Ceiling whole house fan system (C) Daniel FriedmanBuilding Fan Noise Troubleshooting
Diagnose, & cure air exhaust fan, vent fan or other bulding fan & motor problems

  • FAN NOISES in BUILDINGS - CONTENTS: Building & house fan noises, sources of building fan noises: lists of causes, cures, and detection methods for bath fans, kitchen vent fans, roof vent fans, exhaust vent fans, or other fans used in or on buildings
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Building fan or fan motor noise troubleshooting: causes & cures.

How to diagnose & fix noises traced to fans used in building ventilation systems, air condtioners, heat pumps, furnaces, kitchen or bathroom vents or other locations.

These articles discuss building noise control: how to inspect, diagnose & cure noise or sound problems in homes or commercial buildings.

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Fans and Fan Noises in buildings & How to Control Fan Noises

Bathroom ceiling vent fan, heater, light combination (C) Daniel FriedmanBuilding fans are used for indoor air quality (whole house fans, attic vent fans, air to air heat exchanger fans, bathroom and kitchen vent fans).

Fan noise sources include noises traced to fan motors (humming, rattling) or mechanical components such as a loose fan blade (ticking, rattling, banging) as well as possible electrical hazard noises (unsafe wiring or motor defects, hissing, etc.)

Noises from Fans & Venting Equipment in Other Building Locations

Ceiling whole house fan system (C) Daniel FriedmanVentilation fans used in baths, kitchens, air to air heat exchangers, whole house ventilating fans, attic vent fans, gable end vent fans, and fans used in small appliances such as microwave ovens, even stereo systems can produce hums, clicks, and rattles as well.

To help separate normal fan operating noise from noise indicating trouble you'll want to read our discussion of fan noise level ratings measured in sones.


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