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How to identify the brand & model of water conditioners & water softeners

  • WATER SOFTENER IDENTIFICATION - CONTENTS: how to determine the manufacturer, brand, & model of a water softener or water conditioner. Knowing the water softner brand & model helps obtain installation & operation & repair instructions, water softener service, & water softener repair parts.
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Water softener / water conditioner identification: how to determine the manufacturer, brand, & model of a water softener or water conditioner. Knowing the water softner brand & model helps obtain installation & operation & repair instructions, water softener service, & water softener repair parts.

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Identifying Water Softeners or Water Conditioners

Water conditionre Aqua Maid or Crystal Quest Maybe (C) Daniel Friedman B BQuestion: Can You Help Identify Our Water Softener Brand and Get an Operating Manual so we can Set the Controls?

Attached are two photographs of our water softener. We do not know what type of softener we have or how to set it. Can you give us a clue to the manufacturer and where we could get a manual?

[Click to enlarge any image]

We are guessing what the different knobs are? We can't seem to set it to run on the timer. We set it to "in service" and the time of day, but it won't run on its own at that setting.

So we have been setting it to regenerate to get it to run manually. We would like to get it to run automatically. We need help. - B.B.

7/17/2014 Trent D'Ewart said:

Can you please help me identify what brand of water softener I have so that I can find an operators manual?


B.B., don't know this specific brand for sure but doing some research on stainless steel water conditioner brands I found that

So your unit may be a Crystal Quest or an Aqua Maid POE (Point of entry) water conditioner or water softener similar to their models CQE-WH-01127 or CQE-WH-01128 but with an older control head.


Look carefully at all sides of all of the pieces of equipment for names, numbers, identifying marks, including inside the cover of the water softener controls. If you still find absolutely nothing, a look at the water softener controls themsevles will often show a rather generic control style - as several water softener brands actually use parts made by the same manufacturer but sold under a variety of names. In that case you may be able to follow the advice on control use from any of them.

If you like, use our CONTACT link to send me photos of your equipment and we may be able to comment further.

You can also certainly call local water conditioner companies in your area - as most likely the unit you have was installed by one of them, and most of them will be happy to come to your home to check the condition of your unit and to recommend any service or cleaning or repairs needed.

The Water Conditioner Control Valve is the Key to Setting & Using a Water Softener

Water conditioner control valve (C) D Friedman B B

It is the control head or water conditioner "valve" mounted on top of the unit that controls the system's regeneration cycle and salt usage. So that part is key.

Start by looking carefully on all sides and under covers or the control head cover and back for a manufacturer or brand, or if you cannot find any such labeling, you could try contacting local water softener distributors, since your unit was most likely installed by a local supplier.

You can also try contacting the water conditioner manufacturers we list below. Since the control valve on your water softener matches photos of units at the Aqua Maid website I'd start by contacting Aqua Maid and asking for (or downloading) the installation and operation manual for their equipment.

Aqua Maid can be contacted at 3375 Hwy 98S Suite B-1 Lakeland, Fl 33803 Phone: 1-888-925-0213 Fax: 863-665-9595 aqua665@aol.com http://www.aquamaidwatersystems.com/Products/SSC.aspx

Crystal Quest 2130 Northwest Pkwy S.E. Suite - i Marietta, GA 30067 1-800-934-0051 1-770-951-5600 1-800-716-7718 1-770-953-1600 support@crystalquest.com sales@crystalquest.com http://www.crystalquest.com/watersoftener.htm

From just looking at your photo of the control valve I see that you can set

Question: how do I identify the model and brand of my water softener? Where do I get water softener operating instructions.

How to identify a water softener brand and model (C) InspectAPediaAttached is a picture (shown at left) of the control for the water softener that came with the house three years ago. I just started running the water softener after cleaning the brine tank and filling it up with salt. I left the settings as is.

The unit has a separate tank for the brine with a float inside. (tank size is 18" x 33") Unfortunately, I don't have any manual on the system and on top there is no manufacturer's name, model no.

Except there is hand written note "TT 948 56 AE". S/N 12671 Could you please help me identify the maker of this machine or how should I proceed to set it up correctly?

Reply: how to identify a water softener brand and obtain operating instructions

KD: the water softener control that is shown in your photo (above left) appears to be widely used across a variety of water softener brands and models, as you can read in the FAQ text just above.

That's because some OEM manufacturers of water softener controls and parts sell those components to a number of companies who then sell and install water softeners under their own brand.

How to identify a water softener brand and model (C) InspectAPediaFor example in Sun City Arizona and other parts of that state, the water softener you show above is widely distributed under the Pro-Tec Water Equipment brand. Depending on where you live, choose and try calling one of the water conditioner distribution & sales companies listed just below, as all of them sell water softeners using the control shown in your photograph:

Some of the water conditioner's operating instructions are printed right on the front of the control. On many models, basic water softener adjustment procedures and guidelines are printed inside of the control cover or lid. But best is to obtain the installation and operating guide book from your equipment's manufacturer.

Make a note of your water softener's model and serial number if you can find it. Your note contained some of that information; Often, as our photo illustrates, the back of the water softener control includes a sticker with water conditioner model and serial number information. That information can help assure that the manufacturer whom you contact can provide you with the most accurate water softener operating instructions.

