Unidentified chemical drums discovered during a home inspection might indicate an environmental site contamination hazard.

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for buildings, Building Products, Environmental Exposures

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Here we provide a list of Material Safety Data Sheets & Exposure Limit Information for building products, coatings, chemicals, gases, and building materials discussed at InspectAPedia.com

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MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets - links to MSDS sheets

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The photo above shows steel chemical drums that we discovered on a residential property during a home inspection. Not only did these steel drums raise a question of possible environmental contamination of this site, even worse, they were uphill and close to a stream, raising a still more broad question of area contamination.

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MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for various drywall products

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for Gases Found in buildings

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for Heating Fuels, Heating System Controls, Fuel Oil, Crude Oil, LP Gas, Natural Gas, Methane

See MSDS Sheet for HOME HEATING OIL for our full article on this topic, including exposure limits for exposure to home heating oil in liquid or gas form.

A typical No. 2 home heating oil MSDS document provided by Hess Corporation includes the hazard identification information for home heating oil that we list below. The same document provides information about toxicity levels - the exposure necessary for serious medical effects to be at risk or to actually occur.

See our full discussion of crude oil dispersants at MSDS Sheets for OIL DISPERSANTS or go directly to the individual crude oil dispersant MSDS material safety data sheets listed just below.:

In addition to the MSDS links for Corexit products shown here, we have edited the Complete US EPA Table of Crude Oil Dispersants to add links to individual crude oil dispersant product MSDS in the original US EPA Dispersant list.

"May 19, 2010 Addendum 2 to Dispersant Monitoring and Assessment Directive ("Addendum 2")", to Rear Admiral Mary Landry, Commander, Eighth Cost Guard District, New Orleans LA, and Samuel Coleman, P.E., Director, Superfund Division, Dallas TX, from Douglas J. Suggles, B.P. - letter, PDF (U.S. EPA) discusses a comparison of available oil dispersants and the company's basis for choosing Corexit as the dispersant of choice in the circumstances of the Gulf Oil Spill. The letter makes plain that the need for a quick response combined with the availability of Corexit for that choice.

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for Insulation Products

If you are having trouble determining what type of foam insulation product has been installed in a building, see How to Make a Sure Distinction Among UFFI, Icynene, and Latex Foam Insulations for more detail on the identification of these products in the field. And we discuss the reduced risk of mold where icynene is in crawl spaces at Mold risk in Icynene Foam Insulation.

Exposure Limits for Fiberglass Insulation

This and other fiberglass insulation MSDS include fiberglass exposure limits, typically as follows:

Fiberglass Exposure Limits (6599-17-3) [typically found in insulation MSDS]
OSHA PEL: 15 mg/m3 (as total nuisance dust); 5 mg/m3 (as respirable nuisance dust)
ACGIH TLV: 1 f/cc TWA (respirable fibers, length >5 μm, aspect ratio >=3:1, as determined by the membrane filter method at 400-450x magnification [4 mm objective], using phase-contrast illumination) (related to glass wool fibers)
NIOSH REL: 5 mg/m3 as total fibrous glass, or 3 f/cc TWA(fibers <=3.5 μm in diameter and >=10 μm in length)
NAIMA: 1 f/cc (HSPP Voluntary Recommended Exposure Limit)

Information about types of Insulation Products

See UREA FORMALDEHYDE FOAM INSULATION, UFFI for an example of an earlier set of problems with UFFI.

See URETHANE FOAM Deterioration, Outgassing for details about the R-value stability of urethane or polyurethane foam insulation.


Readers concerned about termite damage associated with foam, fiberglass, or other building insulation materials should also
see TERMITE SHIELDS vs TERMITICIDE, and Insects & Foam Insulation.

Also see SLAB INSULATION, PASSIVE SOLAR. Readers may want to review UFFI, the older foam insulating product that looks a lot like Icynene but has a more problematic history and which we discuss

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for Wood Construction Products

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for Mold Related Products, Mold Sprays, Mold Encapsulants, Mold Paints

At MOLD CLEANERS - WHAT TO USE we describe the basics of how to clean off moldy building surfaces and what simple products to use.

