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Steven Bliss served as editorial director and co-publisher of The Journal of Light Construction for 16 years and previously as building technology editor for Progressive Builder and Solar Age magazines. He worked in the building trades as a carpenter and design/build contractor for more than ten years and holds a masters degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Excerpts from his recent book, Best Practices Guide to Residential Construction, Wiley (November 18, 2005) ISBN-10: 0471648361, ISBN-13: 978-0471648369, appear throughout this website, with permission and courtesy of Wiley & Sons. Best Practices Guide is available from the publisher, J. Wiley & Sons, and also at

Excerpts with updates and annotations expanding the original Best Practices Guide text can be found in the online review and book summary at BEST CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES GUIDE and also at DECK & PORCH CONSTRUCTION, at INDOOR AIR QUALITY IMPROVEMENT GUIDE, and in other articles found at such as HOUSEWRAP AIR & VAPOR BARRIERS, SOUND CONTROL in buildings, and other topics.

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DATA AS OF:  11/22/94 - Indexer: Dan Friedman  -   
     NewEngland   National
  alarm, strobe light, hearing impaired (P)  JAN/94 p62   JAN/94 p54
  ramp, mini for patio doors (P)    JUN/94 p76   JUN/94 p61
  shower, custom-built accessible * APR/94 p79   APR/94 p63
  American Houses, a Field Guide (B)   DEC/94 p69   DEC/94 p60
  cape, making room in modern  * JAN/94 p18   JAN/94 p12
  children, designing a house for   NOV/94 p20   NOV/94 p20
  decking material, poolside masonry (Q)  FEB/94 p17   FEB/94 p15
  dome homes, fiberglass for homeless  MAR/94 p10   MAR/94 p10
  engineering, when is it needed by a G.C.?  JAN/94 p58   JAN/94 p16
  floor-planning, ten common pitfalls   * NOV/94 p45   NOV/94 p35
  Innovative Products - Issue Theme  * JUL/94 JUL/94
  kitchen design for two-cooks   JAN/94 p56   JAN/94 p48
  mathematics for builders (B)   SEP/94 p26   SEP/94 p21
  scale, the great mystery of house design   APR/94 p25   APR/94 p19
  shed, saltbox-style   AUG/94 p20   AUG/94 p13
  sun or shade, designing for  * FEB/94 p14   FEB/94 p11
  traditional styles used for modern needs   MAR/94 p15   MAR/94 p13
  wind resistance solutions   MAR/94 p69   MAR/94 p55
  shower heads, proper height (L)   APR/94 p7 APR/94 p7
  tub and shower enclosures, custom  * DEC/94 p45   DEC/94 p41
  tubs, installing jetted   * SEP/94 p37   SEP/94 p25
  accounting, small builder's guide  * OCT/94 p56   OCT/94 p44
  billing system for builders  * MAY/94 p64   MAY/94 p44
  bonus system that works   * FEB/94 p52   FEB/94 p40
  Business Basics - Issue Theme   * JAN/94 JAN/94
  business plan, writing a    APR/94 p32   APR/94 p23
  business survey, JLC '93    JAN/94 p11   JAN/94 p9
  checklist for builders prioritizes paperwork   * JAN/94 p53   JAN/94 p28
  contractor referral services   JAN/94 p9 JAN/94 p7
  customers, pre-qualify to ID prospects  SEP/94 p21   SEP/94 p18
  drivers license, when is commercial needed NOV/94 p14   NOV/94 p12
  employee performance appraisal form  FEB/94 p54   FEB/94 p42
