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This article series explains how to inspect and diagnose all types of defects found at residential and light commercial buildings, how to perform home inspections, home how to find a qualified home inspector, home inspection standards and ethics, and detailed home inspection methodology.

Advice for home buyers includes how to choose a home inspector and how to get the most from a home inspection.

Advanced home inspection methods are presented, stressing methods for increasing the detection of significant or safety defects at properties, technical expertise, and ethical conduct.

Advice is provided for people interested in becoming a home inspector as well as for home buyers or owners who need to hire a home inspector. Our page top sketch was published by US DHEW and by New York State in 1955 or earlier. [1] A glossary key to the numbered items is found at Home Inspection Definitions & Terms.

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How to Find a Home Inspector

New York State License from Inception to 2008
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How to Become a Home Inspector: certification, costs, education & Training

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Reader Question on how to get into the home inspection "business" or "profession"

GO TO Carson Dunlop's Home Study Course Information - How to Become a Home Inspector: Carson Dunlop's nationally recognized Home Study Course, selected by ASHI the American Society of Home Inspectors and other professionals and associations. This website author is a contributor to this course.I've been looking around for good advice about home inspection. I'm in the 'brainstorming stage', of starting a new venture.

My interest is multi-purposed. I want to become a certified home inspector in Pennsylvania, as the first stage. I've found it difficult to get good advice about which 'on line' course to purchase. Hidden fees, and marginal disclosure are my hurdles.

Your site is the first I've seen that seems without bias. Is it possible to see a comparison of on line courses for certification in Pennsylvania? I am willing to pay for the best, but it seems impossible to compare.

The purpose of my schooling is to facilitate a dream my son and I share. My son is in college for another two years, and wants to become a real estate 'mogul'. He is actually taking the right classes. As most his age, his imagination/dreams fall short of reality. I'm a home owner. No mortgage, and willing to sell if it could provide start up cash for our goal.

Why does it require $25K to get this home inspection business off the ground, when the course costs only a thousand dollars? I've got other financial backing, but prefer to go forward on my own. I will appreciate your reply.

Your site has been what I was looking for, unless you are in the business of promoting a vested interest. There are recognized associations other than ASHI. I am eager to learn more. - D.R.

Reply: costs & how to figure out where to concentrate your home inspection education

GO TO Carson Dunlop's Home Study Course Information - How to Become a Home Inspector: Carson Dunlop's nationally recognized Home Study Course, selected by ASHI the American Society of Home Inspectors and other professionals and associations. This website author is a contributor to this course.I'm sorry to have to reply that I don't have specific enough information about home inspection courses in PA to have an opinion about which is best.

Some national education projects with which we've been connected are listed below as well as at BOOKS & ARTICLES.

I'm not sure why you have found it costs $25,000. to enter the home inspection "business", unless you are considering buying a franchise.


But the cost of home inspection education is certainly going to be more than the $1000. you quote, as to succeed and to practice at a level of competence that minimizes the chance that you'll harm your clients, continuing education and professional involvement will be needed.

Some very good technical education is free if you are someone who can enjoy reading in-depth technical material, including the several thousand building inspection, diagnosis, and repair articles found for free here at InspectAPedia

Watch out: the advantage of taking some formal home inspection education courses and classes is that presumably the teacher takes an organized approach to presenting material to assure that you are not omitting critical basic skills and knowledge - a risk if you simply wander through publications on your own.

HOME INSPECTOR EDUCATION lists home inspection training, courses, home study programs, texts, and references for home inspectors and other building inspectors and building diagnosticians as well as for building, structural, and indoor environment forensic investigators

Watch out: in my experience, some self-appointed home inspection educators and course providers simply teach their "opinion" as if it were fact, and may fail even to have read basic authoritative sources on the very subject they present. Look for authoritative citations to expert sources in all of your course and reading material on home inspection methods, building practices, etc.

