Photograph of  This new compressor was placed directly against
a brick wall. One third of its condenser coil cooling ability was blocked. How to Diagnose & Repair Air Conditioner Compressor Hard Starting

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This air conditioning repair article explains procedures for the diagnosis and repair of hard-starting air conditioning compressors.

If your air conditioner or heat pump compressor motor won't start or has trouble starting, humming at start-up for example, it may be damaged and at or near end of life.

Here we explain how to diagnose air conditioner start-up problems, Air conditioner stutters or makes noises at start-up, When to install a hard-start air conditioner repair kit with starting capacitor, Hard starting can indicate end of air conditioner life, or it may be just a small repair.

But a common repair performed to try to get such motors running and to keep them in use longer is the installation of an air conditioner or heat pump "hard start" kit - a start capacitor or a start/run capacitor that helps get the motor spinning. First it's useful to diagnose the cause of the compressor's hard-starting trouble.

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Diagnose & Repair Air Conditioner Compressor Hard Starting or Intermittent Running or Stuttering

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Electric motor starting capacitor (C) Daniel Friedman


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