  employee reviews, carpenter's report card   * JAN/94 p33   JAN/94 p25
  employee trade-skill assessment form FEB/94 p53   FEB/94 p41
  employees, finding & keeping good MAR/94 p23   MAR/94 p19
  estimating checklist for remodelers   * JAN/94 p25   JAN/94 p21
  Estimating Tables for Home Building (B) SEP/94 p24   SEP/94 p21
  estimating, Means data for spreadsheets (P)   SEP/94 p71   SEP/94 p58
  estimating, unit-price/square-foot * APR/94 p69   APR/94 p53
  guaranteed-max-cost explained (L) FEB/94 p5 FEB/94 p4
  home office expense, rules for calculating NOV/94 p16   NOV/94 p15
  home office expense, who can deduct  OCT/94 p17   OCT/94 p17
  insurance, how to buy for construction  NOV/94 p26   NOV/94 p23
  lean times, preparing for    * SEP/94 p66   SEP/94 p54
  loans, obtaining SBA-guaranteed   JUN/94 p20   JUN/94 p51
  loans, ten steps to obtaining  AUG/94 p27   AUG/94 p20
  managing more than one job   * NOV/94 p55   NOV/94 p41
  payment, cashing partial may lose rights   JUL/94 p24   JUL/94 p19
  payment, collecting for changes   JUL/94 p28   JUL/94 p55
  photographing your work   * APR/94 p62   APR/94 p48
  policy manual for employees    MAY/94 p25   MAY/94 p17
  profit not volume, to measure success   OCT/94 p28   OCT/94 p66
  remodelers, business tips for  JAN/94 p37   JAN/94 p36
  slowdown, surviving a    FEB/94 p23   FEB/94 p14
  specifications, simplified for small jobs   * MAR/94 p48   MAR/94 p38
  tax tips, for year-end savings    DEC/94 p16   DEC/94 p18
  training programs help women enter trades  APR/94 p14   APR/94 p13
  warranty, Magnum Moss Act protect consumers   AUG/94 p22   AUG/94 p15
  warranty, writing your own   * JUL/94 p73   JUL/94 p53
  workers comp, avoiding hidden costs   * JUN/94 p49   JUN/94 p44
  workers comp, speedy filing cuts costs  OCT/94 p13   OCT/94 p13
  grout, non-pigmented won't stain tiles (P) OCT/94 p103  OCT/94 p79
  shower shelf, one-piece backer (P)   NOV/94 p80   NOV/94 p66
  tile backerboard, working with  * OCT/94 p69   OCT/94 p53
  railing codes, current regs and changes  * JUN/94 p44   JUN/94 p38
  CAD, for custom residential design   JUL/94 p19   JUL/94 p15
  digitizer, low-cost Scalex 1000 (P)  AUG/94 p63   AUG/94 p16
  estimating software, Quantum Leap (P)   JUL/94 p32   JUL/94 p57
  estimator, stick, Contractor's Dream (P)    FEB/94 p48
  floor plan with client, Chief Architect (P)    FEB/94 p47
  memory & file management using Windows  MAY/94 p28   MAY/94 p51
  Microsoft Office (P)  OCT/94 p86   OCT/94 p67
  notes, paperless Info Select (P)  DEC/94 p24   DEC/94 p20
  personal information managers  MAR/94 p61   MAR/94 p49
  scheduling, simple software    APR/94 p37   APR/94 p25
  utilities for Windows and Mac  JUN/94 p66   JUN/94 p19
  brick veneer basics    * JUN/94 p27   JUN/94 p23
  brick veneers, BIA advice (L)  SEP/94 p7 SEP/94 p7
  cutting concrete walls (Q)  OCT/94 p19   OCT/94 p18
  detergent used to ease concrete in chute   DEC/94 p11   DEC/94 p11
  insulated block used in Northeast NOV/94 p14   NOV/94 p12
  rebar, standard for acceptable rust (Q) AUG/94 p16   AUG/94 p12
  drywall, high-flex bendable (P)   JAN/94 p64   JAN/94 p56