Photo Examples of Water Softener & Water Conditioner Brands & Models

Aqua Cera Water Softeners?

Reader Question: Aqua Cera Water Softeners?

Curious if you're familiar with the brand of water "conditioner" Aqua Cera. Salt and electric free unit that uses it's media to condition, not soften, water. Water will still test hard as usual however their claim is that there will no longer be any scale build up at fixtures. They also recommend these units for people who don't like the slimy feel of softened water. Sounds fine and good but how proven is this technology? - Anon 6/14/12


Anon, we discuss these, to put it nicely, highly questionable tools, gadgets, and magic equipment in more detail at OTHER SOFTENER METHODS.

Generally, there is no independent, credible evidence whatsoever that the systems you describe actually work, and the "white papers" and other literature we've found has been prepared by the vendors themselves or their agents. If it's too good to be true, it is probably not true.

Brand-X Exchange-Tank Type Water Softeners

Below: an exchange-tank type water conditioner

Exchange tank type water softener (C) Daniel Friedman

Culligan Water Softeners & Water Conditioners

Below: a Culligan™ water softener system. Culligan equipment usually has its brand name prominently displayed on the water conditioner control head - atop the narrow resin tank in the center of our photograph below. For an example see Culligan Mark 100 Water Softener Owner's Guide, 1994-1998

Culligan water softener (C) Daniel Friedman

Fleck Water Softener Identification + Pentair Water Softener & Controls

Fleck Pentair Water Softener (C) InspectAPedia RYFleck water softeners are the product of a number of patented water softener and valve inventions and improvements by Andrew J. Fleckenstein and Lambert W. Fleckenstein (cited below). The Fleckensteins patented a number of water softener controls and featers between (at least) 1963 and 1981.

Fleck controls may appear on other water treatment equipment sold under different brands.

Currently (2015) the FleckValves.com website cited below is an independent distributor, while Fleck® is a trademark of Pentair, Inc. whose products include these brand names: Pentair, Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Kreepy Krauly, Everpure, Shurflo and Delta Environmental.

The Fleck water softener photos shown here were provided by a reader (Aug. 2015) and did not contain a brand identification label, but the US Patent numbers on the equipment confirmed the manufacturer.

Fleck Pentair Water Softener (C) InspectAPedia RY Fleck Pentair Water Softener (C) InspectAPedia RY

Reader Question: Is this an old Fleck water softener?

... trying to figure out what this is. It looks like an old fleck but there are no numbers or anything really helpful. I have a serial number but that's about it. I'm also trying to figure out the name of the part in the last picture where the hose connects to the head and where i might find a replacement. The plastic has degraded so bad that there is nothing holding the fitting in and now it leaks. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. If you need any other photos or any info to better identify let me know.

Reply: History of Fleckenstein Valves & Water Softeners

From the patent numbers most likely you are correct that this is a Fleck® Controls water softener or possibly more accurately, a water softener using valves or controls designed by Fleck Valves, as those may appear on more than one water softener brand including Fleck, Fleck ProFlo, Autotrol, and Autotrol Performa and possibly also on some Pentair water softeners. You can find parts for Fleck water softener controls via the contact links we give below.

While we don't know the specific model of your Fleck® water softener, the serial number can sometimes decode into the month and year of manufacture. That information, combined with a bit of product history, can tell us the possible models. Your model serial number is 1697619. In any event, many of the Fleck softener parts are interchangeable across model years. The control details in your photo suggest this is an older model indeed, as it does not seem to match the Fleck 1500, 2500, 2510, 5600, 8500, 9000 nor 9100 models most popularly listed in 2015.

We also include some of the water softener valve and timing motor sketches from Fleckenstein's patent applications as those illustrations also help identify Fleck water treatment equipment, controls, and features.

Fleck water softener patent illustration - InspectApedia.com Fleck water softener patent illustration - InspectApedia.com

[Click to enlarge any image]

Fleck water softeners are currently sold by a variety of distributors as well as at online retailers such as Amazon.com in at least the following models: Fleck 5600SXT, Fleck 7000 sxt, and Fleck 9100SXT. Below is an example of a contemporary (2015) Fleck water softener sporting an electronic control head.

Recent electronic control Fleck Water Softener - InspectApedia.com

Contacts for Fleck or Pentair Water Softeners & Water Treatment Equipment

Fleckstein Water Softener Control Patents


Kinetco Water Softeners

Below: Kinetico® Mach series water conditioning system, Dutchess County New York USA

Kinetco Mach Series Water conditioning system (C) Daniel Friedman

Kisco Water Softeners

Below, cover & control on a Kisco® Water Softener, New York State

Kisco water softener (C) Daniel Friedman Kisco water softener (C) Daniel Friedman

ProTec Water Softeners

Below, a ProTec® water softener, Surprise, Arizona

ProTec Water Softener, Surprise Arizona (C) Daniel Friedman

Pure Tel Water Softeners

[Photo wanted]

Purewater 4U of Las Vegas Te
8744 Shady Pines Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89143

Montgomery Ward Water Softeners

Below: an antiquated but still working water softener, possibly distributed by Montgomery Wards

Antiquated but still functioning water softener, Wards? (C) Daniel Friedman


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