Water softener brine tank  or salt tank (C) Daniel FriedmanWater Softener Brine Tank Level Too Low
Salt Tank level too low, insufficient salt dose, insufficient regeneration cycle, brine tank float repairs

  • BRINE TANK WATER TOO LOW - CONTENTS: How to Diagnose & Fix a Water Softener brine tank or salt tank that has too little water inlet, too small a salt dose outlet, inadequate water softener regeneration cycles, water softener is not softening the water.
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Water softener brine tank level too low:

What causes too little water in the water conditioner brine tank or salt tank & how do we fix it. If too little water enters the salt tank or brine tank the water softener regeneration cycle will be insufficient and the water conditioner will not adequately reduce water hardness. Salt tank problem diagnosis & brine tank float control diagnosis & repair.

Diagnose & Fix Water Softener Problems: this article series describes procedures for diagnosing and repairing water softener or water conditioner problems including water conditioner control settings and adjustment or repair, brine tank and brine tank float cleaning and repair, and the proper amount of water softening or conditioning that is needed.

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Brine Tank Water Too Low: Not Enough Water in the Brine Tank

Water softener brine tank view (C) Daniel FriedmanQuestion: our water softener brine tank never fills up with water but we do see the salt level dropping - what's wrong with our water conditioner?

The salt tank wont fill with water but salt level still goes down - Tom 11/27/12

Reply: probably nothing


The water softener brine tank does not normally FILL with water. Rather, water is pumped into the bottom of the tank, water level rises under control of a brine level float switch usually found inside a vertical plastic tube in the tank, then pumping stops, salt dissolves, and salty water is pumped back out.

So you won't see the water unless you've let the salt run out.

Sounds as if your system is working normally.

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Reader follow-up: what is the brine tank on a water softener?

the tank that holds the salt is the brine tank? or is the small tube with the salt level numbers the brine tank? - Tom

Reply: photo above shows the water softener brine tank, brine level float control tube, and water/brine pumping tube


The tank that contains the salt crystals or salt pellets is the brine tank (red arrow in our photo above). The small vertical tube is the location of the brine level float control and will be found in the salt tank at one side (blue arrow in our photo above).

Water passes from the water softener resin tank (at the right side in our photo) into the brine tank through the black tube (yellow arrow in our photo above) to dissolve salt, and salty water is pumped back through the resin tank through that same tube.

Question: brine tank & float question - tank is not filling - stuck brine tank float valve assembly

I have an autotrol system and a brine tank with float. The tank is no longer reliably filling. I have replaced screens and filter in the autotrol head unit , which has fixed it in the past. However it is still not filling.

I think it may have to do with the float, it looks like when the level is too low, it stops flow?? Water comes out of the tube to the tank if i disconnect it. Slow or not sure when its connected to the float. Any suggestions? - Scott 7/8/12


Scott look over the brine tank float switch info in the article above. The float should move freely up and down and the switch operates on float rise. If yours is stuck, clean the float vertical tube and all float parts and switch and try again - or replace The switch if needed.



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