  grounding for surge protection    FEB/94 p39   FEB/94 p27
  grounding water lines (Q)   MAR/94 p21   MAR/94 p16
  lightning protection, low-cost design (L)  JUL/94 p6 JUL/94 p6
  lightning surge protection system  * FEB/94 p39   FEB/94 p27
  multiwire branch circuit receptacles (L)   DEC/94 p8 DEC/94 p8
  multiwire branch circuits (Q)  SEP/94 p14   SEP/94 p15
  pumps, protect submersible from lightning  FEB/94 p42   FEB/94 p30
  stress-skin panels, wiring in (Q) JAN/94 p22   JAN/94 p15
  blower door basics    APR/94 p89   APR/94 p71
  caulk & sealant tips & problems (L)  APR/94 p8 APR/94 p8
  electric power, Transtext energy management   JUL/94 p16   JUL/94 p12
  Energy Update - Issue Theme  * AUG/94 AUG/94
  financing energy-efficient homes  SEP/94 p86   SEP/94 p65
  geothermal push by government, industry JAN/94 p10   JAN/94 p8
  housewrap, air leaks & moisture (L)  FEB/94 p5 FEB/94 p6
  steel framing & heat loss   FEB/94 p74   MAR/94 p58
  steel framing, prevent thermal bridges (L) NOV/94 p8 NOV/94 p7
  weatherproofing, cost effective by Oak Ridge  MAY/94 p14   MAY/94 p14
  chimney, modular HT-10 (P)  SEP/94 p90   SEP/94 p69
  fireplace hearth details  * NOV/94 p37   NOV/94 p31
  Rumford, outside air for (L)   SEP/94 p7 SEP/94 p7
  Rumford, reviving the  * MAR/94 p53   MAR/94 p43
  backfilling basics  * OCT/94 p77   OCT/94 p59
  cold joint, sealing (Q)  JUN/94 p15   JUN/94 p47
  foam backfill avoids soil subsidence JUL/94 p16   JUL/94 p12
  foam form bracing cuts costs (L)  AUG/94 p6 AUG/94 p5
  foam forms speed concrete curing (L) FEB/94 p5 FEB/94 p4
  footings, Deck Plug pre-cast (P)  MAR/94 p74   MAR/94 p61
  footings, fast forming for stepped * MAR/94 p33   MAR/94 p25
  footings, guidelines for successful  MAR/94 p35   MAR/94 p27
  foundation drain and seal for wet sites (Q)   JUN/94 p15   JUN/94 p47
  foundation drain for wet sites, fabric (L) OCT/94 p11   OCT/94 p11
  foundation drain placement details (L)  OCT/94 p8 OCT/94 p8
  foundation drain, holes up/down, pitch (Q) JUL/94 p22   JUL/94 p18
  frost heaves, preventing    JUL/94 p84   JUL/94 p68
  post and pier room additions    * JUL/94 p37   JUL/94 p27
  rebar tips    * JUL/94 p59   JUL/94 p45
  retaining walls, Geogrid interlocking block   MAY/94 p68   MAY/94 p54
  Site Engineering, Simplified (B)  MAR/94 p65   MAR/94 p52
  soil compaction basics    * MAR/94 p27   MAR/94 p21
  Solid Foundations - Issue Theme * MAR/94 MAR/94
  steel rebar/bolt/wire works with concrete  NOV/94 p69   NOV/94 p56
  water entry, basement, solutions (Q) APR/94 p28   APR/94 p20
  adhesives, a guide to construction * SEP/94 p53   SEP/94 p43
  beach/coastal construction   * APR/94 p41   APR/94 p29
  beam sizing, bending strength  AUG/94 p72   AUG/94 p56
  beam sizing, for shear and deflection   SEP/94 p76   SEP/94 p60
  beam sizing, live plus dead load (L) NOV/94 p8 NOV/94 p7
  bracing, truss trips  MAR/94 p58   MAR/94 p47
  deck clip, Deckmaster (P)   JAN/94 p62   JAN/94 p54
  deck planking, choosing lumber for (Q)  JUN/94 p15   JUN/94 p47
  dormers, building doghouse   * OCT/94 p33   OCT/94 p25
  earthquake damage described in Los Angeles APR/94 p11   APR/94 p11
  earthquake, APA report on plywood/OSB in LA   AUG/94 p9 AUG/94 p7