At MOLD SPRAYS, SEALANTS, PAINTS we provide a guide to buying and using fungicidal sprays and sealants, we describe mistakes in use of mold sprays, and we define biocide, disinfectant, sanitizer and related terms.

At DISINFECTANTS & SANITIZERS, SOURCES we list suppliers of biocides, fungicidal sealants, and related mold sprays and cleanup products.

For details about cleaning up mold in buildings, readers should see MOLD CLEANUP GUIDE- HOW TO GET RID OF MOLD.



Also see see TRAPPED MOLD BETWEEN WOOD SURFACES for a discussion of the question of need to remove mold from mated and inaccessible building surfaces.


see BLEACHING MOLD, Advice about and step by step mold cleanup advice



See CRAWL SPACE DRYOUT - home if your building is built over a crawl area.

At DISINFECTANTS & SANITIZERS, SOURCES we give contact information for suppliers of biocides, cleaners, fungicidal sealants, sanitizers, paints that are listed just below.

  • Microban Antimicrobial Products - http://www.microban.com/. The company indicates that
    "Microban® antimicrobial protection is built-in to products during manufacturing to provide continuous antimicrobial product protection. Microban protection can be found in hundreds of consumer, industrial and medical products around the world."
  • New York State Department of Health, "Toy Cleaning Protocol", describes use of bleach as a sanitizer for cleaning toys. http://www.nyhealth.gov/facilities/hospital/emergency_preparedness/guideline_for_hospitals/section_06/appendix_06-02_appropriate_sanitizer.pdf
    The state's toy cleaning glossary includes definitions of "disinfect" and describes using bleach solutions for that purpose.
  • Protex 63, Trask Research, W.M. Barr, P.O. Box 1879, Memphis, TN 38101, - http://www.traskresearch.com/contact.html - Tel: 1-866-370-2499 The company indicates that
    "Protex 63 is an EPA registered fungicidal sealant that seals against mold, mildew, and green algae" and
    "Protex™ 63 is a durable, sealant and coating that resists mold, mildew and algal growth. Protex™ dries clear and does not affect the appearance of most surfaces. Protex™ is especially formulated for exterior use."
    MSDS data sheets are available from the manufacturer.
  • Pro-Oxine's is offered by Bio-Cide International, Corporate Offices, 2845 Broce Drive
    Norman, OK 73072. See bio-cide.com. The Pro-Oxine's technical data indicates:
    "ProOxine is a highly refined blend of oxychloro species containing purified sodium chlorite. When activated, chlorine dioxide is produced, greatly enhancing ProOxine’s antimicrobial activity. With applications in the food processing and water treatment industries, ProOxine displays broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, proven effective against E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, Aspergillus, Listeria, Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas, among others. This product is especially suited for the removal and subsequent control of biofilm. ProOxine has a myriad of EPA and FDA approvals."
  • Rocima™40, produced by Dow Chemical Company's subsidiary Rohm and Haas, is a
    "Broad spectrum, non-metallic liquid fungicide for a wide variety of fungal organisms"
    The MSDS can be found at http://www.rohmhaas.com/wcm/products/product_detail.page?display-mode=msds&product=1120851

Other Mold Cleaning Products, Paint Additives, Fungicidal Sealants, Paints, Coatings

