at all we ran out. This am I tried filing up a horses water bucket, and turned on the dishwasher and ran out again.

Pretty frustrating when the old pump went for 20 years with no issues at all. I have contacted the company who installed the new pump and he's coming to take a look but thought I would ask on here if anything comes to mind.

On 2016-04-27 by cynthia

Our well pump is getting hot causing the breaker to flipp what could be making it do this????

On 2016-03-24 by (mod) -

If the pump will not run and there is power to the pressure control switch (and if your pump is not also using a separate larger pump relay control that is itself switched on by the pressure switch), then I suspect a failed pump motor or damaged or disconnected pump wiring to the pump.

On 2016-03-23 by Anonymous

My well shut off. It's showing to have power every where. We replacedo everything. Still nothing! Any ideas?

On 2016-02-22 by (mod) - avoid shotgunning wild well pump parts replacement.

I agree about wishing to avoid shotgunning wild parts replacement.
Take a look at the contact points on the pressure switch - turn power off for safe inspection. If they're burnt, or if with power on you see bright arcing when the switch is trying to close that may be the problem.
Take a look at the pressure gauge; if the pressure is at or below the system cut-in pressure then the switch should close cleanly and turn on the pump.

Also check that there are no loose wire connections.
A more sophisticated check by a trained service tech may include monitoring the current draw in amps as the motor starts; one looks for high current draw that may suggest the problem is not the switch but the motor itself (e.g. a binding bearing).
With all other inspection points being normal, I'd try replacing the switch.

On 2016-02-22 by Kert V

My pressure switch contacts vibrate, but the switch will not turn on the motor to activate the pump. This happens five or six times before the switch finally engages the motor and the tank re-pressurizes. What is causing the switch/motor to misbehave? I hate to start randomly replacing things that might be okay.

On 2016-02-20 by (mod) -

try slightly closing a valve that will restrict water flow. If the sound stops the issue may be vibration in pipiong due to water velocity. But more likely it's a failing pump bearing.

On 2016-02-20 by LYN

My 3/4 HP Shallow well pump has recently started making a screaching, whining sound everytime the water is turned on. Water pressure is fine. Comes on and turns off properly. Just noisy

On 2016-02-13 by (mod) -

Maria this article should take you through some diagnostic steps

On 2016-02-13 by Maria Hall

Recently bought land with about a at most 10 year old well.... had a generator hooked up when looking at land and it worked.... bought land and now it doesn't work right...not losing power at all but when electricity turns on now.... nothing... does it need primed? New pressure switch and still nothing... need some idea please...

On 2016-02-07 by (mod) -

Possibly the impeller or bearings were damaged. If the motor cam be removed from the pump mechanism fo so . See if the binding is in the impeller or the motor.

Watch out for fatal electrical shock hazards

On 2016-02-07 by Scienrock

Hi everyone i just bought a new water booster pump. I tried placing it myself and i know this may sound dumb but First time i placed the check valve on the outlet and in the opposite direction. Tried to run the pump and the pressure gauge went up but water didn't run. I did some troubleshooting and corrected the placement of the check valve.

But ever since when i try to run the pump, the motor just hums and overheats very quickly. The fan behind the motor only runs when i turn it with a screw driver. It runs very slowly and eventually stops. I hope I didn't kill the motor completely coz it did cost an arm and a leg. Ur help will be greatly appreciated

My pump is a brisan turbo booster with a pressure tank attached to it. It has no electric controls such as the reset button. Thanks

On 2016-02-02 by TammyB

troubleshoot our home well waterpump. We had a plumber redo the lines and verify that we had a water source. .bought a new pump and the problem still remains of the pump running a little while, getting hot and turning off.

With the old pump we could let it cool off and then spin the wheel on the motor and it would restart. The new one wont even restart. HELP! Any and all suggestions welcomed

On 2016-01-21 by (mod) -


search for SNIFTER VALVE - as that could be the issue- also read about air volume controls.

On 2016-01-21 by (mod) -

More likely the switch is not sensing any water pressure- it may be clogged. Check the pressure gauge.

On 2016-01-21 by Logan

Pump is not coming on checked points and it has 240 volts coming in and going out but when you open the points it's not sparking? Could it be the points or is it the pump

On 2016-01-20 by Kris

Well is making a loud noise like an air leak. Happens sometimes but eventually stops extra loud this time

On 2016-01-16 by (mod) -


Search for PRIME THE WELL PUMP to see how to get your pump going.

On 2016-01-14 by jrcordero

I am having trouble getting the water from my well into the pump itself....there's water in the well....i purchased a new pump....and replaced all the piping. Need help understanding why its not suctioning. Thanks.

On 2016-01-05 17:04:33.689829 by (mod) -

It sounds as if there is a leak in your well piping

On 2016-01-05 by mogly

my well is pumping water up normally, but ALSO pumping water outside of the line and it fills the black plastic out pipe that the well line feed through.

On 2015-12-13 by Anonymous

Check for a replaceable gasket or pump seal. Check for leaks at the shafts bearing.

On 2015-12-08 by Steady

My well pump is leaking from the bottom of the casing but pump is working fine


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