  Engineered Lumber - Issue Theme * FEB/94 FEB/94
  fire-retardant trusses at risk    FEB/94 p9 FEB/94 p7
  fire-retardant trusses, failure (L)  JUL/94 p6 JUL/94 p6
  fire-retardant trusses, moisture damage (L)   MAR/94 p6 MAR/94 p6
  floor framing with wood I-joists   * FEB/94 p29   FEB/94 p17
  Framing & Structure - Issue Theme  * APR/94 APR/94
  headers, building up with plywood (Q)   DEC/94 p21   DEC/94 p17
  hybrid framing with wood & steel   * JAN/94 p29   JAN/94 p37
  layout for fast framing   * APR/94 p49   APR/94 p35
  lumber, non-toxic Pau Lope (P)    JUN/94 p74   JUN/94 p60
  lumber, treated wood environmental O.K. OCT/94 p13   OCT/94 p13
  lumber, treated wood study  JAN/94 p13   JAN/94 p11
  lumber, working with Trex plastic-based  * AUG/94 p50   AUG/94 p40
  nail holding power, toe-nailed 8d's (L) AUG/94 p6 AUG/94 p5
  nail size, number, space, type requirements * FEB/94 p61   FEB/94 p50
  nails, guide to galvanized   * NOV/94 p60   NOV/94 p48
  rafters, hip and valley sizing & support * MAY/94 p36   MAY/94 p20
  rafters, hip and valley Southern method (L)   OCT/94 p8 OCT894 p
  roof panels, pre-fab vented Celo-Vent (P)  OCT/94 p104  OCT/94 p80
  rough framing, West Coast techniques (B)   MAR/94 p63   MAR/94 p51
  span tables, how to use   * APR/94 p56   APR/94 p40
  splicing hips & valleys (Q)    JAN/94 p22   JAN/94 p14
  steel framing & heat loss   FEB/94 p74   MAR/94 p58
  steel framing, prevent thermal bridges (L) NOV/94 p8 NOV/94 p7
  steel studs for wood framers (P)  FEB/94 p79   FEB/94 p55
  wall framing, half-height basement * SEP/94 p61   SEP/94 p51
  backdrafting issues, tight house (L) NOV/94 p10   NOV/94 p8
  combining heating and cooling systems   OCT/94 p22   OCT/94 p19
  efficiency, how to measure AFUE & EF DEC/94 p32   DEC/94 p28
  electric heat, programmable Ultrastat (P)  APR/94 p99   APR/94 p74
  forced hot air, adding on to    * FEB/94 p47   FEB/94 p35
  furnace filter, choosing among types MAY/94 p74   MAY/94 p56
  gas heat cheapest per DOE estimates  JUN/94 p8 JUN/94 p8
  heat pumps, ground-source    * DEC/94 p37   DEC/94 p33
  HVAC, This Old (B)    DEC/94 p67   DEC/94 p60
  Mechanical Systems - Issue Theme   * DEC/94 DEC/94
  radiant combined with baseboard (Q)  MAR/94 p20   MAR/94 p15
  sealed combustion, heating with * DEC/94 p30   DEC/94 p26
  thermostat, easy-read (P)   DEC/94 p74   DEC/94 p67
  ventilation using heat ducts & dampers (L) JAN/94 p8 JAN/94 p6
  earthquake damage described in Los Angeles APR/94 p11   APR/94 p11
  egress windows required (L)    JAN/94 p8 JAN/94 p6
  water in walls, three case studies * AUG/94 p58   AUG/94 p46
  non-toxic insect powder (P)    APR/94 p97   APR/94 p74
  sand barrier termite control   MAR/94 p11   MAR/94 p11
  termite-control experiment results   OCT/94 p14   OCT/94 p14
  termite-control experiments in Calif. house   JAN/94 p9 JAN/94 p7
  termites & insulated foundations (Q) FEB/94 p17   FEB/94 p15
  basement walls, rigid foam for (P)   AUG/94 p79   AUG/94 p60
  cellulose, dry-pack improvements  AUG/94 p33   AUG/94 p26
  cellulose, wet-spray installation  * AUG/94 p31   AUG/94 p24
  compressed batts, R-value of (Q)  APR/94 p30   APR/94 p21
