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Guide to Improving Well Yield

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How to get more water out of a water well:

This article describes the minimum acceptable well yield or water flow rate for a well to be functional. Next we describe how to increase the yield or flow rate of a water well using several approaches, and we define hydro-fracturing for well stimulation.

We will discuss these topics: How do We Get Enough Water From a Well with a Poor Recovery or Flow Rate? Well Stimulation Methods. Well stimulation methods & equipment: hydro-frac packers, DST packers. What is hydro-fracking or hydro fracturing & how does it increase well yield. What is the minimum acceptable well yield or flow rate?

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What is the Minimum Acceptable Well Yield or Well Flow Rate?

Some wells can produce a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute (gpm) or more. But for a single family home, 5 gpm is good, and 3 gpm is livable. In some communities the health department or building department will require at least 3 gpm (or more) to approve a new well for new construction.

These are general flow rates, but a more accurate answer to the required well yield flow rate for a specific property depends on the anticipated water quantity need for a given home, number of occupants, types of water usage, and thus the anticipated daily water usage, factored against the well yield (and possibly well recovery rate).

A risk with a well that already has a low yield is that the yield is at risk of dropping still further seasonally or permanently (common), or possibly failing entirely (less common).

Therefore in buying such a property it would be prudent to presume that you will face additional costs to provide more or better water quantity.

You might want to consult with local well drillers to get an idea about their experience in success in drilling wells in your immediate neighborhood as well as the typical well depth, yield, and cost.

See WATER USAGE TABLE for a table that will help calculate the water flow rate or daily water usage for a property.

In the worst case with a slow or low yield well people install additional water storage/holding tanks to collect water at the low rate available from a well and provide water and then deliver it at the needed rate.

If a well yield is too low, in addition to reducing unnecessary water usage (conservation), increasing the onsite storage quantity (holding tanks), making sure equipment is working properly (no leaks), and the option of drilling a new well and hoping for a better yield, there are various methods to increase well yield.

Just below we explain How to Improve Well Yield or Improve the Quantity of Water Available.

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WELL YIELD IMPROVEMENT - increasing well yield.

HOW TO DIAGNOSE LOSS OF WATER PRESSURE or flow from a well (or municipal supply)

The sketch at page top, courtesy of Carson Dunlop, outlines what happens during a well drawdown or well flow test procedure. At WATER PRESSURE LOSS DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR we outline the first steps to take if you have lost all water pressure.

We discuss well flow rate and methods for testing the well yield in detail at WELL FLOW RATE

Readers should also see WATER TANK TYPES and before assuming that a water problem is due to the well itself, see WATER PUMP REPAIR GUIDE an specific case which offers an example of diagnosis of loss of water pressure, loss of water, and analyzes the actual repair cost.

How do We Get Enough Water From a Well with a Poor Recovery or Flow Rate? Well Stimulation Methods

Before drilling a new well to get more water, some plumbers or well installers will try these things:


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