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How to Design & Build a Septic System

  • SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN - home - CONTENTS: Detailed articles on how to specify, design, and install a conventional or advanced/alternative septic system such as a septic tank and septic drainfield, mound systems, aerobic septic systems, and others. How to determine the necessary capacity of a septic system, its space requirements, and its basic layout. How to choose a septic tank size and type. How to calculate the necessary size of a septic drainfield, leach field, or soil absorption system for final wastewater dispersal
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Septic system design: alphabetical index to "how to articles about septic systems & onsite wastewater treatment.

Here we list detailed "how to" articles on the design of septic systems of both conventional (tank and drainfield) and alternative (aerobic, mound, raised bed, sand filter, media filter, etc) septic system designs for difficult sites.

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We give in-depth information about conventional septic tanks, drain fields, septic pipes, and septic waste handling. We include tables for septic tanks: pumping frequency, septic tank size, septic tank design, and clearances between septic systems, wells, and other site features and boundaries.

Septic System Design & Installation

"Septic tanks" are what home owners or home buyers think of when buying or maintaining a home with a private septic system. But we should be thinking about the whole septic system - since the drain field or leach field makes up half of a typical septic system cost.

We are also quite concerned with septic system health and safety since there are potential collapse hazards which can be fatal, and there are bacterial and pathogen hazards for both site occupants and for the environment if a septic system is not working properly. The articles listed at this website form an extensive guide to septic systems care, inspection, testing, and installation. We welcome questions and suggestions for content.

Basic Septic Designs

Cesspools & Seepage Pits

Septic Drainfields, Absorption Fields, Soakbeds, Soakaways, Leach Fields

Advanced Septic System Designs & Difficult Site Septic Design, Construction, Installation, Maintenance, Repair

Soil Perc Tests

Soil absorptin rate test procedures for septic drainfield or soakaway bed location - SOIL PECOLATION TESTS for SEPTIC SYSTEMS Perc Tests or Deep Hole Test for Soil Absorption Rate Testing


Septic pumps


Septic Tanks

Sewage & Public or Municipal Sewer Lines & Pumping Stations

Toilets & Other Design Specifications

Directory Lists of Septic System Parts & Supplies

See basic SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN BASICS and alternative SEPTIC SYSTEM DESIGN ALTERNATIVES septic system design and product links in the alphabetical topic list below and at the left of this page.


This article series answers just about any question you might have about buying or owning a house with a septic system. If you do not quickly find here information you need, CONTACT US


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