  fiberglass linked to cancer, weak evidence SEP/94 p9 SEP/94 p9
  foam-core panels, borate treatment question   JUN/94 p8 JUN/94 p8
  foam-core panels, borate-treated answers   JUL/94 p6 JUL/94 p6
  loose-fill fiberglass, fixing R-value loss OCT/94 p15   OCT/94 p15
  wall framing affects R-value   SEP/94 p12   SEP/94 p12
  windows and R-values  JUN/94 p40   JUN/94 p34
  adhesive, subfloor suggestions (L)   DEC/94 p8 DEC/94 p8
  adhesives, a guide to construction * SEP/94 p53   SEP/94 p43
  curved balcony, trimming a   * FEB/94 p58   FEB/94 p32
  Fiberwood curved stairways (P)    FEB/94 p79   FEB/94 p55
  finish carpentry quality standards * DEC/94 p51   DEC/94 p47
  floors, glued wood (L)   JAN/94 p7 JAN/94 p5
  floors, insulated over concrete (Q)  DEC/94 p18   DEC/94 p14
  floors, laying wide-pine  * JUL/94 p66   JUL/94 p50
  floors, moisture control over concrete  OCT/94 p64   OCT/94 p50
  floors, sanding & refinishing wood * NOV/94 p31   NOV/94 p25
  floors, wide pine is durable (L)  SEP/94 p6 SEP/94
  floors, wide pine selection details (L) OCT/94 p10   OCT/94 p10
  floors, wood over concrete slabs   * OCT/94 p63   OCT/94 p49
  hole filler, Erase-A-Hole (P)  AUG/94 p82   AUG/94 p63
  moldings, flexible (P)   OCT/94 p105  OCT/94 p81
  newell posts, fastening tips    * MAY/94 p60   MAY/94 p4
  plaster grounds, proper backer board (L)   FEB/94 p5 FEB/94 p4
  trimless detailing solutions   MAY/94 p20
  wainscot, frame-and-panel    * JAN/94 p39   JAN/94 p31
  appliance specs by fax   JUL/94 p12   JUL/94 p10
  backsplash, choosing a   NOV/94 p65   NOV/94 p53
  cabinets, cup hinges and drawer slides   * SEP/94 p45   SEP/94 p32
  cabinets, hanging securely  APR/94 p83   APR/94 p65
  catalog books for clients cut K&B bid time FEB/94 p67   FEB/94 p53
  cooktops, what's new  OCT/94 p89   OCT/94 p72
  countertop edge details   DEC/94 p63
  countertops, laminate tips (L)    MAR/94 p7 MAR/94 p7
  countertops, solid surface instructions  * MAY/94 p43   MAY/94 p29
  Kitchen & Bath - Issue Theme    * SEP/94 SEP/94
  kitchen design, 31 rules for    * SEP/94 p31   SEP/94 p37
  kitchen design, client questionnaire JUN/94 p61   JUN/94 p54
  marble, working with cultured  AUG/94 p68   AUG/94 p51
  remodeling kitchens, design changes  JUL/94 p77   JUL/94 p61
  arbitration authority not limited by court JAN/94 p21   JAN/94 p18
  conditional bid acceptance not a contract  MAR/94 p18   MAR/94 p18
  corporations protect personal assets APR/94 p21   APR/94 p17
  drinking on job-site, contractor liable OCT/94 p82   OCT/94 p64
  expert witness, new guidelines for   FEB/94 p13   FEB/94 p10
  lien rights, protecting  SEP/94 p18   SEP/94 p14
  OSHA paperwork requirements    MAY/94 p24   MAY/94 p16
  shipping damage, who pays for  JUN/94 p19   JUN/94 p17
  sued, what to do when being    DEC/94 p22   DEC/94 p58
  fluorescents, dedicated compact fixtures   JAN/94 p60   JAN/94 p52
  recessed lighting, using baffles around OCT/94 p94   OCT/94 p74
  blower-door tests for house tightness   AUG/94 p39   AUG/94 p31
  exhaust fans & house depressurization   AUG/94 p40   AUG/94 p32
  fire-retardant trusses, moisture damage (L)   MAR/94 p6 MAR/94 p6