The three Carson Dunlop home inspector education and report writing courses here start at much lower out of pocket costs than you cite. [Disclosure: Carson Dunlop Associates have contributed illustrattions and technical content to and I have contributed content to their training material. - Ed.]

GO TO Carson Dunlop's Home Study Course Information - How to Become a Home Inspector: Carson Dunlop's nationally recognized Home Study Course, selected by ASHI the American Society of Home Inspectors and other professionals and associations. This website author is a contributor to this course.As I have experience in the home inspection education field, naturally I have opinions about that education process in general, as well as about some of the courses offered in classrooms and by distant education.

Some more general advice about both choosing a home inspection course and home inspection education might include

Particularly because you are planning to work in the field, I invite you to take a look at any of our articles that you find of interest, and to comment, critique, ask for more information, or contribute information. Doing so improves the quality of our information and it gives another opportunity for a credit-link to refer readers to you for your own professional services.

We would much appreciate hearing any comments, critique, suggestions, or further questions that you may have after you've taken a look at any of our online articles (see CONTACT).

We are dedicated to making our information as accurate, complete, useful, and unbiased as possible: we very much welcome critique, questions, or content suggestions for our web articles. Working together and exchanging information makes us better informed than any individual can be working alone.

Please keep me posted on how things progress, and send along photos of interesting or curious things you come across at home inspections or in classes if you can. Such added details can help us understand what's happening and often permit some useful further comment. What we both learn may help me help someone else.

More detailed advice about becoming a home inspector is found at HOME INSPECTOR, HOW TO BECOME

Basic & Advanced Home & Building Inspection Methods Courses & Papers

Also see the home inspection topics listed at page top or at the MORE READING links at the bottom of this article .

Safety & Environmental Articles for Building Owners and Inspectors

Historic Homes, Home Improvement Costs, Home Research

Home Inspection Business Offerings, Franchises, Start-ups, or Inspection Companies for Sale

Home Inspection Standards, Ethics, American Society of Home Inspectors-ASHI and Other Home Inspection Standards, Ethics, and Home Inspector Certification Procedures

Reader Question: Please help me, my home has many problems

2016/04/01 Hi, I hope you can help me as I am at the end of my tether and I have tried everything I can think of. I live in Scotland and my home is around 46 years old and I have lived here all my life.

In the past three years I have noticed small changes in and around my home, garage and garden, I have also had a catalogue of disasters such as decaying joist caused by seal round the bath, kitchen ceiling flooded caused by pressure valve coming off from toilet cistern also I had to be rewired because the sockets were tripping even when nothing plugged in. The list seems endless.
I had the old aspestos heating system removed after 10 years unused but the old plastic tank is still in the loft.

I was wondering if I sent some pictures if you would let me know your professional opinion or suggest someone who could help me as I have had pest control in and a structural survey done but I just cannot seem to get to the bottom of this problem. - K.E. by private email

Reply: how to find a building inspector for your home in Scotland


you're welcome to send me some photos and I may be able to comment. But to help me help you, please give me a specific problem statement or question. Reading your note I found several topics and found myself getting confused: asbestos for example, vs a plastic tank, vs. pesticide, vs. rot vs flooding and leak damage, vs. electrical wiring.

If you have trouble with many different types of systems and components in your home you may be best served by hiring a chartered surveyor.

Contact RICS in Scotland

To find a chartered surveyor in Scotland, contact RICS the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. In Scotland that's at

RICS surveyor members cover a wide range of building specialities, so you'll need to make clear that you are looking for a RICS building surveyor who can examine a private home and its mechanical system, with the objective of telling you (in writing) the dangerous or costly defects that need to be addressed and who can help you set priorities of repair.

Basically you want to address first things at your home that

1. are dangerous: an immediate threat to life and safety

2. causing rapid, costly damage

3. just plain don't work, or don't work reliably enough, and that are needed, such as flushing toilets and a working heating and electrical system

Keep me posted.

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