Low voltage transformer for heating or air conditioning (C) Daniel FriedmanElectrical System Noise Sources
Find & fix noises traced to building electrical components, wiring, devices

  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM NOISES - CONTENTS: Building & house electrrcal noises, sources of building noises traced to the electrical system: appliances, electrical lights, wiring, switches, circuit breakers: buzzes, hums, and vibrations. Watch out: some electrical system noises indicate unsafe conditions.
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Building noise traced to electrical system components, fixtures, devices, transformers, relays, or wiring.

How to track down and fix building sounds originating in electrical system components or devices.

We also discuss methods of sound or noise control in buildings during construction or as a building retrofit.

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Electrical Equipment or Electrical System Noises in buildings: diagnosis & cure

Uninterruptible power supply (C) Daniel FriedmanWatch out: Electrical System Noises can be signs of dangerous conditions: buzzing circuit breakers or fixtures may indicate that an electrical circuit is short circuiting or that a circuit breaker is not tripping when it should.

The risk is fire or electrical shock. If a circuit is acting strangely with flickering lights, noises, or odors, turn it off at the main electrical panel and call a licensed electrician promptly.

If you are unable to safely turn off an electrical circuit for any reason, get people out of the building and call your fire department or emergency services. See


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