  heat-recovery ventilators    * MAR/94 p39   MAR/94 p31
  roof ventilation, purposes for (L)   OCT/94 p11   OCT/94 p11
  sick-building linked to mineral fibers  MAY/94 p11   MAY/94 p11
  tight-house backdrafting issues (L)  NOV/94 p10   NOV/94 p8
  tight-house venting problems & solutions * AUG/94 p37   AUG/94 p29
  vapor barrier, origins of polyethylene use JUN/94 p9 JUN/94 p10
  vapor barriers, avoid sub-slab problems  * MAY/94 p54   MAY/94 p37
  ventilation using heat ducts & dampers (L) JAN/94 p8 JAN/94 p6
  dropcloth, pretaped plastic (P)   DEC/94 p77   DEC/94 p70
  exterior trim, proper finishes    APR/94 p77   APR/94 p61
  Interior Finishes - Issue Theme * NOV/94 NOV/94
  latex outlasts oil, per Forest Products Lab   SEP/94 p9 SEP/94 p9
  lead in painters' blood not correlated  FEB/94 p11   FEB/94 p9
  lead in painters' blood, safe levels (L)   MAY/94 p7 MAY/94 p7
  water-based polyurethanes, wood floors (Q) APR/94 p30   APR/94 p21
  antiscald code update    JUL/94 p54   JUL/94 p42
  antiscald protection for showers   * JUL/94 p53   JUL/94 p41
  composting sink, EcoCycle (P)  APR/94 p99
  electrical ground for water lines (Q)   MAR/94 p21   MAR/94 p16
  heat pump, new makes more hot water  NOV/94 p74   NOV/94 p62
  lead in well pumps, scare fades   AUG/94 p12   AUG/94 p10
  plumbing problems, fix 12 most common * OCT/94 p47   OCT/94 p35
  septic alternative for low-perk soils   APR/94 p12   APR/94 p12
  water line, insulate crawlspace entry (Q)  JAN/94 p22   JAN/94 p14
  water pressure problem diagnosis/fix MAR/94 p66   MAR/94 p53
  water pressure, regulating city (L)  SEP/94 p6 SEP/94 p6
  business tips for remodelers   JAN/94 p37   JAN/94 p36
  door, steel replacement in old jamb (P) FEB/94 p82   FEB/94 p58
  floor protection during demolition (Q)  DEC/94 p19   DEC/94 p15
  flooring, tips for removing vinyl (Q)   MAY/94 p16   MAY/94 p15
  floors, wood over concrete slabs   * OCT/94 p63   OCT/94 p49
  Remodeling & Rehab - Issue  Theme  * OCT/94 OCT/94
  Remodeling & Renovation Cost Estimator (B) JUN/94 p26
  Remodeling Production (B)   JUN/94 p24
  Advances in Roofing - Issue Theme  * MAY/94 MAY/94
  felt for fire-rating (L)    JAN/94 p7 JAN/94 p5
  felt is a vapor barrier (L)    APR/94 p7 APR/94 p7
  flashing, tile-roof skylights (Q) AUG/94 p16   AUG/94 p12
  low-slope roofing, leakproof details  * MAY/94 p32   MAY/94 p20
  low-slope roofs, wood, slate, concrete tips * MAY/94 p32   MAY/94 p20
  robot, Rapid Roofer (P)  NOV/94 p16   NOV/94 p15
  shingle strengths vary by brand   FEB/94 p13   FEB/94 p10
  stone veneer roof tile (P)  NOV/94 p84   NOV/94 p69
  vents, low-profile slate (P)   MAR/94 p77   MAR/94 p63
  wood roofs, fire protection  * AUG/94 p53   AUG/94 p42
  alarms, fire & toxic gas    DEC/94 p61   DEC/94 p53
  back-supports, value debated   JUN/94 p10   JUN/94 p11
  carpet toxicity test result questioned  SEP/94 p10   SEP/94 p10
  CO detectors    JUN/94 p70   JUN/94 p58
  fiberglass linked to cancer, weak evidence SEP/94 p9 SEP/94 p9
  foam, polyisocyanurate health effects (Q)  DEC/94 p18   DEC/94 p14
  lead regulations database on disk MAY/94 p13   MAY/94 p13
  lightning protection, low-cost design (L)  JUL/94 p6 JUL/94 p6
