Electrical power transformer on a utility pole in the U.S. (C) Daniel Friedman Worksheet for Electromagnetic Field Surveys - Example EMF Measurement Procedure

  • EMF WORKSHEET for EMF MEASUREMENTS - CONTENTS: Sample worksheet for EMF Electromagnetic Field Measurements. Live Excel EMF Measurement Worksheet. Sources of variability in EMF Electromagnetic Field Survey Measurements. Suggestions for use of position-sensitive EMF Measurement Instruments
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EMF Measurement data collection worksheet: Here we show an example of an EMF survey worksheet that documents actual measurement locations and suggests standard locations to aid in developing repeatable and more credible EMF measurements.

This series of EMF measurement articles discusses a recommended procedure for performing electromagnetic field (EMF) or electro-magnetic radiation EMR measurements either by engaging a professional or by consumers using low-cost instruments which measure EMF exposure levels in gauss or milligauss.

We discusses sources of error and variation in EMF measurements and we review and make suggestions for using several low-cost EMF measurement devices to determine the instantaneous electromagnetic field exposure.

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Example Worksheets for Electromagnetic Field Measurements

Just below we show an image of a sample worksheet with actual EMF field measurement data.

[Click the image to see the EMF worksheet in full size]

Sample EMF Worksheet (C) Daniel Friedman

The information provided here is for research and study purposes. The author makes no representation of unique expertise on this topic, other than having field experience in EMF measurement, having studied technical literature and having conversed with other experts and authors in the field for a number of years.

Health professionals, epidemiological experts, and in the case of EMF, electrical engineers can offer competent, expert advice which should be considered before any costly or risky actions are taken regarding this or other environmental topics. This information is has not been sanctioned nor technically reviewed by the American Society of Home Inspectors. Use it at your own risk.

Link to a Live Excel Spreadsheet for Use as an EMF Data Recording Worksheet

Our EXCEL Spreadsheet EMS_Survey_Sample1.xls provides an example of common locations and measurement points. This spread sheet includes computations necessary to produce mathematically valid measurement. Expand the hidden worksheet fields to see details of the EMF calculations.

Accuracy and Repeatability of EMF Measurements

NOTE: EMF Readings will virtually always vary widely on other dates depending on the load on the local power transmission line or other electrical field source loading, and will increase when the electrical supply system is more heavily loaded - eg. in summer when air conditioners are operating.

Therefore although it is essential to select standard measurement points at any EMF survey location so that one can attempt to make repeatable measurements, a thorough EMF site survey also will need to know the actual EMF source (power transmission line for example) load during the EMF measurement interval. If that data cannot be obtained, the EMF measurements are still useful but need to be interpreted based on time of year, probable transmission line loading, and other site variables.

NOTE: The EMF measurement procedure that computes the root mean square data for three EMF measurements made at each EMF measurement location is ONLY needed if making EMF measurements using a position-sensitive instrument.

If your EMF measuring instrument does not show position sensitivity you can simply use its final reading for each sample point

Readers are urged to consult expert sources and to give any suggestions regarding these notes to the author.


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