MSDS for Test Equipment, Chemicals, Smoke Generators

  • Brandax VS smoke for airflow studies, leakage testing, original source: http://www.firesys.com.au/Bjornax%20brandax%20vs%20msd.pdf, producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • Datax "pure smoke" generator for airflow studies & leakage testing, original source:
    http://www.firesys.com.au/Bjornax%20pure%20datax%20msd.pdf, producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • Dräger MSDS for Dräger CH25301 Air Current Tubes, Page 1 of 2.
    Dräger MSDS for Dräger CH25301 Air Current Tubes , Page 2 of 2.
    Watch out: the Dräger air current tube or "smoke tube" # CH16631 produces a sulfuric acid gas sulfuric acid H2SO4 /SO3 that is dangerous to life and is highly corrosive. Take a look at our copy of the Dräger MSDS for their CH25301 Air Current Tubes. We stored this MSDS in the box with the rubber bulb and tube cutter provided by Dräger. These air current monitoring tubes are provided with rubber caps so that the tube can be "stopped" or shut down when not in use. But the sulfuric acid was so corrosive that it not only caused the rubbger caps to disintegrate, it actually "burned" or oxidized our copy of the MSDS paper form!
  • FP-Smoke, powder smoke for airflow studies, leakage tests, BJÖRNAX AB,. STRÅSSA FÖRETAGSBY, S-711 77 STRÅSSA SWEDEN, web search 08/31/2010, original source: http://www.bjornax.com/MSDS/MSDS_fp_smoke.pdf
  • Gastec Irritant Smoke Qualitative Fit Testing Kit No. 9501 four-pages of 30 safety warnings for respirator fit test
  • Gastec Irritant Smoke Qualitative Fit Testing Kit No. 9501 MSDS (Nextteq Corporation copy)
  • Miniax white smoke MSDS (by Fire System Services)
  • Nitrate/Nitrite Toxicity ATSDR: [Big, Slow-Loading File] U.S. Government ATSDR Science Corner - 2.5MB PDF, original source: atsdr.cdc.gov/HEC/CSEM/nitrate/docs/nitrate_nitrite.pdf
  • Phostreat & Phostreat-241 MSDS, JMN Specialties, Inc., 1100 Victory Drive, Westwego LA 70094 504-341-3749, compound cleaning liquid. Web search 12/29/2010, original source: http://www.jmnspecialties.com/
  • Powder-Puff smoke powder (manufacturer ID TBD) silica powder puffer
  • Pure-AX:3 & Pure-AX:9 "pure smoke" generators for airflow studies, leakage tests, original source: http://www.firesys.com.au/Bjornax%20pure%20AX3%20AX9%20msd.pdf, producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • Regin HVAC Products, 203-323-0115, and Regin Products for Heating, Air Conditioning, & Special Effects, Regin HVAC Products, Inc. 315 Riggs Street, Unit 1 Oxford, CT 06478 USA, Tel: (203) 881-2600 or (800) 394-2739 [11]
  • Splintax Smoke Match, original source: http://www.firesys.com.au/Bjornax%20splintax%20msd.pdf, producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • Smoke Check: canned smoke for smoke detector testing, HSI Fire & Safety Group, web search 08/31/2010, original source: http://inspectusa.com/HSI/MSDS/MSDS_25s_smoke_check.pdf - see the warnings!
  • Smoke Powder - AX-Powder Smoke, original source: http://www.firesys.com.au/Bjornax%20ax%20smoke%20powder%20msd.pdf, producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • FP-Smoke, powder smoke for airflow studies, leakage tests, BJÖRNAX AB,. STRÅSSA FÖR
  • producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • FP-Smoke, powder smoke for airflow studies, leakage tests, BJÖRNAX AB,. STRÅSSA FÖR
  • Smoke Stick (smoke pen) for airflow studies, original source: http://www.firesys.com.au/Bjornax%20smoke%20pen%20msd.pdf, producer BJÖRNAX AB
  • Smoke pencil MSDS: Super Fog Fluid water based fogging fluid, web search 08/31/2010, original source: http://www.smokepencil.com/ an example of a food-grade glycol/glycerine-based fogging fluid that appears low in risk, distributed by The ChimneyBalloon
  • Smoke Pen MSDS: BJÖRNAX AB,. STRÅSSA FÖRETAGSBY, S-711 77 STRÅSSA SWEDEN, original source: http://www.bjornax.com/ ISO 14001 Certified with 30 minute burn time per wick.
  • Titanium tetrachloride smoke emitter bottles (manufacturer ID TBD), web search 08/31/2010, original source: http://inspectusa.com/smoke_candles/SmokeBottles-MSDS.pdf Note: this supplier appears to have cut off the page top of the MSDS that may contain manufacturer ID. Hydrogen chloride gas (HCL)
  • Titanium tetrachloride MSDS, Sciencelab.com, 14025 Smith Rd., Houston TX 77396, 800-901-7247, webseach 08/31/2010, original source: http://www.sciencelab.com/msds.php?msdsId=9925270
  • Ventilax smoke emitter for air flow studies (by Fire System Services), producer: BJÖRNAX, riginal source: http://www.firesys.com.au/Bjornax%20ventilax%20msd.pdf