  lightning surge protection system  * FEB/94 p39   FEB/94 p27
  nail guns, correct air pressure (L)  SEP/94 p6 SEP/94 p6
  nail guns, working safely with  * JUN/94 p57   JUN/94 p35
  OSHA inspections, preparing for   NOV/94 p63   NOV/94 p18
  radon hazard: jumping to conclusions?   APR/94 p16   APR/94 p14
  safety responsibility, cannot subcontract  FEB/94 p26   FEB/94 p46
  security systems, home    * DEC/94 p59   DEC/94 p51
  water, drinking, treatment alternatives  * JAN/94 p45   JAN/94 p41
  water, major contaminants   JAN/94 p47   JAN/94 p43
  water, take the worry out of drinking * JAN/94 p45   JAN/94 p41
  cedar shingle grading confusion   NOV/94 p13   NOV/94 p11
  clear finish on exterior wood (Q) OCT/94 p19   OCT/94 p18
  deadbolt, electronic (P)    DEC/94 p76   DEC/94 p69
  deck cleaner, bleach-free (P)  NOV/94 p82   NOV/94 p68
  entry, simple custom from stock materials   * JUN/94 p54   JUN/94 p42
  hardboard siding pulled from Florida market   MAY/94 p9 MAY/94 p9
  OSB panel bending strength (L)    JUL/94 p7 JUL/94 p8
  OSB panel performance rating    * FEB/94 p35   FEB/94 p23
  rail posts, attaching to decks    DEC/94 p71   DEC/94 p65
  sheathing, APA stamp explained    FEB/94 p37   FEB/94 p25
  shingle siding layout at windows (Q) JUL/94 p21   JUL/94 p17
  siding stains & extractive bleeding in wood   NOV/94 p61   NOV/94 p49
  stucco cracks, preventing (Q)  SEP/94 p16   SEP/94 p16
  trim that lasts, exterior    * APR/94 p75   APR/94 p59
  wood siding, nail coating vs. staining (L) APR/94 p7 APR/94 p7
  wood siding, pneumatic nailing problem (L) JAN/94 p7 JAN/94 p5
  camera, heavy-duty ProCam Polaroid (P)  NOV/94 p80   NOV/94 p66
  caulk guns, high-performance   SEP/94 p57   SEP/94 p47
  circular saw, Porter Cable 347 (P)   MAY/94 p86   MAY/94 p65
  combination square, Douglas Quad (P) JUN/94 p82   JUN/94 p66
  dump truck kit for pickups (P)    DEC/94 p74   DEC/94 p67
  dust mask cure for fogged glasses (Q)   MAY/94 p18   MAY/94 p15
  glue gun, hot-melt (P)   JUL/94 p94   JUL/94 p74
  layout, fast tools for framing    APR/94 p52   APR/94 p38
  sanders, triangle detail (P)   NOV/94 p89   NOV/94 p72
  saws, new cordless (P)   DEC/94 p81   DEC/94 p74
  Sawzall, super demolition saw (P) MAR/94 p82   MAR/94 p66
  stand for mitre saw, Saw Helper (P)  SEP/94 p98   SEP/94 p74
  tight spots, tools for: saw, drill, etc (P)   OCT/94 p40   OCT/94 p30
  wall jacks, Proctor, lift safely (P) JAN/94 p65   JAN/94 p58
  wormdrive saw, Skil 77 revised (P)   MAY/94 p90   MAY/94 p66
  balcony roof-window, Cabrio (P)   MAR/94 p76   MAR/94 p63
  energy ratings, Certified Products Direct. JAN/94 p14   JAN/94 p10
  low-E glazing, R-value, visibility, choices   JUL/94 p89   JUL/94 p65
  skylight wells, remodeler's guide  * AUG/94 p44   AUG/94 p36
  specialty windows (P)    JUN/94 p37   JUN/94 p31
  window upgrade, innovative savings   MAY/94 p10   MAY/94 p10
  window-walls, two-story solutions (L)   JUN/94 p5 JUN/94 p6
  Windows & Exteriors - Issue Theme  * JUN/94 JUN/94
  windows and R-values  JUN/94 p40   JUN/94 p34
  wood windows, shopping guide    * JUN/94 p33   JUN/94 p27
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