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List of Plumbing Sounds & Their Causes

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Checklist to diagnose causes of plumbing noises sorted by type of sound:

We describe plumbing system & equipment noises alphabetically ordered from banging to whistling.

Use this list to track down the sources of plumbing system noises by starting with the kind of sound you hear.

This article series provides a plumbing noise diagnosis checklist useful for plumbing system noise control, starting with a list of sources of plumbing system noises in buildings: water supply piping noise, drain pipe noise, plumbing fixture noises, water main pipe noise, well pump and piping noises, and water heater noises.

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Checklist of Plumbing System Sounds in Buildings

Photograph of a house with missing plumbing vents

Note: separately at PLUMBING SYSTEM NOISE DIAGNOSIS & CURE you will find a complete catalog of sources of noises in buildings that are traced to plumbing systems and equipment: controls, drain or supply pipes, faucets, fixtures, switches, and equipment such as sump pumps, septic pumps or water pumps.

Watch out: to avoid damage or in rare cases unsafe conditions, some of these sounds require prompt action, such as a water pump that won't shut off.

Turn off such equipment right away. Urgent action is also needed to stop building flooding of sewage backup or to shut down other equipment that may be unsafe.

These noise groups are ordered alphabetically. Also use your browser's FIND function (Ctrl-F or CMD-F) to search for your own noise keywords in this article.

Banging, Clanging, Hammering Plumbing Noises

Buzzing or Vibration Noises in Pipes

Clanking & Rumbling Noises at the Water Heater

Clicking Snapping Noises in Plumbing Systems

Clunk or Thunk sounds in Plumbing Systems

Crashing Whooshing Noises at Toilets

Dripping Sounds from Plumbing 

Gurgling Plumbing System Noises

Photograph of a plumbing vent blocked by a visiting frog

Hissing, Whistling, Whining Noise in Plumbing Systems

Check for water running somewhere inside or outside the building.

Check for air or water leaking out of a pressure tank, boiler, or steam boiler, steam piping, or steam radiator (normal if at the steam vent).

For other sources of hissing in buildings. See HISSING SOUNDS in BUILDINGS

Mysterious plumbing sounds

Hard-to-describe plumbing sounds may be coming from a remote point in the building but transmitted by metal piping or conduit. Try turning off equipment and then water controls, one by one when the sound is present.



Screaming Shrieking noises in plumbing


Whirring electric motor noises

Whistling Shrieking Noises in Plumbing Systems

Pump Noise Diagnosis: Clicks, Hums, Rattles, Bangs & Screams from Water & Well Pumps

Water pump noises and their discussion about finding the cause and cure have moved to their own page at WATER PUMP NOISE DIAGNOSIS

In the article series about building noises NOISE / SOUND DIAGNOSIS & CURE we discuss how to locate the source of, identify and correct various building sounds and noises indoors or on occasion, noises from outside that penetrate indoors at annoying levels.


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Or see DEVELOPMENTS in NOISE CONTROL, an NRCC document, you will find other suggestions for building noise control discussing block wall noise transmission, plumbing noises, and some general theory.

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