Smoke Generating Test Product Producers, Suppliers, Main

  • Björnax AB, Stråssa Företagsby, 71177 Stråssa Sweden, Tel: +46 (0)581 431 50, Fax: +46 (0)581 432 06, Website: http://www.bjornax.se
  • National Draeger, PO Box 120, Pittsburgh PA 15230 - 412-787-8383, - 866-905-9793
    Website: http://www.buydraegersafety.com/
  • Fire System Services, Unit 1, 16 Glasgow Street, Wingfield, South Australia 5013, Mail to: P.O. Box 16, Prospect SA 5082, Tel: +61 8 8445 6300, Website: http://www.firesys.com.au/, Fire System Services distributes a wide range of smoke emitters used for monitoring air movement patterns or testing smoke detectors (and other fire protection or fire extinguisher related equipment) including the Miniax, Ventilax, Brandax, Datax, white smoke emitter candles discussed above, and coloured smoke emitters such as their AAX18, AX60, and Brandax KSO.
  • The Chimney Balloon LLC, 2123 N Pontiac Drive, Janesville, WI 53545, Tel: (608) 467-0229 M-F 9am - 5:00pm (CST), distributes smoke pencils at www.smokepencil.com
  • Regin HVAC Products, 203-323-0115, and Regin Products for Heating, Air Conditioning, & Special Effects, Regin HVAC Products, Inc. 315 Riggs Street, Unit 1 Oxford, CT 06478 USA, Tel: (203) 881-2600 or (800) 394-2739

Pertinent Standards:

  • Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment, the New Australian Standard, What does it Mean for Owners, Occupiers, and Servivce Providers, White Paper, Australian Standard AS1851:2005, original source: http://www.firesys.com.au/AS1851WhitePaper.pdf, Fire Protection Association, Australia, Steven Kip, Warrington Fire Research. Quoting:
    Revised Australian Standard 1851:2005 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment and supercedes all old versions of AS1851 by revising & consolidating the previous 16 parts into one document, outlining consistent procedures, terminology and reporting for all aspects of fire equipment maintenance. The White Paper gives an overview of the legislative, regulatory and other non-technical aspects of the significantly revised standard.

MSDS for Specialty Paints, Coatings, Sealers used on buildings

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for Septic Dye - Fluroscein Dye


MSDS for Septic Tank & RV Holding Tank Chemicals, Additives, Products

  • Coleman Corporation, provides a wide range of camping equipment including Coleman Holding Tank Deodorant Products & Coleman Portable Flush Toilets [Instruction Manual] - web search 08/27/2010, original source: http://www.coleman.com/coleman/images/pdf/2000001533.pdf
  • Elsan Limited, Bellbrook Park, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1QF, England. Telephone: +44 (0) 1825 748200. The company produces chemical toilet sanitation and hygiene products for caravanning, camping and boating. Quoting from the company's website: web search 08/27/2010, original source http://www.elsan.co.uk/about-elsan.html
    While Elsan Blue toilet fluid exceeds British and European Standards BS:EN 2893:2005, no other brand even claims to comply with them.
    ... because it is biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals, [Elsan organic toilet fluid] can be safely emptied into a septic tank.
    Technical data requested by email to Elsan: 8/27/2010 - DF
  • Marykate Heads Up holding tank deodorant [MSDS], web search 08/27/2010, original source for the Marykate Heads Up deodorant MSDS
    Marykate products appear to be produced by CRC Industries,
  • Thetford Corporation, 7101 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, Tel: 1-800-543-1219, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1285, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 web search 08/27/2010, original source: http://www.thetford.com/Home/Products/ChemicalsCleanersHome
    /AquaKemLiquidTossInsandDri/tabid/122/Default.aspx Quoting from the company's website:
    [Aqua-Kem Products are] 100% biodegradable liquid and environmentally safe when disposed of properly
  • Also see Septic & Holding/RV Tank/Toilet Chemicals MSDS

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets for Water Purification Products & Disinfectants & Other Chemicals


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